Electric Wire Price and Types in Philippines

Having an excellent electric house wiring system is one of the steps to prevent fire hazards caused by short circuit currents. In most cases, you can create this excellent system as long as you have high-quality electric wires. How much is high-quality electric wire price Philippines?

The electric wire price depends on many things, such as types and sizes. A piece of electric wire with outstanding quality is usually more expensive than the average wire. However, this over-the-average electric wire price Philippines is worth the quality you’ll get.

What is Electric Wire?

An electric wire is a conductor. In other words, it is a type of material that transport electricity. Electric wires are slightly different from cables. Both of them conduct electricity and are parts of electrical installation.

However, electric wires are metal conductors inside insulation. Meanwhile, cables are several wires in one sheathing. Here are some key points you must know about electric wires.

  • Electric Wire Use: Electric wires are one of the most essential parts of an electrical installation. You can use it for light fittings, telecommunication equipment, and safety equipment. The most common safety equipment using this wire is electric fencing wire.
  • Wire Materials: Electric wires in the Philippines generally from copper or aluminum. Copper and aluminum are the best conductors on earth. Moreover, they are available in abundance and are affordable. Meanwhile, gold electric wires are rare due to their high cost.
  • Electric Wire Insulation Materials: For the jacket or insulation, wire manufacturers commonly use thermoplastic and thermosets. Thermoplastic, such as PVC, is more affordable but has a low resistance to high temperatures. Meanwhile, thermosets are more resistant to heat.

Types of Electric Wire

Choosing the right electric wires for electrical wirings is an essential thing to do. You need to consider the kinds of electric wire and what you use the wire for. Each electric wire type has its unique wire specification and is only great for particular projects.

Below are several electric wire types you can find in stores.

Types of Electrical Wire image

1.NM Cable

Nonmetallic or NM cables are circuit wiring for dry indoor locations. Each of these cables consists of several individual wires, i.e., a ground wire, a neutral wire, and hot wires, in a white or black plastic sheathing. You can usually find NM cables in light fixtures.

2.UF Cable

UF or underground feeder cables are NM cables designed for direct burial in the ground and wet locations. UF cables have similar individual wire composition to the NM cable’s composition.  

However, the UF sheathing is more solid and durable. You can use UF cables for outdoor fixture installations.


THHN and THWN wires are single-circuit wires, unlike NM cables. These cables have excellent heat resistance and are suitable for wet locations. They have color-coded insulation to identify their functions, such as hot wires, ground wires, and neutral wires.

4.Low Voltage Wire

Low voltage wires are best for circuits that require lower voltage, i.e., 50V or less. Therefore, it is only for low-voltage applications, such as doorbells, audio speakers, and thermostats. Many manufacturers produce them as insulated wires, while others contain them in cable sheathings. 

5.Phone and Data Wire

Phone and data wires are low-voltage wires for internet hookups and landline telephones. The conductor used in these wires is typically copper.

6.Coaxial Cable

The coaxial cables are for television data transmission. It connects the antenna and television. However, now, the use of coaxial cables decreases drastically due to the use of other types of data wiring.

Electrical Wire Sizes

Electric wires come in different sizes or gauges. The sizes indicate the amperage ratings. Big-amperage electric wire price Philippines is more expensive than the small-amperage wire price. 

Several common electric wire sizes available in the Philippines are as follows.

  • 6 gauge → used for 55-amp circuits
  • 8 gauge → used for 40-amp circuits
  • 10 gauge → used for 30-amp circuits
  • 12 gauge → used for 20-amp circuits
  • 14 gauge → used for 15-amp circuits

Electrical Wire Color Coding

The insulation of electrical wires is color coded. The standard colors and their indications are as follows.

  • Black wires → hot wires
  • Red wires → hot wires
  • Green wires → ground wires
  • White wires → neutral wires 
  • Gray wires → neutral wires
  • Yellow wires → sometime hot wires
  • Blue wires → sometime hot wires

Electrical Wire Price List

How much is the electric wire price Philippines? Check the table of the latest wire price in the Philippines below.

Electric Wire NameSize Electric Wire Price Philippines
Original Boston THHN/THWN Electrical Stranded Wire (all colors)Size 14/7Length:150 m₱2,165
Royal Cord (black and red wires inside or black, red, and white wires inside)  Size: 10/2; 16; 14; 12Length:1 m ₱45
Welding cableSize: 2/10; 1/10Length: 1 m₱155
Wiremax THHN/THWN Wire (all colors)Size: 6/7Length: 1 m₱98
PDX Electrical Wire NM Type Pure Copper CoreSize: 12/2Length: 25 m₱1,475
Stranded Wire 22 AWG for Low-Voltage DIY ProjectsLength: 1 m₱17

Flat Cord
Size: 22Length: 5 m₱65
Size: 16Length: 5 m₱145
Size: 18Length: 5 m₱102
Heavy Duty Electrical WireSize: 2 x 2.5 mmLength: 10 m₱125


What Type of Wiring Device is Cable?

A cable is a group of conductors (electrical wires) wrapped in a sheathing.

Why is Electric Wire Usually Made up of Copper?

Electric wires usually have copper conductors because this material is affordable and available in abundant amounts.

What Happened to the Material When Bent Electric Wire?

Electric wire when bent will change shape. However, overbending the wire may cause accidents or damages.

The electric wire price Philippines depends on the type and size of the wire. Low-voltage wires are typically more affordable than high-voltage wires. In addition, insulation and sheathing materials also affect the price. For example, the NM cable is more affordable than the UF cable.