Shower Head Price

The shower head price is no longer expensive since there are a lot of options that you can take. Here is the complete list of the type and also its price in the Philippines.

A modern bathroom usually has a shower space. To flow the water, you need a shower head.

The component provides the water to flow from the tiny holes on the surface of the head. It’s practical for bathing and the shower head price is affordable for any style of bathroom.

What is Shower Head?

The shower head is an essential part of the bathroom shower. The head has a surface with a lot of small holes.

If you tap the water ON, the water will flow from the shower head. Usually, it is from metal plated or aluminum since the material is durable and anti-rust because of the water.

Types of Shower Head

1. Standard Fixed Shower Head

Standard Fixed Shower Head

This style is very common and standard. It’s fixed on the wall and not moveable. The shower set can rotate up and down, but it isn’t free like other types.

This model is easy to install. Once it’s broken, you only take off the shower head and replace it with the new one.

2. Handheld Shower Head

Handheld Shower Head

A handheld shower head attaches to the mount on the wall, but you can take it when showering. It’s movable as long as the pipe length supports it.

It’s a great option if you love showering while sitting. There are multiple settings in it. But, the shower head dimensions are small.

3. Dual Shower Head

Dual Shower Head

A dual-shower head has two plates and it’s quite expensive at the market. This is a flexible showerhead and very versatile compared to other models. One head is fixed on the wall and another is moveable.

4. Square Shower Head

Square Shower Head

 A square water head has a square plate and a lot of small holes. The stream is heavy, but the pressure is average. This shower head is less efficient because of the high water flow.

5. Filtered Shower Head

Filtered Shower Head

A filtered shower head is perfect if you can’t make sure of the quality of the water. The shower head will only flow filtered water and it’s cleaner.

The filter can omit the chlorine in it. It’s easy to install, yet you have to replace the filters once in a while.

6. High-pressure Shower Head

High-pressure Shower Head

Showering with a high-pressure shower head will give you the feel of massage. It’s not water efficient since the stream is strong.

There is no setting for the pressure. The plate is wider and the holes are larger than normal shower heads.

7. LED Shower Head

LED Shower Head

A led shower head has some lights and this shower head price is expensive. This shower head doesn’t require any batteries to light on.

The style is perfect if you love dancing while showering. It’s for aesthetic purposes and the water flow is average.

8. Low Flow Shower Head

Low Flow Shower Head

If you want to have an efficient shower head, choose the low flow style. This black shower set is very eco-friendly and affordable.

It looks like a pipe that will flow the water, not a plate. There is a setting to set the amount of water to flow in a minute.

9. Massage Shower Head

Massage Shower Head

A massage shower head will flow the water like a stream. There are various options to stream the flow, even the high-pressure ones.

The advantage is the multiple settings it has. The massage shower head can be dual, handheld, or fixed.

10. Navy Shower Head (On/Off)

Navy Shower Head (On/Off)

A navy showerhead is extremely efficient. There is a button for ON and OFF on the head.

The water pressure is slow, but it’s very convenient. The design is stylish, yet it’s less popular than other models.

11. Rain Shower Head

Rain Shower Head

A rain shower head will flow the water like rain. It’s gentle, but it’s not water-efficient. There is only one setting and the stream is similar to a waterfall.

The water flow is always in large amounts. Recently, not many homeowners choose this model.

12. RV/Camper Shower Head

RV/Camper Shower Head

For a convenient option, you can choose this model. It’s small and the shower head price is affordable.

The pressure is low and it’s very efficient. The model isn’t fixed on the wall and is moveable. However, the pipe is short and your movement is limited.

13. Shower Panels

Shower Panels

Shower panels gain popularity these days because they have a lot of options to flow the water.

The installation is complex because of standard height of wall, but it’s extremely efficient. It’s in every luxurious bathroom and the model is very stylish for a modern home.

Shower Head Height

Type of Shower Head

Height (inches)

Rain shower84
Fixed shower96

Shower Head Price List

Shower Head Model

Price (PHP)

Greenmoon shower head 3 mode₱79
Farida multishower₱429
RCG Stainless steel₱698
FPX high pressure₱328
V horse rainfall₱289
Annie 5 spray rain filter₱249
Wapol stainless steel₱330

How to Clean the Shower Head

1. Soaking in Vinegar

Prepare a plastic bag of water and vinegar, then soak the shower head in it. Let it for a few hours, then remove the bag. The dirt will move into the water vinegar.

2. Rubbing the Nozzle

This is the easiest way. You only have to rub the nozzle using your finger to remove the mineral or a toothbrush gently.

3. Remove the Filter

For a filtered shower head, you can remove and replace the filter. You have to be careful because some filtered shower-head have complicated designs. Ask the plumber to do it and prepare another filter.

A shower head price is affordable, especially if the simple one. The showering experience is getting better if you choose the perfect showerhead.

Check the types above to know the one that will improve your showering experience.