Cement Price List

Cement is a very common building material. Here, we explain what it is, & its types, from Portland cement to low heat cement, Cement price, and more.

We can find cement almost everywhere we go. This is particularly true if you live in a city with solid sidewalks and tall skyscrapers.

But what exactly is cement?

What are the types of cement and how much do they cost? Below, we explain what it is, its types, cement price, and more.

What is Cement?

It is a substance used in residential and commercial construction works. Cement has a very long history.

Today, it is among the most prevalent material used for building but the usage of the substance dates back as far back as the Roman Empire.

The long history and widespread usage of cement come as no surprise.

The substance works incredibly well in binding other materials together as cement not only sets but also hardens. Thus, creating a very strong bind.

Type of Cement

  • Type 1, refers to normal Portland cement, a type of cement used for general uses.
  • Type 2, a type of cement used for structures in soil containing moderate amounts of sulfate, water, or when heal build-up is a concern.
  • Type 3, is a cement with high early strength. This type of cement is usually used when high strength is desired at early periods.
  • Type 4, a low-heat Portland cement. Type 4 cement is used where the rate and amount of heat generation must be kept to a minimum.
  • Type 5, refers to a sulfate-resistant Portland cement. Type 5 cement is used where the soil or water has a high level of alkali.
  • Type 1A, 2A, 3Am are types of cement used to make concrete with air entrainment.
  • Types IL, a blended hydraulic cement.
  • Type GU, HE, MS, HS, MH, refer to General Use, High Early-Strength, Moderate Sulfate Resistance, High Sulfate Resistance, and Moderate Heat of Hydration, respectively.

Across all the types of cement, the followings are the most commonly used cement varieties.

1.Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC)

Ordinary Portalnd image

The basic, general use cement. Used for general construction purposes where that don’t require special properties.

2.White Cement

White Cement image

A cement variety is often used for architectural purposes, and exterior and interior decorative work.

3.Water Repellant Cement

Water Repellant Cement image

A cement variety that has water repellent or waterproof properties. It is used for construction that will either be in constant contact with water or retain water.

4.Sulfate Resistant

Sulfate Resistant image

A variety of cement is used in applications where the level of alkali in the soil is high.

5.Low Heat Cement

Low Heat Cement image

This cement requires less water to mix and set and has a lower heat of hydration.

6.High Alumina Cement

High Aluminia Cement image

A cement variety is typically used in refractory applications and sewer and marine construction.

7.Hydraulic Cement

Rapid Hardening Cement 1 image

Hydraulic cement sets quickly and is impervious to water. Often used in waterproofing and underwater construction.

8.Rapid Hardening Cement

Salinan dari Background image Jomprice 1 image

Rapid hardening cement hardens rapidly. T is used in road work and prefabricated concrete construction.

9.Expansive Cement

Expensive Cement image

A variety of cement expands instead of shrinks during and after the hardening period.

10.Air Entraining Cement

Air Entraining Cement image

A block of cement is used in areas with low temperatures.

Cement Price List in Philippines

Below is the cement price in the Philippines.

BrandSizeCement Price
Republic Cement40 kilograms₱320
Holcim Cement40 kilograms₱270
Eagle Cement1 kilogram per pack₱15 per kilogram
Rizal Portland Cement1 kilogram per pack₱15 per kilogram
Sahara Cement908 grams per pack₱41 per pack

What Difference between Concrete and Cement?

While the terms concrete and cement are often used interchangeably, they refer to different things.

To make it clear, concrete is the final product whereas cement is one of the ingredients that make up concrete.

Cement is among the most prevalent material used in both residential and commercial construction works.

There are various types of cement. The most common is Portland cement, which is a general-use cement.

Cement price varies across types and brands.