Cyclone Wire Price List and Size Philippines

Cyclone wire is a good fencing material. It is tough and durable. Moreover, the cyclone wire price is also affordable for most property owners.

Having a strong and durable fence around your property will allow you to live safely. It will protect you and your property from unwanted intruders, such as wild animals and burglars.

To create this fence, cyclone wire can be the right choice. Cyclone wire price is also quite affordable.

Cyclone wire is more affordable than other types of fencing materials, for example, wooden fences and wrought iron fences.

Therefore, most homeowners will be able to afford it. Cyclone wire also offers several advantages. Moreover, it is applicable for several usages.

What is Cyclone Wire?

Hurricane wire, wire mesh, wire net, diamond mesh, and chain wire are the other names for cyclone wire.

It is a type of woven wire that commonly functions as a fence. Moreover, it comes in a couple of choices of materials and is suitable for various purposes.

1. Cyclone Wire Materials

The material used in making the cyclone wire is typically galvanized steel. This steel has a zinc coating on its surface. This coating will protect the steel from corrosion and rust.

However, you can also find cyclone wire coated with LLDPE. LLDPE stands for linear low-density polyethylene. It is a type of plastic and functions as a protection for the cyclone wire.

2. The Uses of Cyclone Wire 

You can use the cyclone wire for various purposes.

  • Providing Security – The cyclone wire may look a little bit frail. However, it is tough and durable. Moreover, it also offers adequate protection for you and your property. It can keep unwanted animals and intruders away from your property.
  • Defining Boundary – Those who have large properties often use the cyclone wire to define boundaries. Using this wire net allow the property owners to fence their property, but at the same time still capable of seeing the view of their surroundings.
  • For Sports Fields – Many sports fields, such as baseball fields, have a tall cyclone wire fence. The cyclone wire fence helps segregate the sports areas for audiences. Therefore, only sports players can enter the sports areas.

3. The Advantages of Using Cyclone Wire

Using cyclone wire for fencing and other purposes will give you several advantages since this material has favorable characteristics.

  • Cyclone wire is cost-effective. It is more affordable compared to other fencing materials.
  • It is durable. Humans cannot break the wire mesh with bare hands. In addition, it doesn’t corrode easily.
  • It is easy to install. The cyclone wire is easy to install and uninstall. Therefore, certain industries, such as the construction industry, often use it as a temporary fence of a construction site.

Sizes of Cyclone Wire

Cyclone wire is available in several size choices, in terms of holes, length, and width.

In addition, the wire diameter is also available in different choices of sizes. Below are cyclone wire sizes that you can find in the Philippines stores.

Wire Diameter (mm)

Length/Roll (m)

Height (ft)

Hole Dimensions (inches)

2.75103 & 42×2
3.4 52×2

Cyclone Wire Price List

The cyclone wire price Philippines, of course, depends on the size of the product. Below is the price list of cyclone wire in the Philippines.

Wire Diameter




2.1 mm (#14) 2×2 in; 18×3 ftgalvanized cyclone wireStarts from ₱ 545
1.9 mm2×2 in; 20×3 ftgalvanized cyclone wireStarts from ₱ 515
2.1 mm2×2 in; 20×4 ftgalvanized cyclone wireStarts from ₱ 715
2.1 mm4×4 in; 6 m x 3 ftStarts from ₱ 435
2.75 mm 2×2 in; 10 m x 3 ft premium qualityStarts from ₱ 1,655
2.7 mm2×2 in; 10 m x 6 ftStarts from ₱ 3,000
2.752×2 in; 8 m x 4ftStarts from ₱ 1,895

The cyclone wire price is quite affordable. Therefore, cyclone wire is perfect for fencing large properties, farms, or fields.

To increase the safety of your property, you can add barbed wire on top of the wire mesh fence.