Carrying Channel Price Philippines

Carrying channel price Philippines comes out differently based on carrying channel size so the previous measurement on the ceiling system is necessary before buying.

Carrying channel price Philippines depends on the approximate cost per length. Hence, you must know the standard size on the market and how long you need the channel.

You must think about this if you want to assemble a ceiling in the Philippines and need support from excellent ceiling framing.

The carrying channel is one of the vital supporting providers for ceilings and roofs. It is necessary to use the highest quality roofing materials if you want to design a house or other buildings in the Philippines.

It will be good to equip yourself with beneficial information about this material so you can use the right one.

What is Carrying Channel?

A carrying channel refers to three-sided metal sections that support the whole structure of the ceiling. It is a primary support of a suspended ceiling system.

That’s why it provides space for attachment for furring channels and other furring parts. The hangers often hold carrying channel and it attaches main runners.

It is almost similar to double furring channels in terms of look and function because it supports suspended ceilings and the whole ceiling assembly. It can serve as beams or girders when put alongside the double furring channel.

It not only supports the double furring but also connects to the hangers. The standard length of the carrying channel is 5 meters.

However, if you want to buy these ceiling supports, the carrying channel price Philippines defines by its average cost per length.

The suspended ceiling system popularly uses light metal frames as it has excellent durability and is lightweight.

Hence, this ceiling system will include a metal furring carrying channel and other accessories and connectors from metal material.

Where Can I Use Carrying Channel?

In using the carrying channel for the suspended ceiling system, you must pay attention to the components used in the installation.

Each component has a different function and you must ensure that each component has a proper installation. It allows you to have a sturdy and good-quality ceiling system.

There are several requirements in installing a carrying channel to be a part of the ceiling system. This material has leveling and attachment criteria to serve its best function.

The installation of the carrying channel should be within 8 inches. You must support it with hangers taut when it reaches 12 ft leveling.

To keep carrying channel price Philippines under the allocated budget, you must avoid local kinks or bends in the hangers.

Hence, you should do the installation process carefully so you do not waste money replacing broken hangers. You have to attach the carrying channels to the hangers properly.

The right way to attach carrying channels to hangers securing them well using suitable screws.

You must keep securing both parts until it reaches the condition to prevent rotation and vertical movement. Since it is a part of the ceiling frame, security is the most crucial point to consider.

Carrying Channel Size and Price

Carrying Channel Size and Price

Knowing the carrying channel size you need is beneficial because it helps you to determine how much money you should spend on it.

The longer the channel is, the more expensive its price. However, the length is not the only factor affecting the carrying channel price.

Another factor that affects the price differences is the thickness of the channeling channel. The thicker the channel, the higher its price.

The standard levels of thickness you can find in the market range between 0.5 millimeters and 1 millimeter. Thicker carrying channels often provide more stable support to the ceiling.

However, you must find out the structural performance and load distribution of the ceiling suspended system.

You can conduct a test method by placing structural parts as beams over simple supports. Then, you have to observe whether it causes a beam deflection or not.

This simple test helps you to evaluate which carrying channels are the most suitable to adjust to the ceiling system and what sizes are eligible to use.

By knowing the channel size, you can determine how much you will pay easier.

Below is the channel price list Philippines with the standard size of the carrying channel.

Size (12 mm x 38 mm)



1 mm thickness5 meters₱197.90
0.8 mm thickness5 meters₱103.00
0.7 mm thickness5 meters₱93.7
0.5 mm thickness5 meters₱70.3


When it comes to the carrying channel installation, numerous questions come out.

It includes different types of questions from how much carrying channel price Philippines to how to install it right.

Among those questions, below is one of the frequently asked questions about carrying channel installation.

1. What is The Spacing of Carrying Channel?

The spacing between carrying channels in the installation process is an important thing to know. It is because the right spacing allows the channel to distribute the loads evenly.

The proper spacing between channels prolongs the ceiling system’s lifespan and prevents them from falling due to heavier one side.

The spacing of carrying channels refers to the arrangement of hangers that are attached to the channels.

The space between hangers on the channels mostly ranges from 4 to 6 inches in the centers.

Besides, the hangers’ position should be at least 1/8 inches of GI sheet rod diameter or 1-inch x 1/8 inches of flat bars.

Carrying channel price Philippines varies based on their thickness with a standard size.

You need to measure the ceiling system to get the right price and size for those channels for your home and use them to create a high-quality ceiling frame.