Rib Type Roof Price List

Rib type roof is one of the best roofing solutions because it can cover a large area and is easy to install. Moreover, rib type roof price is also quite affordable for Filipinos. 

The roof is a fundamental part of a building. It protects the residents of the building from elements of nature so having the best roof is essential for every homeowner.

One of the best roofs available is the rib-type roof which is durable and strong. Moreover, the rib type roof price is economical.

Getting the rib-type roof panel in the Philippines is not difficult to do because many stores and websites sell this roof.

This roof is quite popular in the country since the rib-type roof panel gains this popularity because it offers some advantages.

What is Rib Type Roof?

Rib type roof is a type of metal roofing with a rib-type profile. The metal used in making this roof is generally high-quality steel, which can withstand corrosion well.

In addition, the colored coating used on this metal roof also adds a layer of protection to the metal roof.

Manufacturers of rib-type roof panels usually apply a corrosion-resistant primer on both sides of these panels. Next, they will add a topcoat of a particular paint onto the roof panels’ sides. 

Among metal roof panels available in stores, rib-type roof panels have a popular roofing profile. The design of this roof looks like plateaus with flat surfaces on their sides. 

This deep corrugated design allows the roofing panels to carry a large volume of rainwater. Therefore, it is perfect for buildings in tropical areas.

Rib Type Roof Price List

Rib Type Roof Price List

The rib-type roof panels are famous for their long span length. The length of these panels can reach up to 20 m.

Meanwhile, the width is approximately 1.1 m. Metal roof stores in the Philippines generally sell rib-type roof panels in three choices of gauges or thickness 0.4 mm, 0,5 mm, and 0.6 mm.

Due to these differences in thicknesses, metal roof stores sell rib type roof Philippines at different prices.

Name of Product



Colored Roofing Rib-Type0.4mm₱ 267/ linear meter
0.5mm₱ 297/ linear meter
Colored Roofing Rib-Type Tile Type0.4mm₱ 298
0.5mm₱ 398
Colored Long span Rib-Type Roof0,4mm, 10ft₱ 1,247
0.6mm, 24ft₱ 4,570
Ecorib Rib-Type Roofing0.4mm, 4ft₱ 1,078

Advantages of Rib Type Roofs

Many people choose rib-type roofing over other metal roofing types because this roof offers some advantages.

  • It offers cost-effective roofing solutions : Rib-type roof panels are longer than other types of roof panels. Therefore, they can cover more roofing areas that you only need fewer rib-type roof panels when constructing a roof.
  • It offers a timeless design : The design of the rib-type roof is simple but timeless. It looks good on various house styles.
  • It is versatile : Due to its long-span design, the rib-type roof is not only suitable for residential buildings. However, it is also suitable for commercial buildings, such as barns, shops, and warehouses.
  • It is long-lasting : High-quality metal rib-type roof panels can last up to 40 years.
  • It is easy to install : This type of roofing panel is easy to install. It is also quick to install.

Disadvantage of Rib Type Roofs

The rib-type roof panel has a notable drawback, i.e., the flat area. The flat area on the rib-type roofing panel is the weakest part of the panel. It may crack or break if a roofer accidentally steps on it. 

Therefore, roofers must handle these panels carefully when they install them. It is also important for homeowners to only hire professional and experienced roofers to install this roof type.

Rib type roof price in the Philippines ranges between ₱267 and ₱4,570. In purchasing this roofing panel, you can choose the tile type or the long-span type.

The former is more suitable for patios or porches. Meanwhile, the latter is more suitable for covering large roofing areas.