Best Shower Heater Price Philippines

Shower heater price Philippines isn’t the reason to not get one. There are a lot of affordable heaters for housing with efficient energy. Look at the types of shower heaters below.

A water heater is a good home appliance that will help you to get hot water for bathing. It’s producing the heat and then insulates the water.

The system of heat water is efficient. Shower heater price Philippines are affordable too for any kind of housing.

What Is Water Heater?

The water heater is a device to heat the water. It’s not to heat the drink mineral water, but for you to shower or bathe.

This device heats the water fast and gives you a lot of benefits. It’s efficient as well and has a lot of models to choose from according to your needs.

Nowadays, best shower heater Philippines are more efficient since they use electricity to work.

You no longer need to heat the water on the stove or install a big tank on the roof to get hot water for showering. It is worth your time because most devices work automatically.

Types of Shower Heater

1. Combination Boiler

A Combination boiler is a water heater shower style that is easy to install and maintain.

Once you tap the device, the hot water will flow from the heat exchanger. You can adjust the water temperature, then the water will flow to the degree you choose.

The advantages of this heater are efficiency and space-saving. More people use combination boilers because the shower heater price Philippines is also affordable.

In the industry of water heaters, the combination boiler model is leasing. It doesn’t need a lot of energy from electricity as well.

2. Condensing Shower Heater

This style operates like a gas hot water tank. It looks like a traditional device since the shape is similar to a gas tube.

However, the brands which produce this style have enhanced the look and technology. This shower heater is efficient and the most durable one.

One of the pipes will take cold water. After that, the water goes to the tank for the heating process. Another pipe will flow the water.

It looks like a reservoir, but the tube doesn’t hold the water in it. This shower heater price Philippines is way affordable.

3. Conventional Shower Heater

A conventional water heater takes up a lot of space in your house, but it’s available everywhere in the market.

It has a lot of pipes to manage the water flowing to the tub in the bathroom. This water heater is usually outside or has a special room to install.

There are some types of conventional  electric shower heater. Their energy comes from natural gas and electricity.

They will heat the water in the heater and store it. There are different sizes of the tank, from 12-80 gallons. For a big family, you can choose the biggest one.

4. Heat Pump Shower Heater

The heat pump shower heater Panasonic has a tank to put the water inside. The energy comes from electricity to move the heat, so it’s not heating directly.

Compared to a traditional shower heater, this style is more efficient. It works like a refrigerator but with different levels of heat.

The installation of this shower heater takes a lot of time and effort. The location of the heater should be 4°-33°C.

Below or above that range the heater will not work properly. This heater can last up to two decades.

5. Point of use Shower Heater

This is a POU water heater and it’s popular nowadays because it’s hot and cold shower heater.

The heater can reduce the heat lost because the process of heating is near the sink. It’s not centralized and the system of heating improves by distributing the heat.

However, there are some things to consider before choosing this heater. Usually, a POU shower heater is great for a new construction home because the homeowner should adjust the room for this heater. Using a POU water heater is only for showering, not bathing in the bathtub.

6. Solar Shower Heater

A solar shower heater uses solar energy to heat the water. This Panasonic water heater has been popular for a long time, but your roof has extra weight to place the heater.

It’s a big tank to store the water, then the sunlight in the morning to afternoon will heat the water before you use it.

This heater is perfect if you stay in a tropical country that has a lot of sunrises almost every day.

The area without sunlight for several seasons will only freeze the water. The panel will send the water into the bathroom, and you can use it without taping the electricity.

7. Tankless Shower Heater

A tankless shower heater becomes a favorite for many housings because the lifespan is up to twenty years.

However, the installation is very hard since it doesn’t have a tank to store the water. It takes a lot of space and the shower heater price Philippines is expensive.

This option is perfect if you want to stay in the house for a long term. The tankless heater is much more energy-efficient compared to other styles. The heater will be on the wall, so you don’t have to spare space on the floor.

Shower Heater Price list

Shower Heater Type


Panasonic DH-6SM1PW₱ 11,198
Joven S510₱ 4,300
Alpha S100E Single₱ 8,200
Ariston Aures SB35E₱ 6,290
Hyundai SL-A1₱ 13,803
Champs Trimark Single₱ 11,678
Vector VMP₱ 10,290
Stiebel eltron AQ45E₱ 5,890
Electrolux EWE6021₱ 11,000
Alpha M3₱ 11,230

Some shower heater price Philippines are more popular than others. In the market, the availability of some hard-installed heaters is limited.

Seek the most efficient one for your house to get hot water without spending much money on energy.