Bathtub Price

Bathtub price in the market is various and there are some affordable tubs to have. This home appliance is great to add function and aesthetics to the bathroom. Check the types here.

The bathtub is one of the great options to have if you have some more space in your bathroom.

It’s the place to relax after a tiring day and you can enjoy your time soaking in the water. Bathtub price is affordable to have. Here are some types you can choose.

What is Bathtub?

The bathtub is an option to have in your bathroom. The main purpose of having this bathtub is relaxation, especially if you love to soak yourself in warm water.

The types are different and the bathtub price has a wide range too according to the model.

Types of Bathtub

1. Alcove or Recessed Bathtub

Alcove or Recessed Bathtub

This style is sometimes more popular with a three-wall design. The bathtub looks practical because there is a bathtub faucet.

This option is perfect if the bathroom is small such as in apartments or minimalist houses. This style is affordable, yet gives a luxurious look to the house.

Another advantage of this bathtub is easy to maintain and clean. Even though it doesn’t give decorative vibes because the shape is too general, this style is popular recently for houses with minimalist concepts.

2. Corner Bathtubs

Corner Bathtubs

Corner bathtubs have beautiful bathtub design and the display is for a small bathroom. One part of its edge will follow the curve of the corner of the bathroom. The main function of these tubs is to maximize the space.

However, this option might not be for everyone. Some bathtubs disallow you to straighten your legs because it’s only for soaking in the water. It’s an alternative option to add elegance and function to your bathroom.

3. Drop-in Bathtubs

Drop-in Bathtubs

Another name for this style is a built-in bathtub. It’s deck-mounted style because it’s not only the bathtub, but you create the wall for the tub first as the base. This is popular for spa places or houses with luxury concepts.

You can decide which type of deep bathtub can be by creating the wall first. The drop-in bathtub is expensive and you need more effort to go in or out because of the wall. But, this style is popular because the wall prevents water from dripping.

4. Free-standing Bathtubs

Free-standing Bathtubs

A free-standing bathtub increases the visual of your bathroom. As the name is, you can put it everywhere such as next to the wall in the center of the room. The contemporary design gives the vibe for the house with the same concept.

There are many free-standing tubs that you can choose for this style. However, the bathtub price is higher because of a particular design. There is no space to put your soap or shampoo at the edge of the bathtub too.

5. Garden Tub

Garden Tubs

A garden bathtub is popular for soaking purposes. It’s free-standing but the size is wider than the standard one. You can sink in the water, so this tub model is special for soaking in warm water.

Since it’s a separate tub, you need to buy some other parts such as a faucet, shower head, drain, etc. In the market, this style is customizable according to the size of the bathroom.

6. Jetted Tubs

Jetted Tubs

The jetted tubs are free-standing tubs with water jets. It means the water jet device will circulate the water in the tub.

Usually, jetted tubs are for warm-water soaking purposes because the circulation maintains the heat. 

A lot of spas and therapy use jetted bathtubs for relaxation. You can buy a free-standing tub and water jet separately to create this tub.

The jetted bathtub in the set is also available at the market though it’s rare and not a cheap bathtub price Philippines.

7. Tub and Shower Combos

Tub and Shower Combos

This style is perfect if you have a large space in a bathroom. The tub and the shower are mixing into a closed space. Installing this style is easy and less costly if you only have the curtain to separate with outside the shower.

The advantage of this bathtub is to prevent water from leaking onto the dry floor. It’s a good option for the bathroom that has a water closet in it. If you have more money, the additional glass will beautify this combo.

8. Walk-in Bathtubs

Walk-in Bathtubs

A walk-in bathtub is bathtub size standard. You are not able to straighten your legs because it forces you to sit down in them.

It’s small and it’s for a short-time soaking in the tub. This style is not good for people who have a bone or are elderly.

9. Portable Bathtubs

Portable Bathtubs

A portable tub is a good option for you who love to change the design of the interior. The portable one is foldable bathtub, next to the wall, or the center of the bathtub.

You can maximize the space since there are a lot of shapes and models for these portable bathtubs on the market.

Bathtub Size

Every bathtub model has a different size. Bathtub dimensions will give different impacts when you are enjoying your bath time. Here are the bathtub dimensions according to the type:

Bathub type

Size L x W x H (inches)

Alcove bathtub60x30x18
Corner bathtub60x60x22
Drop-in bathtub45x30x14
Free standing bathtub55x27x15
Garden tub54x42x24
Jetted tub60x32x18
Tub and shower combos40x30x70
Walk-in bathtub32x60x39
Portable bathtub60x34x27

Bathtub Price List

Different brands sell in different price. The bathtub price follows the size, material, and also the style.

Here is the price list of different brand and model in the Philippines market.

Bathtub mode


Pozzi drop in NH-01327,586
Pozzi whirlpool massage BN-45059,210
Pozzi acrylic drop in11,550
Pozzi free standing NH-100263,516
Pozzi corner bath tub44,470
Roca genova27,270
Roca levante31,720
Roca virginia129,480
American standard17,000
Cool white B179165,725
Cool bliss acrylic white9,460
Cool free standing bathub61,479
Coll huch66,285
HCG combo legato22,041

Bathtub price in the market is different according to the models and types. Some tubs are pricey because of the aesthetic bathtub shape they have.

You have to choose the tub wisely because it will impact the size of the bathroom and the comfort you feel while bathing.