Kitchen Sink Price Philippines

Kitchen sink price Philippines has a wide range because of different models, colors and materials.

Check the perfect kitchen sink for your kitchen to stay happy when doing the dishes.

There are various kitchen sink price Philippines available on the market. Some brands do customisation of the sink to fit the concept of your kitchen.

There are fifteen types of sink you should know. Check the differences below.

What is Kitchen Sink

Kitchen sink is the place to wash the dishes. It is a big basin, single or double, that has a lot of types and models.

There is a tap or faucet above the sink to flow the water. Choosing the right one is important for interior.

Sink Types for Kitchen

1. Single Kitchen Sink

Single Kitchen Sink

This white sinks for kitchen is only a large basin without a divider at the center. It’s roomy, yet it’s perfect for a small kitchen.

However, the sink is less hygienic to separate contaminated dishes. You have to spend some more money to buy a rack to put washed dishes next to the sink.

2. Integrated Sink

Integrated Sink

The sink is integrated with the counter. It’s a set from the manufacturer, so this kitchen sink price Philippiness is expensive.

The advantage is homeowners can decide the concept and custom the sink. The kitchen sink size depends on the size of the kitchen.

3. Prep Sink

Prep Sink

Prep sink is the sink on a preparation kitchen table. This is a secondary sink to help more people do the dishes.

The cons is the sink is small with diameter not more than 15″. It’s always a single basin and the position is lower than countertop.

4. Farmhouse Sink

Farmhouse Sink

This sink is on a cabinet or free-standing table. Some homeowners made it in the counters too with metal at the front of the sink.

It’s large basin and the look is popular because of farmhouse style. However, the farmhouse style is expensive plus the installation is difficult.

5. Fireclay Sink

Fireclay Sink

This sink is made from hard stone and fired to create a smooth look. It’s hard to install and the stone quality might be different from one to another.

The sink is so tare to find in the market. The basin looks luxurious for a kitchen. The shape is delicate and the colors are expressive.

6. Cast Iron Sink

Cast Iron Sink

This sink has two layers with different colors. Cast iron sink is popular as the most durable sink and the shape is attractive.

But, there’s only one color for the second layer and it’s white. The maintenance is harder to keep the color, yet it urges you to keep the hygiene.

7. Kitchen Sink Drainer

Kitchen Sink Drainer

Kitchen sink drainer is a small rack to put the dishes after washing. Usually, it’s next to the single sink.

Some homeowners install a sink drainer for multi purpose as a drainer for vegetables and fruits. It’s from metal or plastic, so it’s cheap and light, though taking some space.

8. Double Kitchen Sink

Double Kitchen Sink

Double sink means double kitchen sink dimensions. The sink separates the dirty and clean dishes. It helps you to be more hygienic, yet it takes a slot of space on the counter.

You might find it difficult to wash big appliances such as a pan and wok. It’s still a favorite style for a lot of homeowners.

9. Top Mount Sink

Top Mount Sink

This sink has a lip or rim around the sink. It becomes an extra support when you’re doing the dishes.

However, you might have to spend more energy if there is dirt on the lips. The advantage is the top mount sink will prevent the water damaging the countertops.

10. Kitchen Sink Undermount

Kitchen Sink Undermount

Undermount sink is right under the counter top. This is the popular style because the look of the countertop is still clean and neat.

The disadvantage of this style is the kitchen sink price Philippines is expensive because the sink has to adjust the size of the counter.

11. Low Divider Double Basin Sink

Low Divider Double Basin Sink

This style is unique and gives dimension to the counter style of your kitchen. There are two ceramic sink kitchen basins to separate the washed and dirty dishes, but the divider is lower than the countertop. The price of this sink is expensive, but it touches up the look.

12. Kitchen Sink Island

Kitchen Sink Island

This style is perfect for your boring island. Sink will touch up the look, but you have to spend more money for kitchen sink faucets installation.

This sink works well if you want to save more space on the countertop. It’s comfortable when you’re working together with others.

13. Granite Sink Kitchen

Granite Sink Kitchen

This black sink is incredible with its durability. The granite is the outer layer of the basin and sticks to the resin which forms the basin.

Generally, granite is very expensive but it’s kind of a kitchen investment. It’s easy to clean as well, yet it contributes extra weight to your countertop.

14. Kitchen Stainless Sink

Kitchen Stainless Sink

Stainless steel is an excellent option for sink material. This material is light and affordable, but it’s noisy and easily scratched.

This model fits a lot of kitchen concepts, from modern kitchen sink design to traditional.

15. Corner Sink

Corner Sink

This kitchen sink design is quite traditional, yet it helps you to save a lot of space. The sink is at the corner of the kitchen and the two basins are on in different parallel.

The disadvantage is the corner sink is hard to install and the size might not fit to the concept of your corner countertop.

Kitchen Sink Price Philippines

Kitchen Sink Model



Ikea Hillesjon75×46 cm8,990
Ikea Vattudalen69×47 cm5,990
Ikea Kilsviken72×46 cm14,790
Ika Boholmen 76×55 cm9,490
Ikea Langudden46×46 cm4790
Toto TQ double sink82×45 cm1,888
Maximum stainless steel S81281×48 cm16,999
Black Nano sink55×45 cm788
Tideplaybox stainless steel58×43 cm2,955
Teka classic sink40×40 cm7,056
Nano coating sink65x45cm4,988
Dokio kitchen sink 2.250×40 cm1,689
Bestguard B363390×52 cm2,340
Guga stainless steel50×40 cm1,699

The kitchen sink price Philippines and models above are available at the market.

You can choose various designs and models, so your kitchen is prettier. Choose the best fit for your countertop or the size of your kitchen.