Ball Valve Price Philippines

Ball valves are commonly used in various industries and applications because of their reliability and ease of operation.

They are available in different types such as Full Port, Standard Port, V-Port, Multi-port, True Union, 3-Way Ball Valve, Floating Ball Valve, and Top-Entry.

If you’re in the Philippines and looking to purchase a ball valve, it’s important to consider factors such as quality, durability, and price.

Here, we will provide you with a ball valve price list to help you make an informed decision.

Types of Ball Valve

A ball valve helps rotate a ball in a plumbing system to control the liquid flows.

There are several types of ball valves that affect ball valve price Philippines.

Below are the most common types of ball valve in plumbing systems.

1.Full Port

Full Port image

The full port is the most expensive type of ball valve. The hole comes in the same size as the pipe with the bigger ball which helps reduce friction loss.

Despite the bigger size, the ball doesn’t cause a fettered flow of water. The ball valve price of this type ranges from hundreds to thousands of pesos.

2.Standard Port

Standard Port image

Coming with a smaller port, it has a smaller ball size. The price tends to be less expensive but you may find a reduced flow.

Having that said, this ball valve type promises greater pressure dips than other types of ball valves. It is also ideal for a plumbing system with a large coefficient of flow.


V Port image

As the name suggests, this ball valve has a V-shaped ball that allows you to manage the opening and closing.

It typically produces linear flow characteristics with high fluid velocity. Providing you with a durable construction, stainless steel ball valve price of this type is relatively higher.


Multi Port image

This is a type of ball valve that comes with 3 to 4 ports and an L-formed or T-formed center hole.

This valve is suitable for any port with the side port supporting a connection with the center port.

Multi-port ball valve price Philippines commonly has an orthogonal inlet with 

5.True Union

True Union image

True union, also known as the trunnion, is a ball valve type with a pin-formed ball holder.

This pin serves to prevent the ball from moving and reduce friction between components.

A 2-inch PVC ball valve price is relatively higher than the standard one.

6.3-Way Ball Valve

3 Way Ball Valve image

Featuring three different ports, a 3-way ball valve has various arrangements, making it suitable for fluid and gas flow.

The number of inlets heavily depends on the flow direction, allowing you to choose from one to double inlets.

A 3-way PVC ball valve price list Philippines may be a bit costly.

7.Floating Ball Valve

Floating Ball Valve image

The floating ball becomes the main feature of this component. It has two elastomeric seats which compression against the ball keeps it floating.

To improve the tightness, this device allows bi-direction shut-off with a challenging operation.


Top Entry image

This type of ball valve comes with a sturdy body and cup that make it resemble a global valve.

This valve is commonly made from cast metal and further casting process has been certified. Thankfully, ball valve price Philippines isn’t skyrocketing.

Ball Valve Price List

Do you want to know a 3 inch PVC ball valve price and other sizes? The price list below will help you out.

There is a long list of ball valve price coming with diverse applications. 

Type / BrandSizePrice
Japan Kitz ball valve½ to 3/4₱440
Kettle ball valve ₱1,425
Kitz 3-way ball valve½ to 1-1/2 inches₱1,925
Tmok Manual brass ball valve₱883
Kitz heavy duty brass ball valve½ to 1 inch₱125
Rosco brass ball valve½ to 1 inch₱180
Tmok brass ball valve½ to ¾ inches₱337
Great Volume brass ball valve₱310
Travino brass ball valve1 inch₱750
Leyo stainless ball valve₱3,330
Neltex compact ball valve₱220

Kitz ball valve price list Philippines may vary on several factors including your location and purchase place. Be sure to choose the right size for your plumbing.

The plumbing system requires a ball valve to control the flow of the material that goes through the pipeline.

There are several types of ball valves commonly found on the market, such as standard and full ports.

Ball valve price Philippines is affected by the brand and where you buy it.

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