Double Furring Price and Size Philippines

Building the house needs a roof as protection from the sun and rain. The roof should be in place with a stronghold.

Furring is the solution to replace bamboo and wood, yet the double furring price Philippines is way more expensive than other materials.

Furring is a vital part of a building since it should have excellent condition. High durability is one of the considerations because you will have to spend a lot of money only to fix the roof. Choosing furring is one of the solutions to avoid much cost.

Since furring has two types, double and single, you should know which one is the best for your building. What is the use of double furring that many people choose for their house?

Check all the answers plus the price list of double furring in the Philippines here.

What is Double Furring?

Double furring channel is a system of the roof and ceiling that is multi-purpose, both interior and exterior use.

This is a structure to hold the ceiling and other needs that come from metal material. It is a long-lasting material to hold the ceiling or roofing structure for more than a decade.

This furring is unique because its use is very common for suspended ceiling work. The metal furring will support the entire ceiling.

Double furring in price Philippines is more expensive than a single furring and the channel has a length of up to 5 meters as the standard.

Double metal furring helps the construction a lot, especially in a big building such as retail that has suspended ceiling works or in a plan to not have any ceilings as its style.

The furring will support carrying channels or sometimes be nailers of the finishing board in many constructions.

What is The Use of Double Furring?

  1. Ceiling hanger

Generally, double furring is the best to use as a ceiling hanger. The material is lightweight, yet strong to hold the ceiling.

Usually, the wire, strap, and rod need a hanger to attach. Double furring can be a great structure because it is not rotten, unlike a wood block.

However, using double furring to hang wire might be dangerous. You should consult with an experienced constructor to prevent it from being a short circuit case.

The installation might take time to make it safe for your building.

  1. Wall angle

It is important to use double furring for the work of wall angle because it determines the sharpness of the ceiling.

The constructor should be able to decide the angle when using double furring. It also determines the cost you will spend on the construction.

The site worker will attach double furring against the wall and the level should be precise.

It should be securely attached and the measurement should be accurate. Installing double furring for wall angle is only for dropped ceiling style in the building.

  1. Carrying channel

The most important use of double furring is carrying the channel. A lot of suspended work in construction uses double furring for this role.

Double furring can carry the channel well and become a god support because it is strong enough, even to support the entire assembly.

You can use double furring to connect the hangers as well. Another task for double furring is to make it a beam replacement or girder.

The double furring price Philippines is very affordable for this work, so you can save more money by using this construction material.

Double Furring Made Of?

Double furring is from galvanized steel. Galvanized steel is popular as a construction material because it has many benefits.

It is the most high-quality steel because it is strong, yet lightweight. Using galvanized steel double furring will fasten the construction work in general. 

Double Furring Price List

Double furring price Philippines is different according to the size. The longer the size, the more expensive the price.

The same brand might have different prices as well because of the area in the Philippines. Here is the list of double furring prices on average on the market.

Size of double furringPrice
19×50, 0.3 mm, 5 m₱79
19×50, 0.4 mm, 5 m₱87
19×50, 0.5 mm, 5 m₱109
19×50, 0.6 mm, 5 m₱130

Single Furring VS Double Furring

  1. Cost

The double furring price Philippines is more expensive than a single furring. You should check your needs first, whether you need a single or the double one.

However, they work on the same task. If your work needs light material, single furring may be the best option.

  1. Installation

The double furring clip has more advantages than the single furring one. The installation for double furring is easier because the market sells the longer version of this metal.

You can cut and it is easier than making two furrings in a joint. It saves more time as well for construction workers.

  1. Durability

The durability level of double furring channel is higher because it is stronger than the single one. It saves more money, but you might spend a lot more in the first place.

As long as the installation is proper, you can enjoy this material work for a long time.

  1. Effectiveness

It depends on which construction you will work on. However, the double furring is way more effective because it has a stronger structure.

If you plan to use it as a hanger or channel, double furring should be the best option since single furring is lighter.

Using double furring for a suspended ceiling construction is a good choice. The furring can hold the channel well because it is stronger.

The double furring price Philippines is not bad at all. It helps you to save costs while you are gaining more money for your suspended ceiling work.

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