Electrical Switch Price Philippines

Electrical switch price Philippines offers various types of switches according to the sizes, shapes, and abilities. Check how they are different and their roles to control circuits.

An important electromechanical device to control the flow of electricity is a switch. It’s a simple device, yet powerful to operate a wide range of circuits.

There are many kinds of switches according to the motion they have. Here is a quick explanation of electrical switch price Philippines, types, and differences.

What is an Electrical Switch?

The electrical switch is an essential device to control the flow of electrons in a circuit.

This device is important for the household or building because it controls the potential damage of electrical disturbance. It has ON and OFF as the control for the circuit.

Based on their types, switches have a lot of sizes and shapes. They can control a small to a big scale of a building because of its level of pressure.

The detection is fast for every switch, but it has different pressure styles, from foot, flow, heat, or hand. The electrical switch price Philippines is also different.

Types of Switches

1. Toggle


This switch has a level angle. This one is very common in a lot of houses and buildings. In the lever position, it is resting.

For normal position, it’s an operation mode and it has a spring mechanism to change into a lever.

2. Foot Switch

Foot Switch

The types of switches electrical has control on it. It’s a kind of stabilizer by foot pressure and works as a stabilizer.

On the foot switch, there are several buttons and information such as rating, voltage, switch function, and pedals.

3. Joystick Switch

Joystick Switch

The joystick has a lever that will move in axis motion. It depends on how far and which way you push the switch. It is similar to a joystick.

4. Level


A level switch has a role to detect solid, powder, and liquid.

This electrical switch price Philippines is expensive because of the control system with voltage and current ratings.

5. Limit


Like its name, the limit switch moves by the machine part. There is a small roller at the tip of the switch. It prevents the lever from having repeated contact.

6. Magnetic


A magnetic switch or reed switch is popular for security systems, opening and closing the doors.

The switch has a closure mechanism where it operates because of magnetic energy.

7. Pressure


This is an electro-mechanical device to submit signals to controllers and sense the pressure from fluid.

The keys on this switch are pressure connection, current switch, and diaphragm material.

8. Proximity


The proximity switch moves or approaches the metal or magnetic. It follows the director of high-frequency electromagnetic. The switch uses a permanent magnet.

9. Pushbutton


A pushbutton switch has two position devices. One device is pressed and another one is released. The switch uses an internal spring mechanism. Usually, it will latch on or off by a push.

10. Rocker


A Rocker switch is a device to switch electrical circuits. The position is either depressed or raised as ON and OFF status.

The functions in this switch are mounting, double-throw switch, and panel cut-out.

11. Rotary


The rotary switch has multiple stops and an ON-OFF position to switch the circuit and select several functions.

The panel on the switch shows position, construction type, and several poles. This electrical switch price Philippines is very affordable.

12. Selector


There is a rotary knob in the selector switch. Usually, it has more than two positions. It looks like a toggle switch, yet the position can rest in any movement.

13. Slide


It has a slide to switch to another position to control the circuit. This switch is an excellent option for a limited range. The price is also affordable and in general use. It’s a hand-operated device.

14. Thumbwheel


The thumbwheel or pushwheel switch has a role to control the electrical circuits. The switch has a display to show the value in numerical.

It’s a common tool in the aviation industry as a controller, flight control, and instrumentation.

15. Wall


A wall switch is an electromechanical device that uses a hand. The common usage is lighting control in commercial buildings. The device has an actuator, dimmer control, and timer.

The Different Types of Process Switches

1. Speed Switch

This one has a rotary switch and the motion influences magnetic or optical. The mechanism of its motion is from the centrifugal weight.

2. Pressure Switch

The motion comes from the pressure of gas or liquid. It converts the pressure to a mechanical force of the diaphragm and piston.

3. Temperature Switch

The thermal will switch metal to bend. Then, it actuates the switch contact.

When the bulb is a heater, the pressure increases. The bimetallic in the switch is the temperature sensor.

4. Nuclear Level Switch

A nuclear level switch is a good option to detect solid or liquid material. Because of its radioactive material, the nuclear switch mounts the storage vessel.

The switch usages are for the alarm point and control of the vessel.

5. Liquid Level Switch

The liquid switch is to detect the liquid material. When the tank rises because of a certain level of liquid, the object floats and sends the signal to the switch.

It’s quite dangerous to use this switch if the current is too full, so the signal is for a small current.

6. Liquid Flow Switch

You need to insert the switch into the pipe since it measures the flow of the liquid.

The flow works by pushing the small sensor or object, then the switch will give the value to the display.

Electrical Switch Price List

Electrical Switch Type


Single Gang Switch₱ 89.36
Two-gang Switch₱ 125.46
Three-gang Switch₱ 172.07
Two-way Switch₱ 160.05
Duplex Convenience Outlet₱ 152.21
Heavy Duty Outlet365.72
Polarized 3-Prongs (Acu Outlet)₱ 445.19
Floor Outlet Pop-up₱ 3,636.19
Telephone Outlet RJ 45₱ 213.04
6″ D Pinlight w/ 18 W 220 V CFL₱ 465.85

Various electrical switch price Philippines have different switches, sizes, shapes, and styles.

You have to choose the perfect switch according to the need, as well as how it works and operates. Pick the best brand for a more durable switch and less risk of damage.