3 Types Carpet Tiles Price

Carpet Tiles Price – Carpet tiles Philippines are a popular flooring option in homes and commercial spaces due to their versatility, durability, and ease of installation.

There are various types of carpet tiles available, including nylon carpet tiles, polypropylene carpet tiles, and polyester carpet tiles, each with their unique features and benefits.

The size of carpet tiles also varies, allowing for flexibility in design and customization to fit any space. To make an informed decision on purchasing carpet tiles, it’s essential to have an understanding of the different types available and their corresponding prices. A carpet tile price list can help you compare prices and choose the right carpet tiles for your budget and needs.

Types of Carpet Tiles

Carpet tiles, also known as carpet squares are a fascinating alternative to traditional large carpets in the Philippines.

This kind of carpet can be purchased individually and is available in various types. Carpet tiles price Philippines varies depending on the material and size.

1.Nylon Carpet Tiles

Nylon Carpet Tiles image

Nylon is an affordable option when it comes to carpet tiles. This price of carpet tiles in the Philippines is less expensive, but it still offers durability and comfort.

It has everything you need for low-maintenance and attractive indoor carpets to improve your interior.

Nylon is characterized by its static-free and stain resistance. Whenever you spill water or ketchup, simply wipe the surface and it will look good as new, thanks to a shiny and glossy surface.

This is why nylon carpet becomes a popular choice among homeowners.

2.Polypropylene Carpet Tiles

Polypropylene Carpet Tiles image

Also known as olefin, polypropylene is a popular material for carpet tiles. This carpet tiles price in Philippines is slightly more expensive but it provides you with stain resistance and durability. This carpet tiles price Philippines is comparable to the quality.

Polypropylene is a synthetic fiber with a similar appearance to wool. It also has similar characteristics to wool that make it stain resistant, durable, and fade-resistant.

But when compared to wool, this material is less durable so it may require some extra attention during maintenance.

3.Polyester Carpet Tiles

Polyester Carpet Tiles image

Polyester is another inexpensive option for carpet tiles. This synthetic material is a versatile fiber that has been used in carpet manufacturing for centuries.

Carpet tiles Philippine price that is affordable making it a lowkey option to simplify budgets.

However, polyester basically comes with a lower quality compared to nylon. The good news, the advancement of technology has increased the durability of the fiber to its best.

This is why polyester carpet tile is more popular nowadays compared to any other material.

Size of Carpet Tiles

The carpet tiles price Philippines varies on several factors, including carpet size.

For example, 60×60 carpet tiles price Philippines is typically more expensive than smaller carpet tiles.

Getting to know popular sizes available on the market allows you to get one that meets your measurements.

Not to mention it helps prevent more cuttings that will become waste. Some individual carpet tiles are commonly available in these sizes.

  • 12×12 inches
  • 18×18 inches
  • 20×20 inches
  • 24×24 inches
  • 36×12 inches
  • 39×39 inches

Before customizing your space with carpet tiles, be sure to measure the area accurately. Smaller carpets are suitable for smaller space as it makes your room visually larger.

Carpet Tile Price List

If you are looking for a reference for the price of carpet tile Philippines, the following list will help you out.

The carpet tiles price Philippines in your local area may be lower or higher depending on some factors.

Homeyoung Customizable Carpet Tiles30×30 cm₱129.00
Carpet Tiles for Living Room, Bedroom50×50 cm₱79.00
Brand New Carpet Tiles50×50 cm₱135.00
Nylon Carpet Tiles 18pcs30×30 cm₱139.00
Merca Carpet Tiles50×50 cm₱199.00
Self-Adhesive Carpet Tiles50×50 cm₱113.00
Caret Tiles Floor Rug Office50×50 cm₱125.00
ABC Carpet Tiles30×30 cm₱120.00
Vinyl Carpet Tiles 45pcs30×30 cm₱1,170.00
Mimicri Linear Grey Vinyl Tiles 45pcs30×30 cm₱1,125.00
APO Floors Vinyl Tiles Carpet 45pcs30×30 cm₱1,170.00

Carpet for sale Philippines may come at a lower price, giving you a great opportunity to cut your budget for room customization.

Since material affects the price, you can choose a material that meets your budget.In a nutshell, carpet tiles offer a great solution for homeowners who need easy installation, affordable prices, and easy maintenance.

Carpet tiles that come in small patches allow fewer cuttings that promote less waste. Carpet tiles price Philippines is quite affordable depending on the materials.

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