Spandrel Ceiling

Spandrel ceiling is a modern housing solution. It is a durable material to beautify the interior of the house. Read the information about spandrel below.

There are many options for materials for the ceiling. One of the best options out there is the spandrel ceiling.

This ceiling system has been popular because it has excellent benefits. Here is the quick information to know more about spandrel systems in big or small construction.

What is Spandrel Ceiling

Spandrel is a metal material for the ceiling system. It is a pre-painted one, so you have to paint it after installing this for the ceiling.

The material is sometimes metal, sometimes from strong PVC. It’s very durable and has been a great option for the ceiling in any kind of building.

Uses of Spandrel Ceiling

1. Ceiling System Roof

Spandrels have a good level eaves ceiling of durability compared to other materials for the ceiling.

They have several types and are compatible with any concept of the house. Some people might find it not appealing, but it becomes a solution for the ceiling system.

2. Roof System

If you want to leave the traditional system of roofing which uses walls, then a spandrel ceiling system can be a good choice.

It’s good for the edge of the ceiling spandrel roof building and durable for the force of splashed water.

Spandrel Ceiling Types

1. Wood Spandrel Ceiling

Wood Spandrel Ceiling

Wood spandrel is very popular because it’s easy to find at the market. The price of this spandrel is very affordable.

Wood material suits the concept of interior spandrel ceiling for classic or farmhouse. If you choose this spandrel, the ceiling has to be well-maintained.

2. PVC Spandrel Ceiling

PVC Spandrel Ceiling

PVC spandrel is also popular because of the low risk of deterioration. It is a water-resistant and durable material.

PVC material is good for housings in an area that has a lot of rainy days. It is easy to find this PVC spandrel in the market.

3. Metal Spandrel Ceiling

Metal Spandrel Ceiling

There are two metals to use as the spandrel ceiling materials, aluminum, and steel. Both materials are durable and anti-force because of harsh weather.

Aluminum is more popular because it is lighter than steel. They are costly but have less maintenance since it’s durable and has no risk of deterioration.

4. Vinyl Spandrel

Vinyl Spandrel

A spandrel from this material is also available on the market. This is a durable material and way better than wood because it doesn’t have a risk of deterioration.

Vinyl doesn’t require special maintenance. However, the price of vinyl spandrel is quite more expensive than wood material.

5. Fiber Spandrel

Fiber Spandrel

If you want a spandrel ceiling that has an aesthetic side, you can choose fiber spandrel. The specialty of this spandrel is the texture of the surface.

The spandrel ceiling design can be different and you can adjust the colors of the spandrel. This is the most expensive option because it looks more beautiful than other spandrels.

Spandrel Ceiling Sizes

The size of the ceiling spandrel follows the standard. If you look at this ceiling at the market, they are almost the same to ease the workers during installation. The profile of its size is below:

  • Thickness : 0.30 mm – 0.60 mm
  • Width : 152 mm – 229 mm
  • Coverage : 111 mm – 187 mm

Spandrel Ceiling Price

Width of Spandrel

Price per meter (PHP)

4 inches88
6 inches101

Advantages Using Ceiling Spandrel

1. Fire Resistant

The most important reason to use ceiling spandrel is fire resistance. The material is non-combustible and it prevents the building from getting severe damage in case there is a fire.

2. Popular

Nowadays, ceiling spandrel is getting popular because of its many benefits. As a result, a spandrel is easy to get at the market. The price is competitive and you can get the best price.

3. Water Resistant

The ceiling with spandrel is also an excellent option because it is water resistant. It doesn’t absorb any amount of water. The material also will not deteriorate when there is a splash.

4. Durable

The material of spandrel is extremely durable. Even though it gets exposed to high moisture, fungi will not damage the ceiling because of the metal properties in it. It lasts for decades.

5. Easy to Clean

Spandrel is easy to clean. When there is some dirt on the ceiling, the dirt will vanish when there is running water. There will not be any spoilt on the ceiling as well.

6. Lightweight

Spandrel is popular because it has lightweight. The material is the reason why the construction work is faster.

The installation becomes easier because the workers don’t find it hard to move it.

7. Customizable

Some brands are willing to give their customers a chance to customize the spandrel.

They will create according to the request from design and spandrel ceiling color. It is flexible and can fit your home concept.

How to Install Spandrel Ceiling

1. Check the Spandrel Ceiling

Check the quality of the roof before installation. The roof may have been damaged and leaked because of human error during distribution.

You can check it with the roofer since they understand about spandrels.

2. Install the Moldings

After checking the quality of the spandrel, you can start installing the moldings for the center and end parts.

Spandrel needs firm and strong moldings, yet fit the spandrel ceiling price per square meter Philippines because they have differen sizes. This step is essential before placing spandrels.

3. Inserting Spandrels

The last step is inserting the spandrels into the frame. The position of the spandrel should be in at least two frames.

You have to put the spandrels piece by piece. For some parts, you might have to cut the spandrels to adjust the size of the ceiling system.

A spandrel ceiling system is a good option if you want to have a good quality ceiling. The metal material is water and fire-resistant. Plus, the durability is high too.

Since it’s lightweight, spandrels are easy to install. Therefore, it improves efficiency during construction work.