Ready Mix Concrete Price and Types Philippines

The construction industry cannot work without concrete. This material is available in several types, e.g., ready-mix concrete.

Lately, this concrete is getting more popular in the Philippines. One of the reasons for this popularity is the competitive ready mix concrete price Philippines.

In addition, ready-mix concrete is easily available in the Philippines. You can find many ready-mix concrete suppliers and factories in this country.

Some of them are Bentoval Ready Concrete Inc and Metro Megamix Concrete Philippines Inc.

What is Ready Mix Concrete

Ready-mix concrete is a mixture of cement, aggregates, and water created or manufactured within a batching plant or in a factory.

Ready-mix concrete factories create this mix in a specific proportion based on the customer’s construction project.

This pre mixed product was first available in the early 1900s. Several sources said that there was a pre-mixed concrete plant in Baltimore in 1913.

Other sources said that, by 1929, more than 100 pre-mixed concrete factories were operating in the US.

Using ready-mixed concrete will allow you to get some advantages. However, this material is not suitable for every construction project. It is only ideal for:

  • Large construction projects, for example, bridges and high-rise buildings.
  • Construction projects where the construction site cannot mix concrete on site.

Ready-mixed concrete factories sell this pre-mixed product by volume expressed in cubic meters. In addition, they usually deliver the product to the construction site using a transit mixer truck in a plastic or unhardened shape.

The transit mixer will keep rotating along the road to the construction site. Therefore, the ready mixed cement will stay in its unhardened shape.

Which Cement is Used in RMC?

The composition of ready-mixed concrete is cement, sand, gravel, and water. The cement used in this mix is generally Portland cement.

This cement is available in 2 choices, i.e., OPC and PPC. The pre-mixed concrete factory will use one that is suitable for the construction project.

Construction projects that want cement ready mix with less curing time will get OPC pre-mixed concrete. A faster curing time will cause the ready mix concrete price Philippines slightly higher than that with a slower curing time.

However, those who want better results will get PPC pre-mixed concrete. PPC may need longer curing time, but its concrete quality is better.

Types of Ready Mixed Concrete

Premix concrete factories commonly offer three types of ready-mixed concrete based on the mixing method.

1.Transit Mixed Concrete

Transkrip Mixed Concreate image
Transit Mixed Concreate Image

In this method, factory workers will load all the concrete ingredients, such as cement, aggregates, and water, into the transit mixer truck.

While workers are loading these materials, the transit mixer revolves at a fast speed. 

After they finish loading the material, the transit mixer will rotate at normal speed till it reaches the destination. However, there are three variation possibilities for performing this method:

  • Concrete mixed at the construction site: During the transportation of the pre-mixed concrete, the mixer rotates slowly. After reaching the destination, the mixer revolves at maximum speed for up to 100 revolutions before unloading the concrete.
  • Concrete mixed at the yard: The factory will set the mixer at maximum speed for up to 50 revolutions at the yard of the batching plant. Meanwhile, during transportation, the mixer rotates slowly until it arrives at the site and discharges the content.
  • Concrete mix in transit: The mixer will rotate at medium speed for up to 70 revolutions during the transit. After that, it will revolve slowly until it reaches the destination and discharges the content.

2.Shrink Mixed Concrete

Shrink Mixed Concreate image
Shrink Mixed Concreate Image

The factory will partially mix the concrete in the plant mixer. After that, the factory will charge the half-mixed concrete in the transit mixer and let this mixer perform balance mixing during the transportation of the ready-mixed concrete.

3.Central Mixed Concrete

Central Mixed Concreate image
Central Mixed Concreate Image

In this method, the factory mixes the concrete completely using the batching plant mixer. Next, factory workers will charge the mix into the transit mixer.

During the transit, the mixer acts as an agitator of the pre-mixed concrete.

Ready Mix Concrete Price List

How much is ready mix concrete price Philippines? Check the tables below.

ProductsCuring TimePrice/Cubic Meter
Ready-Mix Concrete 6000 PSI14 days₱6,950
28 days₱6,050
Ready-Mix Concrete 5000 PSI14 days₱6,450
28 days₱5,750
Ready-Mix Concrete 4500 PSI14 days₱6,150
28 days₱5,450
Ready-Mix Concrete 4000 PSI14 days₱5,750
28 days₱5,400
Ready-Mix Concrete 3500 PSI3 days₱6,150
7 days₱5,750
14 days₱5,400
28 days₱5,100
Ready-Mix Concrete 3500 PSI3 days₱6,000
7 days₱5,450
14 days₱5,200
28 days₱4,900

Advantages of Ready Mixed Concrete

The benefits of ready-mixed concrete are:

  • The ready mix concrete price Philippines helps contractors cut expenses on cement and aggregate material costs.
  • A modern and experienced pre-mixed concrete factory can provide construction projects with high-quality concrete to meet construction needs.
  • Pre-mixed concrete reduces supervising and labor costs.
  • RMC lessens noise and air pollution on the construction site.
  • RMC minimizes material waste at the construction site.
  • Pre-mixed concrete doesn’t require storage place at the construction site.

Disadvantages of Ready Mixed Concrete

The drawbacks of pre-mixed concrete are:

  • RMC is not suitable for small construction projects.
  • Pre-mixed concrete requires effective and efficient transportation from the batching plant to the construction site.
  • Contractors have no control over the quality of the concrete mix.
  • RMC has limited time. It must be applied within 2.5 hours after the mixing process in the batching plant. 

Ready-mixed concrete is a great solution for construction projects that need concrete in large amounts or don’t have enough space to mix concrete.

The competitive ready mix concrete price Philippines also helps contractors reduce construction costs.