Stainless Steel Bar Price

Interested about stainless steel bar price in Philippines? Your search ends here!

Stainless steel bars are highly adaptable and resilient materials utilized across various industries.

The cost of these bars in the Philippines may differ based on factors like the grade, size, and surface finish.

On average, you can find stainless steel bars starting from approximately ₱230/4ft.

Within this article, we will delve into the assortment of stainless steel bar types and sizes available, offering you a comprehensive grasp of their pricing.

Find the ideal stainless steel bar that perfectly aligns with your industrial or construction requirements while staying within your budget.

Types of Stainless Steel Bar

Stainless steel bars are finishing or construction materials made of stainless steel. They are durable because they don’t rust easily. In addition, they have an appealing look. 

Consequently, items made of these bars are durable and attractive. Due to these advantages, the stainless steel bar price is higher than the steel bar price. Stainless steel bars are available in several types.

The manufacturer differentiates them based on several categories.

1.Stainless Steel Bar Types Based on Shapes

You can find stainless steel bars in several shapes. 

  • Round Bars: They are ideal for railings, handles, fasteners, concrete footings, beams, etc.
  • Flat Bars: You can use flat or rectangle bars for frames, sinks, base plates, concrete footings, etc.
  • Channel Bars: Channel or U-channel bars are ideal for braces, frames, housings, etc.
  • Square Bars: Some applications of square bars are railing systems, beams, piers, ornamental works, etc.
  • Hexagonal Bars: These stainless bars are ideal for nuts, mounting applications, fittings, screws, etc.

2.Stainless Steel Bar Types Based on Grades

Stainless steel bars are available in several grades.

Manufacturers generally write the grades in numbers, such as 303, 304, and 400.

The stainless steel bar price of those with higher grades is typically more expensive than those with lower ones.

Grades indicate the subtype of alloy used in manufacturing stainless steel bars.

Moreover, they also indicate applications, for example, 430 stainless steel bars are for food-grade applications.


Stainless steel bars also have different finishes. Some bars have a mirror finish that looks attractive.

However, they need high maintenance because they quickly show scratches and pick up fingerprints. 

Other stainless steel bars have a brushed finish. They need less maintenance and offer a professional look.

In addition, you can also buy unfinished ones. The unfinished stainless steel bar price is typically more affordable.

Sizes Stainless Steel Bar

Stainless steel bars are also available in many choices of sizes.

Due to these different sizes, some stainless steel bars are only ideal for particular applications. 

Moreover, they also cause stainless steel bar price differences.

Thicker, longer, or wider stainless steel bars are typically more expensive than thinner, shorter, or narrower ones. 

Stainless steel bars are measured differently due to the shape difference.

1.Diameter and Length

The measurement features of round bars are diameter and length.

The smallest diameter of round bars is 3 mm.

2.Thickness and Length

Thickness and length are the measurement features of square bars and hexagon bars.

The thickness of these bars starts from 3mm thick.

3.Thickness, Width, and Length

The measurement features of flat bars are thickness, width, and length.

The smallest measurement of flat bars is 12 mm wide x 3 mm thick x 1 m long.

Stainless Steel Bar Price Philippines

How much is the stainless steel bar price in the Philippines?

The price varies between sizes, grades, and finishes.

Some sellers set the stainless steel bar price per kg, but others set the price per unit or meter.

Below is the latest stainless steel bar price list in the Philippines.

Stainless Steel Bar TypesSizeGradesPrice
Round BarD: 3 mm304₱270/ft
D: 4.8 mm₱285/ft
D: 5.8 mm₱305/ft
Flat BarT: 3 mm, W: 18 mm, L: 4 ft304₱235
T: 3 mm, W 25 mm, L: 4 ft₱285
T: 4 mm, W 25 mm, L: 4 ft₱380
T: 4 mm, W 50 mm, L: 4 ft₱753
Square Tubular BarDimension: 25 x 25 mm, T: 1.5 mm, L: 2ft304₱225
Square BarDimension: 5 x 5 mm, L: 200 mm304₱284

Stainless steel bars are a useful material.

You can use it for various purposes, such as architectural designs, utensils, machinery, etc.

Stainless steel bar price varies depending on the sizes and grades.

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