Ficem Board Price List

Ficem boards offer various advantages. They are versatile. You can use them in several construction projects. Moreover, ficem board price is as affordable as ₱250.

Installing the best siding material can improve the curb appeal of your house. One of the best siding materials available in stores is ficem boards.

What are ficem boards? And how much is ficem board price in the Philippines? Keep reading to find the answer.

What is Ficem Board?

The ficem or fiber cement board is a composite material composed of Portland cement, cellulose fiber, and sand.

The cellulose fiber will prevent the board from cracking. Consequently, fiber cement boards have a long service life. 

This board is not a new product. It was first available in 1903 in Switzerland. At that time, this product was available only in limited choices.

However, now, you can find more fiber cement board designs, colors, and sizes. 

Fiber cement board manufacturers apply the autoclaving process in producing fiber cement boards.

In this process, they use high-temperature steam curing to form the boards and increase the stability and strength of the sand and cement.

Uses of Ficem Board

You can use fiber cement boards in various construction projects.

  • External siding or cladding : Fiber cement boards are an excellent cladding material because they are available in various designs and resistant to weather.
  • Fireproof partition : These boards are a non-combustible material. Therefore, they make good fireproof partitions.
  • External and internal lining : Many people use fiber cement boards for installing external lining and then paint it. Others install them as an internal lining before installing tiles or plastering.
  • Substrate for tiling : These boards are an excellent base for tiling the floor or wall.
  • Acoustic properties : Fiber cement boards have excellent sound insulation properties. Consequently, many people use them to build acoustic properties.
  • Bathroom slabs and kitchen counters : Some brands offer waterproof fiber cement boards. Therefore, some people install these boards as bathroom slabs and kitchen counters.

Type of Ficem Board

Type of Ficem Board

Fiber cement boards come in several types.

  • Fiber cement boards without recycled cellulose fibers.
  • Fiber cement boards with 50% recycled cellulose fibers content.
  • Fiber cement boards that contain 25% recycled cellulose fibers.
  • Fiber cement boards with 10% recycled cellulose fibers content.

Ficem Board Price List

How much is ficem board price Philippines? Please check the table below.

Fiber Cement Board Product

Ficem Board Thickness

Ficem Board Sizes


Hardiflex Fiber Cement Board4.5mm4 x 8 ft₱ 545
3.5mm₱ 444
6mm₱ 750
Colored and Textured fiber cement board7.6mm192 x 3050 mm₱ 250
Grooved Fiber Cement Board8mm1220 x 2440 mm₱ 782
Fiber Cement for Exterior Cladding with Wood Pattern7.5mm2440 x 200 mm₱ 345

Advantages of Ficem Board

Many people prefer fiber cement boards over gypsum or asbestos because the boards offer more advantages.

  • Fiber cement boards are safe to use because they don’t contain asbestos.
  • Some fiber cement boards have attractive designs. Therefore, they will make residential and commercial buildings look attractive.
  • These boards are resistant to weather changes. The cellulose fiber will prevent the board from cracking when the weather changes drastically.
  • Fiber cement boards can absorb moisture and dry themselves quickly.
  • Fiber cement boards are long-lasting. Most fiber cement board brands sell the boards with a 10-year warranty.
  • They are resistant to termites.
  • Fiber cement boards have  good resistance to fire.
  • Fiber cement boards require minimum maintenance.

Disadvantages of Ficem Board

However, fiber cement boards have a few disadvantages. These boards are heavy.

Consequently, transporting and installing fiber cement boards require more effort, labor, and time. 

Due to these requirements, installing fiber cement boards is more costly than installing plywood or other materials. In addition, low-quality boards may dent easily.

Ficem board price is not expensive, but its installation is slightly pricier than the installation cost of particular siding materials.

Despite this high cost, using fiber cement boards in your construction can be a good investment because it is durable, fireproof, and weatherproof.