Pinlight Price List

Looking for the best ceiling light for your rooms? Find all details about pinlight price and the most famous types of pinlight on this page.

What kind of ceiling light do you need for every room in your house? Though you are looking for pinlight price, it is crucial to learn about the type of pinlight first.

On this page, you’ll find every single detail you need about pinlight.

What is Pinlight?

Pinlight is a light you mount on the ceiling of your room. This ceiling light comes in various types.

Learn about those types and prices so you’ll find the best one for every room in your house.

Type of Pinlight

If you have a low ceiling or large room or medium room, a pinlight ceiling will be the best way to illuminate the room.

This type of lighting fixture is the best option, especially if you need ambient light that will illuminate the entire room. Below are some types of pinlight you may need.

1. Flush Light

Flush Light

The flush light is a flat attachment you can mount on the ceiling. This type of pinlight has a super versatile style. Flush light itself comes in various sizes.

There are 12 inches wide flush lights and 24 inches wide flush lights. Those lights allow you to shop for ones that match the size of each room.

The smaller one will be super ideal for your hallway, closet, or bathroom.

The bigger flush lights will be perfect for the kids’ bedroom since those big lights will be able to illuminate the entire room without hanging from the room’s ceiling and harming the kids.

2. Recessed Lights

Recessed Lights

The other names for this lighting are the can lights or pot lights. Can lights will illuminate the room right after you mount them inside the ceiling.

Pot lights are the most ideal choice if your rooms have a low ceiling.

Before mounting can light, you need to make sure that the ceiling in the room has good insulation because the humidity can build up right inside the can lights.

This kind of ceiling light is the best one to work as the task lighting or ambient lighting.

3. Utility Lighting

Utility Lighting

Another type of pinlight you need to know before learning about pinlight price is the utility lighting.

This lighting type is an ideal choice for your basement, laundry room, and garage. This is a super simple lighting fixture you can mount to your ceiling.

Utility lighting may look like a very small upgrade for the interior. But this kind of lighting will transform the way you use the room.

If you work a lot in the garage and you need to finish many DIY projects, it is important to add some LED bulbs to your ceiling light.

4. LED Indirect Lighting

LED Indirect Lighting

Unlike the previous ceiling light, LED indirect lighting is going to illuminate your room from around the ceiling.

You need to install some LED light strips around the ceiling. The ceiling in the room is going to reflect the LED strips’ light and then make your room feel larger.

If you choose the light changing LEDs, your LED indirect lighting is able to change colors and make your room look even more outstanding.

This ceiling light type is the best choice for a modern interior. To use this lighting, you will need to install crown molding that will hide the strips of LED lights.

Pinlight Price List

Price for each type of pinlight is different. You need to take a note about the type of pinlight you desire and start looking for the price details.

Below is the average price of pinlight types you need to know.

Types of Pinlight

Price of Pinlight

Flush lightPHP 400 to PHP 600
Can lightPHP 405 to PHP 1,470
Utility lightPHP 115 to PHP 369
LED indirect lightPHP 1,492

The pinlight price above may be different in various cities in the Philippines. Find a trustworthy store to buy pinlight at the most reasonable price.