Sand Price List

Understanding sand price Philippines is crucial but you also need to learn about various types of sand and how to choose the best one here.

The Philippines has abundant raw materials of gravel and sand. This country has 7,107 islands and each island has many hills.

There are over 200 volcanoes in the Philippines and 21 of them are active volcanoes. This means understanding the sand price Philippines is crucial.

What is Sand

Sand is a granular material from mineral particles and rock. There are various compositions in the sand but the grain size is the way you can define the sand.

The size of sand grains is smaller than gravel and the sand’s texture is coarser than silt.

Sand Uses

Sand is super versatile, it is an excellent material for concrete, render, mortar, asphalt, screed, and many other purposes.

The use of sands varies depending on the type of sand. It is crucial to know various types of sand to find the right one for your project.

Types of Sand

Speaking about sand in construction, you need to find sand in the right types. Before looking for the sand price Philippines, learn about the types of sand below.

1. River Sand

River Sand

This type of sand comes from river beds and banks. It is a nice material for construction projects since it has excellent strength and can absorb moisture in a more effective way.

2. Concrete Sand

Concrete Sand

This one is the aggregate to make concrete. In order to form concrete, mix it with water and cement.

Concrete sand is actually washed sand and it is an excellent option for projects that need clean sand.

3. Fill Sand

Fill Sand

Another name for this type of sand is pipe sand or utility sand. This one is from quartz and it is the best type of sand to fill trenches and utility pipes.

4. Course Sand

Course Sand

This type of sand is a great material for ready mix concrete. Mix it with cement, water, and aggregate and you will get the best concrete for septic systems and bedding pipes.

5. Utility Sand

Utility Sand

Utility sand is a type of sand that has multiple colors. This one has a coarser texture and the particles have brown, tan, beige, gray, and white colors.

6. Pit Sand

Pit Sand

The particles of pit sand have an angular shape with sharp edges and a rough surface. Pit sand is one of the best types of sand to make concrete. But you can also use this type of sand for many other purposes.

7. Fine Sand

Fine Sand

You can blend fine sand with coarser sand in order to produce a type of sand that is suitable to make concrete and a mixture for asphalt.

8. M Sand

M Sand

Manufacturing sand or M sand is from crushing granite. Some builders use this type of sane to substitute the river sand because of its flexibility and durability.

9. S1 Sand

S1 Sand

The word S1 is to describe the main physical properties of the sand. The S1 sand is fine sand while the S2 sand is medium sand.

10. Sand S3

Sand S3

Just like the previous one, the word S3 is to describe the sand’s physical properties. The S3 sand refers to the coarse sand.

11. White Sand

White Sand

Another name for this sand is masonry sand. It has light color and similarity to concrete sand. This type of sand has finer ground and a smoother texture.

12. Vibro Sand

Vibro Sand

Vibro Sand is an excellent material for various landscaping and construction applications. You will get high quality concrete with this type of sand.

Sand Price List



River SandPHP 2,000 sand per cubic meter3
White SandPHP 1,985 per 1 dump truck sand price
Vibro SandPHP 780 per 1 cubic sand
S1 SandPHP 200 per cubic meter
Masonry SandPHP 1,300 per 1 elf sand

How to Choose the Right Sand for Construction

In order to find the best type of sand in contruction, there are two things you should learn.

First of all, you need to understand various types of sand and then you should understand the applications of the sand.

Then you can start looking for the best sand price Philippines to get the right material for your construction.