Grout For Tiles Price List

Grout for tiles price in the Philippines generally depends on various aspects, such as types of grouts, colors, and the advantages that the grout offers.

Grout has an important role in tile installation; it is not only a filler for the gaps between tiles. Therefore, homeowners must only use the best grout in tile installation.

High-quality grout is quite affordable for most Filipino homeowners since grout for tile price is not expensive.

Tile grouts are applicable for various types of tiles, such as ceramic tiles, natural stone tiles, and porcelain tiles.

These days, grouts are available in several types and colors to meet the needs of homeowners.

What is Grout for Tiles?

Grout for tiles or tile grout is a dense fluid for filling the gaps between tiles. This dense fluid will not only fill in those gaps, but grout also seals the joints between tiles. Once the tile grout is dry, it will keep the tiles in place.

If the tile grout does not fully cover the gaps between tiles, moisture or water will get into the underlayment of the tiles.

To avoid it, homeowners must clean and reseal the tile grout periodically.

Uses of Grout

Tile grout offers various uses.

  • It creates a compressible joint for alleviating small stresses within the tile installation.
  • It adds an appealing look, strength, and rigidity. to the tile installation.
  • It keeps dirt and dust from getting in under the tiles and wall/floor.
  • It gives a bold design to the wall or floor.

Types of Grout

Tile installation in different areas requires different types of grouts. For example, tile installation in the bathroom and kitchen need waterproof grout.

Meanwhile, tile installation in the bedroom does not require it. Below are three types of tile grout.

1. Cement Grout

Cement Grout

The cement grout consists of Portland cement, water-retentive additive, filler particles, and colored pigments. You can find this traditional grout easily in both residential and commercial buildings.

2. Grout Epoxy

Grout Epoxy

The main components of epoxy grouts are epoxy resin, hardener, silica fillers, and pigments. It is less porous than cement grout. Therefore, it is suitable for places where grease and acid are present.

3. Furan Resin Grouts

Furan Resin Grout

Furan resin grouts consist of a furan resin and a filler. It is thermal resistant, physics resistant, and chemical resistant. However, it is not easy to apply.

Coloured Tile Grout

Tile grouts are available in various colors, such as green, blue, brown, and black.

A colored tile grout allows homeowners to apply a grout that matches the tile color. Therefore, it will make the tile floor or wall looks more attractive.

Several famous brands, such as ABC Tile Grout, offer a wide range of colored grouts. The ones in bold colors are usually more expensive than the white ones.

Grout For Tiles Price List

How much does the tile grout cost? To find out the price of this material, you can check the list of grout for tiles price Philippines below.



Weight (kg)


ABC Tile Grout OriginalWhite F152₱ 59.5
Grey F142₱ 69.5
Bahama Beige F12₱ 79
Brown F62₱ 72.5
Black F122₱ 124
ABC Tile Grout Bio-TechWhite F152₱ 249.5
Dark Blue P322₱ 307
Mint Green F222₱ 318
Sika Grout 215 PHGrey 25₱ 889
Sika Grout 212 PH25₱ 734
Sikadur Epoxy Grouting System 42 MPGrey 12₱ 5,798
Strakgrout Non-Shrink Structural Grout25₱ 848
Lanko 702 PH Durabed25₱ 728
Lanko 701 PH ClavexGrey 25₱ 649
Buildrite Tile Seal2₱ 57

Grout for tiles price is affordable for everyone. On average, the price of basic tile grout is around ₱30/kg.

However, you will need to spend more money on epoxy or grout with extra advantages. As a side note, a kilogram of grout is applicable for approximately a 4-m2 area of tile installation.