Laminated Wood Price & Size Philippines

Laminated wood, also known as engineered wood, is a popular building material due to its numerous advantages over traditional solid wood.

These advantages include enhanced durability, stability, and resistance to moisture, warping, and shrinking.

However, the price of laminated wood can vary significantly depending on several factors such as the quality of the wood, the type of laminate used, and the manufacturing process.

In the Philippines, laminate flooring is a popular choice for home and commercial spaces, with prices varying depending on the brand, design, and thickness.

Advantages Laminated Wood

Which one should you consider to cover the floor of your interior? Laminated wood or vinyl flooring?

Before checking the latest update on laminated wood price Philippines, check out some advantages of laminated wood flooring on this page.

  1. Longer lifespan

Warranties for laminate wood flooring usually range between 10 and 25 years, but it is depending on laminated wood planks price Philippines and the rigorous maintenance schedule.

Luxury vinyl flooring warranties usually range up to 20 years. This means laminated flooring may last longer.

  1. Sound and comfort

Laminate wood flooring may not feel exactly like wood flooring. However, this flooring has a warm feeling, specifically after being coupled with an underlayment of premium quality.

All types of vinyl flooring will feel hard or cold on your feet, specifically when you install them on existing ceramic tiles or concrete.

  1. Resale value

The laminated wood price Philippines shouldn’t be the only thing to think about.

Laminate flooring, especially the premium one, will give you extra resale value to the house. Buyers will see cheap vinyl flooring as the project-in-waiting.

  1. Stain resistance

When checking the laminated wood tiles price Philippines, make sure that you check the stain resistance quality of the flooring you desire.

Laminate flooring has a top layer from clear aluminum oxide, which is superior for stain resistance.

Factors Affecting the Price of Laminated Wood in The Philippines

The laminated wood price Philippines is affected by several factors. Calculating laminate floors expense depends on various aspects. Below are some most significant aspects that affect the price of laminated flooring in the country.

  1. Flooring area and design

Laminate flooring prices highly depend on the room’s floor space and area. Usually, different companies offer different laminate plank variations.

The cost will fluctuate on the finish type you choose and the amount of product you need to cover your room’s flooring area.

The bigger the room means the higher the laminated wood price Philippines you need to pay.

However, smaller rooms may require trimming and cutting if you choose a complicated design.

  1. Laminate floors quality

You need to ask the manufacturer about the laminate wood flooring price Philippines and the photographs of different laminate flooring designs.

Some available options include oak laminate flooring, white laminate flooring, herringbone laminate flooring, and gray laminate flooring.

Each type of laminate flooring comes with its unique and aesthetic look. This means the price of each type may be different.

  1. Labor cost

The cost of labor also affects the overall laminated flooring price.

For example, thinner laminated woods may be pricier because the installation of these woods will be more time-consuming.

Laminate Flooring Price Philippines

The price of laminated flooring varies depending on the type, look, and size. Below are details about laminated flooring and its price.

Laminated flooring brandsAvailable optionsSizes in mmPrice
Eurotex laminated flooring Wenge1215x196x8.3₱1,249
Cherry wood
Ash gray
Kent wood laminated flooringWenge1212x193x8.3₱1,340
La Beka high-density laminated floorSpanish oak1215x195x8.2₱1,200
Ocean oak
Hustan oak
Feature oak
Columbia mahogany
Autumn pine
La Beka laminated floor water-proofMaplewood1215x195x8.2₱1,600
Antique cherry
Pine oak
Pridon laminated flooringTeak PRW 2233₱1,565
PRW 6039-309
PRW 216A

Where To Buy Laminated Wood in The Philippines

Laminated wood planks can be found in flooring supplies and flooring stores around the country.

You can also find laminated wood planks online. Various stores are providing laminated wood planks and tiles.

Make sure that you place your order with a reliable supplier with an excellent reputation.

Make a budget for your laminated flooring and then make sure that you buy laminated flooring at a reasonable laminated wood price Philippines.

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