Fire Extinguisher Price List

Interested in looking for the right fire extinguisher? Before checking the fire extinguisher price, you need to check various types of extinguishers.

Interested in knowing the price of a fire extinguisher price and purchasing one for your home?

You need to know what a fire extinguisher is and various types of fire extinguisher first. Then you’ll know which one is the best one for your house.

What Fire Extinguisher?

Fire extinguishers are active fire protection devices that will help control or extinguish small fires, usually in emergency situations.

But a fire extinguisher is not the right tool to extinguish control fires, like the ones that reach the ceiling.

Class A Fire Extinguisher

Class A extinguisher is to handle class A fires that involve organic solids like wood and paper.

Several extinguishers that can handle class A fires, like the water type extinguisher, foam extinguisher, dry powder extinguisher, wet chemical extinguisher, and halon extinguisher.

Types of Fire Extinguisher

At least there are eight different types of fire extinguishers. Each of those fire extinguishers comes with different agents and has different uses. Here are the eight types of fire extinguishers.

1. Dry Chemical Fire Extinguisher

Dry Chemical Fire Extinguisher

This one is from powder and will extinguish the fire by separating the fire triangle’s three different parts.

It is going to prevent the chemical reactions that involve oxygen, fuel, and heat to extinguish the fire. This device will extinguish class A, B, C, and E fires.

2. Class D Dry Powder

Class D Dry Powder

Class D dry powder fire extinguishers come in various types. Some of them are going to handle various types of metals while some others won’t handle any metal.

3. Fire Extinguisher Class K

Fire Extinguisher Class K

The K in class K fire extinguisher stands for kitchen. This fire extinguisher is to extinguish the fire that comes from fats and oil.

4. Foams


Another type of extinguisher you need to know before learning about fire extinguisher price is the foams extinguisher.

This fire extinguisher is to extinguish fuel fires. Unlike the one from powder, this one is able to extinguish fires progressively without flashback. It will extinguish A and B fires only.

5. Water Types

Water Types

The water in this fire extinguisher will cool the burning material and will be super effective against fires in fabrics and furniture.

But this one won’t work safely on flammable liquid fires or electrical fires. This extinguisher will only extinguish class A fires.

6. Wet Chemical

Wet Chemical

Potassium citrate, potassium acetate, or potassium carbonate will extinguish fire simply by forming a soapy foam blanket that will cover the burning oil. It will extinguish class A and F fires.

7. Halons


This type of fire extinguisher will extinguish the fire by displacing the oxygen and removing heat from the zone of combustion.

Halons are clean agents since they won’t leave residue after discharge. This is going to extinguish A, B, and E fires.

8. Fire CO2 Extinguisher

Fire CO2 Extinguisher

This one is not a great tool to extinguish class A fires because its high pressure gas cloud may scatter burning the materials. It will extinguish Class B and E fires.

Fire Extinguisher Price List

Types of Fire Extinguishers

Fire Extinguisher Price Philippines

Dry chemical fire extinguisherPHP 3,000
Class D dry powder fire extinguisherPHP 2,300
Fire extinguisher class KPHP 9,500
Foams fire extinguisherPHP 1,000
Water type fire extinguisherPHP 3,716
Wet chemical fire extinguisherPHP 9,800
Halons fire extinguisherPHP 18,500
CO2 fire extinguisherPHP 4,500

Every single type of fire extinguisher is going to extinguish different types of fire.

By learning the use of every type, you are going to know which type is the right one for your needs. Then you can start looking for the right fire extinguisher.

Make sure you check the latest fire extinguisher price in the Philippines since the price may change anytime.

Check some online stores that offer fire extinguishers before purchasing one offline.