Brick Tiles Philippines Price

Brick tiles have become a popular choice for homeowners and business owners in the Philippines due to their durability, aesthetic appeal, and versatility.

One of the most important factors to consider when purchasing brick tiles is the price. The brick tiles Philippines price can vary depending on several factors such as the type of material used, the size, and the design.

In this article, we will explore the advantages of using brick tiles, the different types available and provide a comprehensive guide on brick tiles for walls for sale in the Philippines with their corresponding prices.

Advantages of Brick Tiles

Brick tiles come with abundant benefits. Brick tiles Philippines price is considered cost-effective, especially when compared with their advantages. If you plan to use brick tiles for your project, here are several benefits you will get.

  • Easy to Install

Brick tiles are pretty easy to install. Simply mix your adhesive, tilt the tile, and cut them. Repeat this process until your brick tiles are finished and clean off any adhesive. Easy installation and affordable brick tiles price Philippines can be powerful reason to use this material.

Furthermore, brick tiles can be installed on existing walls and even floors depending on your preferences. It is also suitable for the exterior and interior.

  • Customizable

You can customize brick tiles to your heart’s content. For example, you can cut the tile to any size to meet your preferences. What’s more important is that there are so many choices on the market so it applies to most home styles from minimalist to modern ones.

Stone brick tiles Philippines price tends to be affordable, especially when compared with the results. Feel free to customize the design to suit your home style.

  • Relatively Affordable

Brick tiles are considered cost-effective, thanks to their durability which makes sure you don’t need a revamp for years. Not to mention their price per piece that is familiar to your budget. The economical. brick tiles Philippines price varies on your brand and how many pieces are in the package.

  • Fashionable

With loads of choices available on the market, brick tiles provide you with an extensive range of designs.

Each design is made fashionable to improve your exterior and even interior if you request a classic tile. Brick tiles price Philippines may vary depending on the design and type.

  • Easy Maintenance

Brick tiles are basically easy to maintain as it does not require special treatment to keep them in shape.

You do not need to use a protective coating and you can paint them to add some visual attraction. A simple scrubbing or dusting will make your brick tiles look good as new. 

Types of Brick Tiles

Brick tiles Philippines price may be affected by type. Here are several types of brick tiles you need to know.

1.Stone Brick Tiles 

Stone Brick Tiles image

Stone brick tiles are a popular type of brick tiles. Commonly used for the exterior, it promises durability and stands in extreme weather.

These outdoor wall brick tiles Philippines price ranges from ₱1,000 to ₱1,600 per square meter.

2.Clay Brick Tiles

Clay Brick Tiles image

This is the most popular brick tile of all. The tiles come in various sizes and colors and it is suitable for indoor and outdoor walls.

Any building adopting classic and traditional style often use this type of brick tile. The brick wall tiles price Philippines may be the highest compared to others.

3.Concrete Brick Tiles

Concreate Brick Tiles image

Concrete brick tiles are as versatile as other types of tiles. They can be applied anywhere both indoors and outdoors to create a sophisticated industrial look.

The brick tiles Philippines price is commonly lower than other types of brick tiles.

4.Terra-cotta Brick Tiles

Terra Cotta Brick Tiles image

With a boast of smooth finishes and vibrant colors, terracotta brick tiles are popular among homeowners.

The brick tiles price Philippines is less expensive despite their natural beauty and attractive visuals.

Brick Tiles for Walls for Sale Philippines

DescriptionSize (inch)Price per piece
Clay bricks for wall garden1x2x8₱10
Clay bricks wall cladding1x2x8₱8
Clay bricks 1x2x8₱15
Clay bricks1x4x8₱18
Clay bricks2x4x8₱20
Antique clay bricks rustic type1x2x8₱10
Pangasinan clay bricks1x2x8₱9

The Price of brick tiles in Philippines may be a bit different in your local area. The quality of the material and place of purchase may cause this difference.

Brick tiles offer durability, strength, and aesthetics for your indoor and outdoor areas. Brick tiles Philippines price is affordable starting from ₱8.

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