White Cement Price Philippines

White cement price Philippines is the reason why people tend to choose this material over the gray one. Check the list of types and usages below for your construction.

Cement is a great material to build a lot of buildings. It’s versatile and has great performance in strength. One of the popular cement is white cement.

White cement price Philippines is very affordable and gives a lot of benefits to the building. The popularity of this type is increasing recently.

What is White Cement

White cement doesn’t have a lot of differences from gray cement. The color is the only obvious difference with the gray one, but the performance is as well as another.

This cement is quite rare because the raw material is hard to find in some areas of the world. However, this cement is available in the Philippines.

The color of this cement comes from some chemical materials such as iron, manganese, and metal oxides. The result is a super bright color and clean. Even when you mix it with water, it doesn’t have a chemical reaction. The color stays bright white.

Usually, the builders will mix the cement with aggregate colors. After that, the color will change to pastel. For a decorative look, the white cement works well.

The pigment lasts long, even after years. The level of cleanliness is fine for many architectural projects.

White Cement Uses

1. Architectural Building

White cement has an essential role in architectural buildings. Cement and water are a great mix to create moldable material.

It helps other structure materials to stick. After that, white cement will change its form from moldable to rigid, following the shape of a structure.

2. Parking Lot

The usage of white cement is important for a parking lot. Parking pavements need a smooth surface, yet they should not be dangerous and slippery.

White cement price Philippines will achieve this usage, better than the gray one. The color is also brighter, and improves the look, especially in the basement parking lot.

3. Pathway

The pathway at home or other buildings can use white cement for more aesthetic results.

White cement has a unique color and you can let it dry and rigid without any additional paint to color the pathway. It looks natural and the color stays for a long time.

It beautifies the pathway and the durability is high too as long as the mix ratio is correct.

4. Foundations

A good foundation should be strong because it will give an impact on the whole building.

Whether big or small, the building needs a strong foundation and white cement can do this task better.

The white cement price Philippinesfor foundations might be more expensive, yet it works well for the building to be durable and strong for decades.

5. Road and Bridge

The two constructions need strong and rigid material. Usually, construction work uses white cement rather than grey.

White cement from Portland or North America is well-known for these sites because of its durability.

The bright white color for this usage is also the reason to create aesthetic-wise for public facilities.

6. Fences

Some homeowners use white cement for fences to build strong fences, especially Portland white cement.

The quality is incredibly high, yet you have to spend more money to create a great mix for fences.

This usage is versatile because you don’t need to paint the fences white after that to create pastel color fences.

How Many Types of White Cement Are There?

1. Type I

Type I of white cement has a consistent color. This is very versatile cement, so a lot of people use it to pave white cement wall in the house such as countertops, tiles finishing, and marbles.

Even though the price of white cement is expensive, people choose this type for a neat finish.

There are some uses for type I, such as architectural concrete, traffic calming, ornamental statuary, reinforced concrete products, floor and tile pavers, sound walls, swimming pools, tile grout, colored mortars, bridge parapets, and tunnel construction.

2. Type II

The second type is rare to use because it’s relevant for some masonry work. The white cement is sulfate resistant.

So, it doesn’t work well for surface that has high sulfate levels. The price is lower than the type I and sometimes it’s not available in ordinary material for building stores.

The uses of type II are the same as type I, as long as the sulfate level of the construction is below average.

This white cement works well for the surface which has lower heat because of hydration.

Examples: Groundwater construction, under the soil, and the construction which faces seawater.

3. Type III

This type has the finest white cement texture among others. The bonding level is the fastest one. The strength of this white cement is incredibly high.

Because of this reason, the price of type III is expensive too. In the market, type III white cement is in an ergonomic packet because builders do not need it much.

The uses of type III are cast stone, cold weather construction, the construction that needs early strength, pavers, concrete brick, concrete masonry units, roof tile, and prestressed architectural concrete.

Ideally, this cement will improve moisture resistance so it’s a great one to use for any application.

White Cement Price List

White cement price Philippines are various, depending on the brand or its type. Any type of white cement is easy to find at affordable prices.

Here is the list of white cement prices in the Philippines market.

White Cement Brand

Price (PHP)


White cement has many uses for construction. It creates a beautiful color before the pastel mix and the strength level is high.

White cement price Philippines is not bad for small or big construction, but it is slightly higher than gray cement.