C Channel Price List in Philippines

Decades ago, steel beams were not common construction material. However, now they have become one of the essential materials in construction.

They are available in several shapes, such as C channels. The C channel price Philippines is not far too different from the prices of beams with other profiles.

Moreover, C channels are available in several different grade qualities and sizes. Therefore, you can apply them to various applications.

What is C Channel

C channel steel beam is a structural component made of metal. C-channel manufacturers create this material by applying a hot-roll forming process on metal strips. Therefore, people also call C channels hot roll formed C channels.

As its name suggests, the C channels have a C profile. The wide part of the C profile is the web.

Meanwhile, the two parts on the web’s sides are flanges. Some channel steels have tapered flanges, but others have parallel flanges.

The C channel beam is more flexible and lighter than other structural steel materials, such as I-beams.

However, the C channel steel offers greater strength than the angle iron and better rigidity than flat steel.

What is the Use of C Channel?

You can use C channels for various types of constructions.

  • Door Frames

C channels make excellent door frames. C-channel door frames are more secure and tighter than wood door frames. In addition, these metal frames are non-flammable and strong.

  • Wall Studs

Wall studs made of C-channel steel are more durable than wooden studs. The metal wood studs are perfect for areas with high amounts of moisture. 

Moreover, the C-channel wall studs provide excellent support for various wall structures, such as cement, drywall, and paneling.

  • Vehicle Frames

Vehicle frames must be strong enough to support the chassis, engine, etc. Therefore, vehicle manufacturers use C channels to make these frames. Vehicle frames made of C channels can also protect drivers from minor accidents.

  • Bridges

Various parts of bridges need C channels, for example, girders, trestles, and trusses. These channels will keep all the parts of the bridge intact.

  • Roofs

You can use C channels as rafters or I-joist replacements. C-channel rafters prevent the roof structure from collapsing during windy weather. Moreover, replacing the I-joists with C channels will make the roof structure stronger and have a uniform weight distribution.

What is C Channel Type?

You can find the aluminum C channel beam and C channel steel in the Philippines.  They come in several types.

  1. C Channel Types Based on Surface Treatment

C channels are available in three choices of surface treatments.

  • Black C channel steel has a non-treated surface. This material is not rust-resistant. Therefore, it is rare for people to use this channel steel.
  • Hot-dipped galvanized C Channel has a zinc coating on its surface. The coating will protect the steel from corrosion caused by weather.
  • Primer C Channels have a primer on their surface to prevent them from corrosion. The primer offers better protection than the galvanized coating.
  1. C Channel Types Based on Grades of Qualities

C channels are also available in several grades. Below are examples of C channel grades.

  • 304/304L Duplex Grade Stainless Steel : This material has higher nickel and chromium content compared to other stainless-steel alloys. Therefore, it is more resistant to corrosion. It is also strong and weldable.
  • 316/316L Duplex Grade Stainless Steel: The availability of 316/316L C channels is not as abundant as that of 304/304 C channels. The 316/316L C channels are best for marine applications and off-shore facilities.
  • 2205 Duplex Grade Stainless Steel: The 2205 C channel is perfect for almost any type of construction due to its greater strength and better corrosion resistance. Consequently, the 2205 C channel price Philippines is more expensive

How Strong is C Channel?

Metal C channel steel’s strength depends on particular aspects, such as the chemical composition of the steel. The ASTM A36/A36M-08 C channels, for example, have strength specifications as follows.

  • Shear strength: 43,500 psi
  • Yield tensile strength: 47,700 psi
  • Ultimate tensile strength: 58,000 psi

C Channel Price List

How much is the C channel price Philippines? The price of this structural steel varies widely depending on size, grade, and other factors.

Below is the list of C channel prices Philippines.

Name of the ProductsC Channel Steel SizeC Channel Price Philippines
ASTM-A36 C Channel2 x 3 x 3 mm₱1,700
2 x 3 x 5 mm₱2,260
2 x 4 x 4 mm₱2,660
2 x 4 x 5 mm₱3,190
2 x 6 x 5 mm₱5,020
C-purlin2x 3 x 1 mm₱520
2 x 3 x 1.5 mm₱780
2 x 7 x 1.8 mm₱1,990
C Channel Furring – Carrying Channel12 x 38 x 0.5 mm₱72
Double Furring19 x 50 x 0.3 mm₱80
Metal Stud Furring32 x 52 x 0.5 mm₱91

What is the Difference Between U Channel and C Channel?

The C channel bar steel and U channel bar steel have a big resemblance regarding their profile. However, the U channels have a deeper channel creating a U shape. 

In addition, you can use both of them for different applications. The C channel steel is used for construction, equipment building, industry, and machinery.

Meanwhile, U-channel steel is mostly applicable to various parts of construction.

C channel steel is an essential part of construction and machinery because it offers strong support and durability.

Due to its excellent durability and high corrosion resistance, it is understandable that C channel price Philippines tends to be more expensive than the Filipinos want.