Transformer Electricity Price and Types Philippines

The transformer is a useful device for the electricity network everywhere. Transformer electricity price depends on the type, size, and function since they have different roles.

Practically, it helps to manage the voltage and current to keep steady.

What are transformers, their types, and their function? Here is some information you have to know about transformers.

What is Transformer in Electricity?

The transformer in electricity is a term for a device that has an important role to transfer power between or among circuits.

There are no physical contacts and the frequency doesn’t change at all during the phase of the transfer. For a network of electricity transformer, this device is very important to maintain the voltage.

Transformer Function

1. Core type transformer

The core-type transformer is where the winding is at the center of the core from two limbs. The core type has only one flux path. This transformer application is general for many transformers such as power, auto, and distribution.

2. Shell type transformer

The shell-type transformer has a rectangular form. A line consists of primary and secondary parts. The disc-type form is multi-layer and has insulated through the paper.

3. Berry-type transformer

Berry type is another name for a toroidal transformer. It is the largest and its main function is for those home appliances that have high-tech requirements.

Isolation and power transformer uses this berry-type principle.

Transformer Types

1. Step up transformer

Step Up Transformer image
Step Up Transformer Image

This transformer converts LV (low voltage) in the high current to HV (high voltage) in the low current. The position will change from the primary side of the  electric transformer to the secondary side.

2. Step down transformer

Step Up TrandormerMixed Concreate image
Step Down Transformer Image

The kinds of transformer converts the HV (high voltage) in the low current to the LV (low voltage) in the high current. The position changes from the primary side to the secondary side of the transformer.

3. Three-phase transformer

Three Phase Transformer image
Three-phase transformer Image

What does a transfomer do for this type? The three-phase transformer consists of three sets of secondary and primary windings. The three sets have a leg of iron where they will share a joined core. 

4. Single-phase transformer

Single PhaseTransformer image
Single Phase Transformer Image

This transformer electronic component is magnetic. The operation only has a single power. The copper transformer works for the electric part and the iron core works for the magnetic part. The tranformer electricity price of this type is the cheapest.

5. Distribution transformer

Distribution Transformer image
Distribution transformer Image

This transformer works to step down the voltage distribution. Usually, commercial users need this transformer to maintain electricity, more than domestic users. The transformer can work a full day for 24 hours and reduce the load up to 50%.

6. Two windings transformer

Two windigs transformer image
Two windings transformer Image

A two-winding transformer consists of secondary and primary windings. The secondary winding will deliver the energy at the changed and transformed voltage. Meanwhile, the primary winding is drawing the power from the source. They work at the same time.

7. Autotransformer

Autotransformer image
Autotransformater Image

The transformer with only one winding is an autotransformer. This transformer is unique because the coil is single and works alone. The portion of the working transformer is the same as the secondary and primary transformers.

8. Power transformer

Power Transformer image
Power Transformer Image

What is power transformer? It is a transformer to convert the voltage, from high to low. The induction on the devices occurs by transferring the electric energy. Usually, this power transformer is generally used for distribution systems, generation plants, and other industrial equipment.

9. High Voltage Transformer

High Voltage Transformer 1 image

High Voltage Transformer Image

The high voltage transformer works and operates for the high voltage level. They are for testing and a long time usage with high-voltage places such as industrial and commercial. When the insulation breaks down, the transformer has to withstand the transient voltages. 

10. Low voltage transformers

Low Voltage Transformer image
Low voltage transformers Image

A low-voltage transformer is usually for lighting systems since the power is lower than other transformers. The conversion occurs in low volt current, about 12-15. It can convert 120 volts into lower volts, so the output is efficient. The energy is less than it should be during the process.

11. Outdoor transformer and indoor transformer

OutdoorTransformer and Indoor Transformerpgg0 1 image
Outdoor transformer and indoor transformer Image

The outdoor transformer uses a distribution-type transformer. Usually, it is for remote locations and the power is plant-generated. The outdoor transformer has high voltage capacity since it will distribute from high current in commercial buildings, yet the purpose is domestic.

The indoor transformer is small since it is for indoor use. The voltage capacity is lower than an indoor one. Since it is an indoor transformer, this type has a roof as protection. It is safe yet has to be installed properly.

12. Oiled-cooled and dry-type transformer

Oiled cooled and dry type transformer image
Oiled-cooled and dry-type transformer Image

Oiled-cooled transformers are not as flexible as dry-type transformers. Even so, the oil-cooled transformer is more efficient and has less noise than the dry-type transformer. The result is still similar to the dry-type transformer.

Meanwhile, a dry-type transformer is perfect for any condition. For outdoor use, dry-type transformers can fit the condition and are safer. It is available in many markets and fire exposure decreases significantly. 

Transformer Electricity Price List

Transformer electricity price is different for every type. In the Philippines market, some transformers might be limited due to the need and capacity. Here is the price list for transformers in the Philippines.

Types of transformerPrice
Distribution pole 5kVA₱45,000
Distribution pole 10kVA₱61,000
Distribution pole 50kVA₱133,000
Distribution pole 100kVA₱190,000
Current 100, 600 V₱7,250
Current 200, 600 V₱7,600
Current 800, 600 V₱13,700

What Kind of Transformers Are Used to Raise The Voltage?

The only transformer to raise the voltage is the step-up transformer. This device will increase the voltage from primary to secondary. 

Transformers have many types and roles. Transformer electricity price is also different types of transformer according to the function, such as households or commercials. Read the labels before purchasing one for your needs.

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