Screen Door Price List

Screen door price in the Philippines ranges from ₱343 to ₱4,505. This price depends on the size and materials of the screen door

Installing a screen door is a great way to improve the air circulation of your home. You can get this door at a relatively affordable price.

However, the screen door price depends heavily on the design, materials, and sizes.

What is the Screen Door?

A screen door is a door that covers the exterior door. Homeowners generally install it to block flying insects, debris, and birds from entering the house while allowing for light and air.

Others install it to prevent their small children and pets from getting out of the house while improving the air circulation.

The materials used in making the screen door are typically screen mesh and wood frame or aluminum frame.

Before the American Civil War, people in the U.S made screen doors from cheesecloth. However, after the war, they started making painted screens of wire cloth for windows and doors.

Since then, more people install screen doors because they provide some advantages. These are the advantages you’ll get from a screen door.

  • A screen door cools your house in hot weather.
  • It improves the air quality of your house by improving the air circulation.
  • It keeps away annoying mosquitoes from entering your house.

Type of Screen Door

Screen doors come in various types. Many of them have attractive designs that will complement the beauty of your house. Below are the screen door types you can choose.

1. Hinged Screen Doors

The hinged or traditional screen door is perfect for you who live in warm climates. This screen opens similarly to a hinged door.

It has a wood frame that you can paint according to your preference. It sometimes also has a lock.

2. Screen Sliding Door

The screen sliding door is ideal for a sliding door. It looks more modern than the hinged screen door.

Therefore, it is ideal for modern and contemporary houses. However, it generally doesn’t come with a lock. 

3. Magnetic/Handsfree Screen Door

The magnetic screen door offers more conveniences. You can walk through this door without opening it just kick the screen mesh aside and walk in.

It is not a full-screen door. Therefore, you can install and uninstall it anytime.

4. Full View Storm Door

If you want a clear view of your yard but need a little insulation, you must choose the full-view storm door.

This screen door has a glass panel and screen that you can switch as you need. It generally comes with a lock.

5. Ventilating Storm Door

It is similar to the full-view storm door, but it has a different screen material. It offers both protection and ventilation. 

6. Rollscreen Storm Door

The rollscreen storm door has a screen you can pull down when you need to. 

7. Pivoting Screen Doors

It is the latest screen door type. The pivoting screen door has a closing and opening mechanism in the form of a pivoting joint.

8. Security Storm Doors

The security storm door is a storm door that has metal bars across it. The object of this bar installation is to make the door more difficult to enter.

9. Aluminum Screen Doors

The aluminum screen door features a screen with an aluminum frame. It comes in several models, such as roll-formed aluminum sliding doors and extruded aluminum screen doors.

Screen Door Price List

How much does the screen door cost? Check the screen door Philippines price list below.


Product’s Description


Custom sliding folding screen door₱809 to ₱3,429
Magnetic Screen Door with Heavy Duty MeshFull Velcro, 12 magnet strips, 14 strong magnets₱343 to ₱363
Aluminum Screen Swing DoorMax dimension 210 x 90 cm₱4,505
UPVC Sliding Door with Nylon Screen1 x 2.1 m₱3,705
Aluminum Hinged Screen DoorCustomized size₱2,000 to ₱4,500
Aluminum Alloy Sliding Screen DoorCustomized size₱1973 to 2,934

From the screen door price list above, the cheapest door is the magnetic screen door with Velcro and heavy-duty mesh.

It is perfect for keeping away mosquitos, but it doesn’t have a lock. Therefore, it is more suitable for back doors.