Lavatory Price Philippines

Lavatory prices Philippines are affordable because it has a lot of types. It touches up your bathroom and keeps you hygienic. Check the perfect type for you. 

The lavatory or bathroom sink is one of the essential parts of your house. The bathroom sink has an important role in your hygienic activity, so choosing a lavatory should be proper.

Lavatory price Philippines is varies depending on the model and design to create new nuance in your bathroom.

What is Lavatory

Lavatory meaning is another name for a bathroom sink. It’s a standing or hanging basin for you to wash your hands or brush your teeth.

This component is hardly avoidable and becomes one of the most trafficked in the house. Quality should be the thing you have to consider since it is related to hygiene.

Some homeowners ignore the quality though it is very important. Choosing a lavatory should be careful since this component sometimes gets into trouble. The durability should be long since the installation takes time and money.

Types of Lavatory

1. Wall-mounted


Among all the types of lavatory, the wall-mounted style is the most popular in a lot of housings. This model is very common since the market sells this component more than others.

The simplicity of the design becomes the main point of this lavatory, There is no cover for the pipes and plumbing fitting.

As the name of this component, a wall-mounted mount attaches to the wall bracket. There is no contact with the floor at all.

This toilet sink dimension becomes a favorite for small spaces such as apartments. This sink is easy to install even if you do it yourself.

2. Under-mount


The under mount style is where the basin is underneath the countertop. This style is hard to install because the size of the lavatory sink should follow the space available on the countertop.

Usually, the basin will stick to the available space with adhesive material.

You don’t need more space to have this lavatory design, because it only takes the part on the countertop.

Sometimes, the sink is hidden because there is no rim or lip at the edge of the sink. The main material for under mount style is usually quartz, the stone top, and composite.

3. Drop-in


A drop-in sink position is unique because it stays on the top of the counter. A drop-in sink is a modern design and it fits the minimalism concept.

The basin is part of the top counter with the lips around the edge. However, this lavatory price Philippines is high because it should be a customized sink.

A drop-in sink is the most stylish one. The luxury bathroom usually uses this style because the material to create the shape is premium.

There are a lot of shapes in this drop-in lavatory. However, the bathroom size should be large since you have to put the counter in it.

4. Pedestal


The pedestal lavatory style is the one which is standing on the floor and high-up. It doesn’t stick onto the wall because there are plumbing fittings and also the connection is covered. It doesn’t have to attach to the wall, yet it takes some space on the floor.

This style fits the bathroom that has a larger size. The pedestal style takes up space, but the designs are beautiful.

There are a lot of choices for this lavatory in the market. Not only the basin, but the great design is also for the standing plumber fittings.

5. Semi-Pedestal


A semi-pedestal basin is unique because it’s not standing on the floor. The pedestal under the basin sticks to the wall and it’s only half-size.

Because of its unique design, this sink impressed a lot of homeowners. The installation is simple and the position doesn’t take up a lot of space.

6. Corner


To save more space in the bathroom, you can choose a corner lavatory. The design fits the corner and its wall-mounted mixed style.

Usually, the size of the corner lavatory is small because they have to fit the limited space in the bathroom.

7. Vessel


The vessel style is very elegant. The basin is on the countertop and it’s separable. The position is high enough, so you don’t have to bend your body while using it.

This type doesn’t attach to the wall, but make sure there’s a drain sink on the countertop and an installed lavatory faucet already above the sink.

8. Freestanding


Freestanding sometimes looks like a pedestal sink, but the design is far different from a pedestal. A freestanding model looks like a tube.

This option is good if you have a confined space in the bathroom. The bottom of the freestanding sink usually has some console legs.

9. Counter Lavatory

Counter Lavatory

The counter lavatory is popular nowadays because it maximizes the space on the countertop. It’s built-in, so you have to make sure the countertop design has a space for the sink.

There are a lot of shapes you can choose. This lavatory price Philippines is quite pricey.

Lavatory Height

Lavatory height standard is different. It depends on the styles and some brands, but they have average sizes.

Check the height below to make sure that your choice is perfect for your bathroom size.

Type of Lavatory

Height (inches)

Wall mounted34 
Under mount36
Drop in29
Semi pedestal31
Free standing36
Counter lavatory30

Lavatory Price List

The lavatory price Philippines varies according to the brand and its type. Check the price list below before you shop for the sink for the bathroom.

Brand and Model


HCG lavatory wall-hung₱2,209
CPS ceramic round ₱1,615
Santtle STWR 105 mini₱1,600
Mitsushi sink₱2,300
CPS SUS304₱1,399
Lotus 1121₱2,350
Unica black set₱3,773

Lavatory price Philippines is not too expensive if you are choosing a common model.

As long as it helps you to stay hygienic, the bathroom sink is affordable enough for the bathroom. Choose the design if you want to improve the aesthetic inside the bathroom.