Circuit Breaker Price

Circuit breaker price is very cheap yet it holds a big role for safety at the building. Check the function, differences of types, and price list in the Philippines market here.

Every house needs a circuit breaker. This device has an essential role to protect the electrical system in your house from serious damage.

It’s dangerous when it happens since the damage can create a fire. The circuit breaker price is affordable and it’s a good investment for your house.

What is Circuit Breaker

A circuit breaker is a switching device that will interrupt the fault current. It is a crucial device for your house to control the electrical system.

The breaker will disconnect the power of the whole breaker when there is damage, so other breakers will not get affected.

Circuit Breaker Function

1. Detecting Anomaly

Generally, a circuit breaker will detect anomalies in the electrical system. Examples of the anomaly are current imbalance, high temperature, and shot circuit.

If the device detects it, it will open the circuit and then cut off the electricity flow to prevent possible damage.

2. Draw More Power

This device will try its best to draw more power than the wires do. It happens when there is an overload current that creates an imbalance in the circuit.

The electricity will automatically shut off. It gives the homeowner a chance to check and diagnose the problems further.

Types of Circuit Breaker

1. Single Pole Circuit Breaker

Single Pole Circuit Breaker

The single pole of the circuit breaker lockdown Philippines will supply about 120-volt power. It’s the lightest among all switches and is categorized as the switch for housings.

It suits light appliances at home and utilities with general types of machinery such as air conditioners, clothes dryers, and other electric ranges.

The ampere rating of a single pole has three ranges, from 15, 20, and 30. It’s a common size for household usage.

It comes with a single slot and can be in a breaker box to maintain its durability. The shape and circuit breaker price can be different according to the brands.

2. Double Pole Circuit Breaker

Double Pole Circuit Breaker

It isn’t much different than the single pole one, but it supplies about 240-volt power. It’s a double-volt circuit breaker and holds heavier needs for utilities.

Usually, the uses of circuit breaker is for higher requirements such as business buildings that have a lot of electric ranges.

The size of the ampere for a double pole circuit breaker is about 20 to 60 ampere. It protects heavier machines more than just household machinery.

If you have a small-scale business or home industry, a double pole circuit breaker plug in is the best option since this circuit break price is affordable.

3. GFCI Circuit Breaker

GFCI Circuit Breaker

GFCI stands for ground fault circuit interrupter. This circuit breaker is special and different from others. The main function of a GFCI circuit breaker lockdown is a built-in breaker.

This device will prevent shock if there is sudden contact with water. GFCI is the best to prevent electrocution.

The installation of GFCI should be at a place that usually has contact with water. If the person has contact with electricity and gets a shock, GFCI will send the signal because it senses it.

After that, GFCI will cut off the power immediately to prevent the person from getting injured.

4. AFCI Circuit Breaker

AFCI Circuit Breaker

AFCI is a circuit breaker that will prevent a fire hazard. The main function of this circuit breaker is to detect the arcing condition in the place immediately.

Because of its high functionality, this circuit breaker price is very expensive yet it increases the safety of the building.

The size of the power supply from this circuit breaker is 120-volt. There are two options of amperes such as 15 and 20 amperes.

The circuit breaker sizes might not stand for all rooms, but it’s perfect for each room. This device deserves to be installed in a laundry area, living room, bedroom, and recreation room.

5. Air Circuit Breaker

Air Circuit Breaker

The air circuit breaker is a part of circuit breaker that will only protect the voltage circuit.

Other purposes of this circuit breaker are energizing and also cutting off the current if the level is too high. Usually, this circuit breaker is the perfect option for buildings, ships, and factories.

The benefit of having this circuit breaker is interrupting medium availability. The circuit breaker price is also very affordable but offers chemical stability.

The operation is very fast. It eliminates the fire hazard risk at the building.

6. Oil Circuit Breaker

Oil Circuit Breaker

This circuit breaker lockdown Manila is quite unique because it insulates the oil as the medium to prevent a fire hazard.

If there is a fault occurring, the oil circuit breaker senses it and sends the signal. The arc is struck to the contact immediately. However, you might need a high quantity of oil.

The advantage of using this oil circuit breaker is the device sends the response fast for transmission and substations.

Some circuit breakers might need a small amount of oil to work and it saves the cost. The voltage level of this breaker is up to 400 voltage.

7. Vacuum Circuit Breaker

Vacuum Circuit Breaker

The vacuum circuit breaker is a circuit breaker that works under a vacuum medium. The operation is simple where the switching and closing take place in a vacuum interrupter or vacuum chamber.

This device has another name and it is a vacuum contactor unit.

The motion of the bolt on circuit breaker is very fast. The vacuum circuit breaker is working to give protection to the connected equipment.

If there is a break, the circuit breaker will trip automatically. It prevents damage because of potential hazards that happen in electricity.

Circuit Breaker Price Philippines

Circuit Breaker Model


Delta lightin plugin 15A305
Himel miniature 6kA type C265
Omni 20A 2 poles599
TOMZN 2P 1000V solar 299
Royu RCB20-60299
ABB Sace formula moulded3,220
Mini RCBO Taixi488
Scheneider Easy9 40A491
Opple ZBLE-63C700

The circuit breaker price is not as expensive as you think, yet the role of this device is very important.

We never know the risk of an electricity connection every single time. The circuit breaker will help you to protect the equipment from damage and hazards because of sudden disturbance