Koten Panel Board Price Philippines

Koten Panel Board Price Philippines – Koten Panel Board is a well-known brand in the Philippines that provides a range of electrical products and solutions.

If you’re looking to purchase a panel board from Koten, you may be curious about the types of panel boards available, their prices, and where to buy them. In this article, we will cover these topics in detail.

We’ll discuss the different types of Koten panel boards, provide a price list for these products, and share some information on where you can buy Koten panel boards in the Philippines.

So, if you’re looking for a reliable and affordable panel board for your electrical needs, read on!

Types Of Koten Panel Board

Koten comes in various types. You need to learn about those types before checking the Koten panel board price Philippines.

At least two types of panel boards are provided by Koten. The two types are the bolt-on type and the plug-in type. Learn about the two different types of Koten panel boards below.

1.Koten Bolt On Panel Board

This is the premium version of the panel board series provided by Koten. This flush mount type offers various options of branches, from 2 to 24.

Below are the details of the bolt-on type of Koten panel board.

CodeDimension in mm (length x width x depth)
24 branches870x320x102
22 branches820x320x102
20 branches770x320x102
18 branches720x320x102
16 branches670x320x102
14 branches620x320x102
12 branches570x320x102
10 branches520x320x102
8 branches470x320x102
6 branches420x320x102
4 branches370x320x102

Detail about the Koten panel board price Philippines of premium the premium type can be found below.

Bolts on panel boards by Koten have no screws, bolts, and hinges exposed. The continuity of this premium product is much better because of the continuous copper busbar.

It also has an ABS plastic busbar cover that is non-combustible. This plastic cover is going to provide more safety while preventing electric shock.

2.Koten Plug-In Panel Board

If the previous one is the premium type, this plug-in type is the economy version.

Just like the previous version, this panel board of Koten comes in various options of branches. Check out the details below before checking the Koten panel board price Philippines.

CodeDimension in mm (length x width x depth)
24 branches 26 holes780x255x87
22 branches 24 holes730x255x87
20 branches 22 holes680x255x87
18 branches 20 holes630x255x87
16 branches 18 holes580x255x87
14 branches 16 holes530x255x87
12 branches 14 holes480x255x87
10 branches 12 holes430x255x87
8 branches 10 holes380x255x87
6 branches 8 holes330x255x87
4 branches 6 holes280x255x87
2 branches 4 holes230x255x87

The price of the economy type of Koten panel boards is lower, much lower than the price of the premium series.

Premium Koten panel boards have a slightly bigger size than the economy ones. Get to know more about the detailed Koten panel board price Philippines below.

Koten Panel Board Price List

Since there are two different series of Koten panel boards, it is essential to check and compare the different types of panel boards.

This way, you’ll be able to find the right one that matches your needs. Here are the latest updates about the Koten panel board price list.

CodePremium series (bolt-on)Economy series (plug-in)
24 branches₱7,000₱6,250
22 branches₱6,600₱5,200
20 branches₱6,100₱5,050
18 branches₱5,700₱4,550
16 branches₱5,200₱4,200
14 branches₱4,750₱3,800
12 branches₱4,350₱3,350
10 branches₱3,900₱2,850
8 branches₱3,600₱2,550
6 branches₱3,150₱2,000
4 branches₱2,799₱1,800
2 branches₱1,400

Modern panel boards by Koten come with a more beautiful, clean, and luxurious look, perfect for modern buildings and homes.

The body is from high-quality material. The cover lid is made of ABS plastic and has a transparent cover that is available in various colors.

Where To Buy Koten Panel Boards in The Philippines

After figuring out the latest update of Koten panel board price Philippines, you also need to find the right place to find panel boards by Koten.

All series of Koten panel boards are available in many marketplace apps. You can use your favorite marketplace app to purchase Koten panel boards.

Make sure that you get the original ones from Koten. This way, you’ll protect everyone inside the building and will be able to use the panel board for a very long time.