Long Span Roof Price List and Sizes Philippines

What is a long span roof? Here, we explain what it is, its types, long span roof price Philippines list with long span roof size, and its advantages.

There are plenty of options to choose from when it comes to roofing. One of them is a long span roof.

But what exactly is a long span roof? Below, we explain what it is, its types, span roof price Philippines, and the advantages of long span roofs.

What is Long Span Roof?

In terms of function, long span roofs are not unlike other roofs. They provide protection for structures from weather elements.

They can provide insulation as well. What makes long span roofs different from other roofs is their span, which exceeds 12 meters.

Due to the length of their span, long span roofs can cover more area than their traditional counterparts. Long span roofs are often made of steel, concrete, and timber.

Steel long span roofs are the most common choice as they are strong and have fire resistance.

Long span roofs take less time to construct and are cost-efficient. These make them ideal for structures that demand lengthy roofing. For example, auditoriums, manufacturing plants, and aircraft hangars.

Types of Long Roof

  • Pitched Truss

A type of long span roofs with a triangulated format that allows for high roof volume, reasonable daylight spreads and good rainwater runoff.

  • Saw Tooth Roof

Historically used in manufacturing and industrial buildings, saw tooth roofs are reintroduced today as it has environmental efficiency due to their ridged shape.

  • Trussed Rafter

Long span roofs have a longer span than traditional roofs. Trussed rafters’ spans are even longer, ranging from 15 to 45 meters.

  • Space Frame

A pace frame is a roofing system that consists of a series of connectors joining together the struts and bracing members.

  • Fabric Structure

A type of long span roofs that has not only very strong tension but also very large spans with minimum material.

  • Long Span Arch

Long span roofs that are entirely self-supporting are known as long span arch. These roofs are without frames, support posts, trusses, or purlins.

  • Suspension Structure

A suspension structure is a long span roof where the load-supporting elements are subject only to extension forces.

  • Cable stayed structure

A roof form consists of two main parts: the roof structure, which behaves like any other regular load-resisting unit, and cables, which behave like simple suspension elements.

Long Span Roof Price List and Size Philippines

Long span roof price varies. Here’s a long span roof price Philippines list with gauge number, thickness, and width.

ItemGauge No.ThicknessWidthPrice (in ₱)
Long span roofing corrugated PPGI22₱178.15 per foot
24₱150.02 per foot
26₱118.76 per foot
Pre-painted metal roofing sheet26₱423.00 per square meter
Standard local long span roof (colored)0.35 mm4 feet₱60 per foot
0.40 mm4 feet₱65 per foot
0.50 mm4 feet₱80 per foot
0.60 mm4 feet₱97 per foot
Standard imported long span roof (colored)0.40 mm4 feet₱83 per foot
0.50 mm4 feet₱102 per foot
0.60 mm4 feet₱123 per foot

Advantage of Long Span Roof

  • Versatility

Long span roofs can also be used as sectioning and walls for spacious buildings. This is possible because they don’t require walls to provide support for the building.

After all, bigger structures, unlike smaller ones, are held by columns and supports rather than walls.

  • Inexpensive

Long span roof is relatively inexpensive because they can cover a lot of the surface area. Pre-painted long span roof colors that are even more cost-effective.

With a pre-painted long span roof, you wouldn’t need to spend extra money and time to paint it.

Long span roof is a versatile and inexpensive option for roofing. It comes in many types, from pitched truss, saw tooth roof, to cable stayed structure.

As for long span roof price Philippines, it varies. The price ranges from ₱60 per foot to over ₱150 per foot.