Gutter Price List

The rain gutter price in the Philippines ranges between ₱300 and ₱1,300. Several factors affect the price of gutters. Some of them are gutter types, materials, and gauges.

Living in the Philippines means that you must have the best gutter system. You need to have the right size of gutter to create the best system so that the rainwater from the ditch does not flood your house.

Different sizes of gutters will cost you gutter price differently.

Different gutter materials also cost differently. Therefore, you must have enough budget to install the gutter.

In addition, you must have a budget for hiring professional installers. They offer high-quality installation. Therefore, you don’t need to deal with inconveniences in the future.

What is a Gutter?

A gutter is a water circulation path that collects water from the roof and carries it away. The shape of a rain gutter is almost similar to an open pipe. It is typically located along the lower edge of the roof.

Installing a gutter is not always a simple matter. Installers must consider the highest rainfall your house receives when they choose the right gutter size.

In addition, they also need to consider the circulation of the collected rainwater. Therefore, the water can flow smoothly into the downspouts.

Once the gutter is installed, homeowners must clean the debris from the gutter regularly.

Regular cleaning will prevent your gutter from clogging and allow the water to flow smoothly.

Type of Gutter

Gutters are available in several shapes.

1. K Style Gutter

K Style Gutter

This gutter has an attractive design because the front part resembles crown molding.

This gutter is commonly available in sizes 5 and 6 inches. K-style gutter is easy to install and affordable, but it clogs easily.

2. Half Round Gutter

Half Round Gutter

The half-round gutter looks like a half-pipe and is available in sizes 5 and 6 inches.

This gutter is less likely to clog and less likely to rust. However, the half-round gutter is not efficient in heavy rains.

3. Box Type Gutter

Box Type Gutter

The box-type gutter is larger than the K-style gutter and the half-round gutter.

Therefore, it is more suitable for industrial or commercial buildings with larger roofs.

Gutter Materials

The gutters above are available in various materials. 

1. Aluminum Gutter

The aluminum gutter is affordable and lightweight. It is also rust resistant and easy to install.

However, extreme temperature fluctuations can damage the aluminum gutter easily.

2. Copper Gutters

A copper gutter is perfect for heavy duty because it is thicker than an aluminum gutter.

Unfortunately, this expensive gutter is heavy that it comes loose more often.

3. Galvanized Steel Gutter

The galvanized steel gutter offers excellent strength so it is perfect for buildings located in heavy rain areas or buildings with large roofs.

However, the galvanized steel gutter is heavy. Therefore, it comes loose easily. In addition, it rusts easily.

4. Vinyl Gutter

The vinyl gutter is the cheapest. It is also easy to install and resistant to rust. However, the vinyl gutter bends easily.

Gutter Price List

Gutter price Philippines depends on the materials, types, and sizes. Below is the gutter price list in this country.

Gutter Types/Materials

Size of Gutter


Pre-Painted Metal GutterGauge 24 (0.7mm) x 2.44 m₱ 371/linear meter
Ordinary Metal Gutter Gauge 24 (0.7mm) x 2.44 m₱ 325/linear meter
Galvanized Iron K Style Gutter0.4 mm x 36 inches x 8 feet₱ 785/pc
Galvanized Iron K Style Gutter0.5 mm x 36 in x 8 feet₱ 1,045/pc
UPVC Gutter2.45 m x 203 mm₱ 500/pc
UPVC Gutter Downpipe 2.45 m x 50.8 mm x 76.2 mm₱ 470/pc
K-type Aluminum Roof Gutter0.6 mm x 3 m₱ 300/pc
Box Gutter0.6 x 24 in x 8 ft₱ 1,270/pc

Benefit of Installing Gutters

Some Filipinos think that it is not important to install gutters. However, installing rain gutters can be beneficial for you.

  • Gutters minimize sidewalks or patio cracks.
  • They prevent siding damage caused by water.
  • Gutters preserve the foundation of your house.
  • Gutters prevent water stains on the walls.
  • Gutters help you manage the water distribution.

Gutter price in the Philippines starts from approximately ₱300. The most affordable gutter type is the K-style gutter.

It is popular among Filipinos so you can find it easily in gutter stores in the country. Meanwhile, the most expensive gutter is the box-type gutter.