Steel Deck Price List and Size

Steel deck is an important structural building component. Here, we explain what it is, uses of steel deck, its types, steel deck price, and its advantages.

Have you ever heard the term “steel deck” and wondered what it means? You’ve come to the right place. In this article, we tell you all you need to know about steel decks

We explain what a steel deck is, its uses, its types, steel deck price, and the advantages of steel deck.

What is Steel Deck?

A steel deck, also known as a metal deck, is the metal sheeting used as a composite floor deck or structural roof deck.

When installed, the steel deck is supported by either joists or steel beams. A steel deck is made from corrugated high-quality sheet steel.

The steel deck was developed to provide the floor or roof systems with a structurally efficient component.

It is worth mentioning that a steel deck has a high strength-to-weight ratio. As a result, it reduces not only material handling but also erection costs.

Uses of Steel Deck

Steel deck is used as part of the roof or floor system of

  • Residential structures
  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Commercial buildings
  • Warehouses
  • Industrial

Types of Steel Deck

  1. Roof Deck
Roof Deck image

The steel roof deck is the main part of the framework that almost every flat roof uses. The steel deck is a structural panel, extending over purlins or roof joists. It provides a flat surface on which the weatherproof roofing can be applied.

  1. Form Deck
Form image

The next type is the steel form deck. This steel deck type serves as a framework that holds poured concrete. Form decks are typically easy, quick, ad affordable to install. The deck doesn’t increase the strength of the concrete slab, however.

  1. Composite Floor Deck
Composite image

A type of steel deck that comes with an embossment pattern on its sides. The embossment pattern enables the concrete to bond with the steel decking panel as it cures. With the embossment pattern, the steel deck essentially serves as the concrete framework.

  1. Specialty Deck
Spesial image

The specialty deck is unlike other types of steel decks. It comes in various depths, levels, combinations, as well as styles. Thus, providing architects and builders with more options to choose from.

Steel Deck Price List

Steel deck price varies. Below is a steel deck price Philippines list.

Alpha Steel Deck 1 Price

Effective CoverageThicknessPrice
972 mm0.8 mm₱661
972 mm1.0 mm₱851
972 mm1.2 mm₱971

Alpha Steel Deck 2 Price

Effective CoverageThicknessPrice
257 mm0.8 mm₱221
257 mm1.0 mm₱281

Alpha Steel Deck 3 Price

Effective CoverageThicknessPrice
51 mm0.8 mm₱331
51 mm1.0 mm₱426

Advantages of Steel Deck

Steel deck has a lot of advantages. For example :

  • Proven experience

The application of steel decks has been practiced for more than 60 years. And through the years, steel deck effectiveness has been proven again and again. If you want a component that can be used in building composite slabs reliably, look no further than steel decks.

  • Ease in construction

One notable trait of a steel deck slab is its fast erection. A crane can transport multiple metal decks at once. As a result, crane time is reduced.

In addition, once the steel decks have been established, they can be used as a working platform for other trades. Thus, reducing the project completion time even further.

  • Weather resistant

When it comes to weather resistance, steel decks are exceptional. The decks can be constructed in most weather conditions. Another flooring system is not capable of this. Also, once steel decks have been constructed, they can act as a cover that protects workers below.

  • Appearance

While steel decks are mainly for structural purposes, they can be visually appealing when left in their raw form.Steel deck is an important structural building component.

It has many uses and comes in different types, the four most common are roof deck, form deck, composite floor deck, and specialty deck. Steel deck price varies, depending on factors like size, thickness, as well as the brand.