(Color Roof) Yero Price List and Size in Philippines

Yero price list is very affordable in the Philippines. This galvanized roofing is a good alternative to replace tile roofing.

As a country that has extreme weather in particular months, Philippines need proper roofing for the house.

Yero price is one of the considerations among roof choices. Yero price is affordable and it’s suitable for a lot of housing concepts in the Philippines.

Yero has the quality to protect the building because of the level of its strength. Some forces from the weather won’t affect the quality of yero until several years.

To get to know more about yero roofing here is some information you need to know about.

What is Yero (Color Roofing)?

1. Galvanized Roofing

Yero is another name for galvanized roofing. It is from galvanized steel which is durable for extreme weather in the Philippines.

The main material of yero is metal steel. It’s very lightweight as a roofing option. The safety is quite high just in case there’s a disaster such as hails or storms.

With this fact, yero is possible to get corrosion because of its metal material. However, it’s not directly happening after extreme weather occurs.

Over time, you might find this corrugated roof price Philippines is getting thinner. If the acid rain occurs often, yero might get some holes and it is troublesome.

2. Easily Maintained

Yero is the perfect option if you don’t like maintaining the roofing part of the building. Some dirt and dust are probably there, but the bigger size or volume ones are easy to remove.

The homeowners might find some rust over time because of extreme weather after decades.

Removing the rust from yero roofing is easy. Find some vinegar and pour it onto the towel. After that, rub the roof using a towel.

You might need stronger content of acid if the rust is too thick. Wipe with a dry towel after that.

3. Painted

Since yero is from steel material, you can paint the roof with color roof yero. It’s also an additional step to protect the roof from rusting quicker because of weather and forces.

Coating with paint that has 80% of zinc content will help to create durable yero as the roof of your building.

Some sellers of yero roofing sell the pre-painted ones. You can consider requesting preferable color before buying.

If you live in an area with great exposure to sunlight, choose yero roofing with bright color. Therefore, the roofing won’t absorb the heat into the room.

4. Yero is Part of the Insurance

You don’t have to worry about the disaster that might happen in the Philippines because of the weather.

The home insurance will include yero roofing. In case a natural disaster strikes the country, home insurance companies will protect the house especially because of storms and floods.

5. It Needs Additional Coating

The coating is a way to avoid possible damage because of the weather and rain. You can’t attach the yero roofing directly if it’s not coating yet.

It’s going to have a serious problem because the heat exposure from the sunlight will create holes easily on yero.

Before coating, make sure this ordinary roof price Philippines is clean from dirt or it will invite rust easily.

After that, the coating can be from the colorful paints for the roof. After that, attach yero roofing once the coating has been dry. It’s additional material to make the roof more colorful and beautiful.

6. Possibly Need Technician

The technician might be better involved to attach the yero roofing. Yero roofing is from metal.

Meanwhile, the roof part will have some sewer lines in your house and wires. Make sure they are professional to avoid possible damage and danger.

Size of Yero

There are three sizes of yero color roof: 0.4mm, 0.5mm, and 0.6mm. The size and yero price depends on the thickness they have.

For residential, use the 0.4mm size. Meanwhile, 0.5mm and 0.6mm are for commercial buildings.

Yero Price List Philippines

The Size of Yero


0.4mm₱ 125
0.5mm₱ 155
0.5mm₱ 185

Yero price is the main reason why a lot of people decide to get it. It’s hard and durable, but it needs a lot of care. Check the possibility to install yero as the roof of your building