Shower Price List

Looking for details about shower price? Find the details about shower types and shower prices on this page.

Looking for shower price details? You need to learn about many types of the shower first before looking for information about the price of the shower.

What Is Shower?

A shower is a part of your bathroom that is the wet area. This area usually is not in the same area as the toilet and wash basin.

The shower comes in so many types. Learn about those types of showers below.

Type of Shower

At least there are sixteen different types of showers you should know. Learn about all of them from the list below.

1. Bathtub/Shower Combo

This is the most famous one. Simply install the handheld Panasonic shower to your tub only faucet. Replace with a spout that has a diverter and built-in outlet.

2. Custom Shower

Build a custom shower from scratch, start with a mortar bed and also waterproof sheeting of cement board on the walls. Use ceramic tile to cover the floor.

3. Prefabricated Shower

If you are on a budget, this is the best option to consider. Most stalls for prefab showers are made from acrylic or molded fiberglass.

They usually come as one unit or several sections you must assemble on site.

4. Stand Up Shower

This is the most ideal option for the basement or any other space that lacks bathroom plumbing. Stand up shower or freestanding shower doesn’t need any framing.

5. Walk In Shower

Here comes the American standard shower that has a curb to prevent the water from spilling out. You can eliminate its curb to make the shower accessible for senior citizens.

6. Corner Shower

Owners of small bathrooms need to consider this one. It needs a pair of glass panels. Install this shower with a prefab shower pan.

7. Neo Angle Shower

This is also a brilliant choice for the bathroom’s corner. The shape of this shower is a polygon that looks much better than the regular square shape. Check this shower price below.

8. Rectangular Shower

This shower offers much more room for you to move around than the one with a square shower. Those with wheelchairs will get easy access.

9. Waterfall Shower

Any shower stall can accommodate the waterfall showerhead. But you shouldn’t install this one in drought prone areas because the shower dispenses water extravagantly.

10. Rainfall Shower

Mount your rainfall shower on the pipe that perpendicularly extends to your shower wall.

Point the showerhead to the ground and let it deliver a generous flow that reminds you of a rain shower.

11. Steam Shower

Unlike the other types of showers, steam showers require professional installation. The steam generator needs proper installation to work securely.

12. Body Shower

This star shower will be a perfect option for those looking for a shower that will save water. Body shower will deliver water exactly where you need it.

13. Shower Tower

The shower tower has faucet controls, a showerhead, body jets, and a hand shower, all in one metal column that you can mount on your bathroom wall.

14. On Demand Shower

In Europe, people know this shower as an electric shower since it has an electric water heater and showerhead you should mount on your shower wall.

15. Smart Shower

Allows you to set the water temperature you prefer, the shower duration, and the flow rate all from the central control panel.

16. Solar Shower

Let the sun heat your water and then use your mixing controls to take a warm shower at your favorite site.

Shower Price List

Shower Type

Shower Price Philippines

Solar Shower₱280 to ₱1,147
Smart ShowerFrom ₱13,342
Shower TowerFrom ₱12,715
Steam ShowerFrom ₱18,105
Rainfall ShowerFrom ₱999
Waterfall ShowerFrom ₱16,480

How To Choose the Right Shower

The first thing to consider when looking for the right shower is the layout and size of the bathroom.

The shower shouldn’t be too big for a small bathroom or too small for a spacious bathroom.

Also, your valve shower should have the right type. The pressure balance valve comes with one handle.

The thermostatic shower valve comes with two handles that will control water temperature and amount of water separately.

Finally, you need to consider the shower price and pick one that matches your budget the most.