Cable Tray Price Philippines

Cable tray price Philippines is a common concern for those in the electrical and construction industries.

Cable trays are an essential component for organizing and supporting cables and wires in a building’s electrical system.

Different types of cable trays are available, including ladder cable trays, solid bottom cable trays, wire mesh cable trays, and perforated cable trays.

The prices of these trays in the Philippines vary depending on their size and type. It is crucial to have an understanding of the different types of cable trays and their corresponding prices to make informed decisions for your electrical system.

Types of Cable Tray

Cable trays are essential components to support insulated electrical cables and wires.

Cable tray price Philippines varies in types and sizes. There are at least four major types of cable trays to choose from, each has different functions and characteristics.

1.Ladder Cable Trays

Ladder Cable Tray image

This type of ladder consists of two rails that are joined by rungs.

It can be an efficient support system as it allows the engineer to access the cables and wires with minimal effort. Anytime you need to make changes, the ladder with make it easier.

Besides providing fast and easy access, these rungs give anchorage to fasten the cables and maintain their position in the horizontal tray runs. It also helps prevent moisture buildup on the surface of insulated cables and wires.

The rung space of the ladder cable tray is around 9 inches which can support all cable sizes.

It is also ideal to prevent discernible sagging from the small cables. The ladder cable tray price heavily depends on the material.

2.Solid Bottom Cable Trays

Solid Bottom Cable Tray image

If you have fiber optic cable installation, solid bottom cable trays can be the best option.

This kind of cable tray is not ventilated, making it a great choice to avoid drooping cables. Solid bottom cable tray price Philippines is comparable to the functionality.

Among the most important reasons to install a solid bottom cable tray for your cable installation is that it helps prevent electromagnetic interference which may affect the performance of your cables and wires.

The downside of the solid bottom cable trays is that they may build moisture over time. Routine maintenance and checkup are required to make sure the condition of your cables and wires.

3.Wire Mesh Cable Trays

Wire Mesh Cable Tray image

Also known as basket cable tray, wire mesh cable tray is made of stainless steel wires.

These wires are welded together to form a mesh that looks like a basket. Despite their simple design, wire mesh cable trays offer a lot of benefits.

This kind of cable tray is suitable for fiber optic cables, low-voltage cables, and telecommunication cables.

For engineers who need a simple, functional, and organized cable system, this kind of cable tray can be an option. Solid bottom cable tray price Philippines is a bit expensive but it is worth it.

4.Perforated Cable Trays

Peforated Cable Tray image

As the name suggests, perforated cable trays are made with perforated plates.

It commonly has a ventilated bottom and side rails, providing more support to cables compared to the ladder tray. The robust support makes it a great choice for electrical cables and wires.

Check perforated cable tray price list before rushing to the store so you can avoid a bloated budget. The price of a perforated cable tray is basically reasonable because of the functionality and protection it gives.

Cable Tray Price List Philippines and Size

Here is the list of cable tray price Philippines of various sizes.

Hot Dipped Galvanized300mm x 100mm x 2.0mm₱5,199
300mm x 150mm x 2.0mm₱5,499
450mm x 150mm x 2.0mm₱6,300
600mm x 100mm x 2.0mm₱7,649
1000mm x 100mm x 2.0mm₱11,499
1200mm x 100mm x 2.0mm₱13,500
Vertical Elbow, Hot Dipped Galvanized300mm x 100mm x 2.0mm₱2,640
450mm x 150mm x 2.0mm₱3,810
600mm x 100mm x 2.0mm₱4,200
1000mm x 100mm x 2.0mm₱5,900
1200mm x 100mm x 2.0mm₱7,500
Horizontal Elbow, Hot Dipped Galvanized300mm x 100mm x 2.0mm₱3,399
450mm x 150mm x 2.0mm₱4,910
600mm x 100mm x 2.0mm₱6,999
1000mm x 100mm x 2.0mm₱14,500
1200mm x 100mm x 2.0mm₱16,050
Tee, Hot Dipped Galvanized300mm x 100mm x 2.0mm₱4,999
450mm x 150mm x 2.0mm₱7,050
600mm x 100mm x 2.0mm₱9,010
1000mm x 100mm x 2.0mm₱16,499
1200mm x 100mm x 2.0mm₱17,999

Now that you know cable tray price list, you can get an accurate calculation of budget you need for the project.

Cable tray price Philippines may be pricey but it provides extra protection and easy access to your cable and wire system.

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