Square Bar Price

Square bar price for any type is reasonable to get for the construction and other tools. These bars have a lot of benefits and usage. Check the information here.

One of the important components in general construction is the square bar.

This bar is a solid form of metal with high strength and durability to bear the load and face harsh environments.

The square bar price is affordable for important usages as well. Check the list of use, types, and price below.

What is Square Bar?

A square bar is an important component in construction. It has a square cross-section and is made from solid metals.

The material has a wide range, and you can pick the ones according to the requirements. The square bar is for railings and general equipment we find daily.

Uses of Square Bar

1. Gates and fencing

Square bars are a good option to protect security such as creating fences and gates. It provides good strength.

The formability of the square bar is excellent too, so the homeowners can create aesthetic fences or gates for the land or house.

2. Furniture

The square bar is good to form a frame for the furniture. It’s sturdy yet easy to bed. The flexibility is a kind of benefit that you will get from a square bar.

Since square bar price is cheap, the furniture becomes less expensive as well.

3. General Manufacturing

There are a lot of advantages of square bars that lead to the construction of manufacturing.

It’s a perfect component to have screws, bolts, nuts, and fasteners. They are resistant to the cold and have no issue carrying the loads.

Types of Square Bar

1. Square Metal Bar

Square Metal Bar

The metal bar can be any kind of metal, but the shape is a square bar. The square metal bar is excellent for many applications such as chemical industry, vehicles, ship construction, and machines. It is long-lasting with a high level of hardness.

2. Square Bar Aluminum

Square Bar Aluminum

Aluminum square bars are popular because they have the highest level of corrosion resistance and 12 mm square bar.

The material is very lightweight and it has smooth finishing for a lot of applications. The edges of aluminum are defined.

Square bar is very important for users such as electronic applications, aircraft construction, marine, ornamental purpose, and key stock.

The square bar price from aluminum is very affordable and it is easy to find at the market.

3. Square Bar Steel

Square Bar Steel

The steel square bar sometimes is more popular as a key stock. This bar is the main candidate for a lot of processing techniques.

Usually, construction work needs the hot rolled ones because the roughness level is higher. The finish also looks neat with a blue-grey tone.

This material has low carbon. However, it is long-lasting. The durability is more than two decades.

This square bar steel is perfect for stakes, tines, railings, and shafts. Ornamental projects usually need this type as well.

4. Square Bar Stainless Steel

Square Bar Stainless Steel

A stainless steel square bar is an option for indoor and outdoor applications. However, the surface of stainless steel is semi-smooth even after finishing. The color of stainless steel is dull grey.

The material can be anything, especially hardware, furniture, and construction.

The stainless steel material is very strong for a long time. It has corrosion resistance, so it’s perfect for usages such as keys, shafts, sculptures, and any architectural usages. It has good formability to form into shapes.

5. Square Bar Mild Steel

Square Bar Mild Steel

This square bar is very popular in the fencing industry and building. It has a wide range of applications in every construction work.

With an affordable price, a mild steel square bar becomes a good alternative. It’s versatile to cut and shape into another form, yet durable for harsh environments.

6. Square Bar Tool Steel

Square Bar Tool Steel

This square bar sizes Philippines have ranges and an excellent level of abrasion ability.

This square bar is popular for marine construction, drilling, and mining. Other manufacturing tools also use this square bar because it has a high hardness level.

7. Square Bar Brass

Brass is a good natural element. When it is exposed outdoors, it will change its color into bluish and greenish.

The corrosion resistance is not as good as other bars, but it conducts electricity. The surface is smooth after finishing. Over time, the color changes into yellow-brass.

A lot of industries with harsh environments choose square bars from brass because the components are great, especially gears and locks. It’s easy to cut into shapes.

The formability level for mechanical and architectural applications is great as well.

8. Square Bar Bronze

Square Bar Bronze

The square bar from bronze has a dull-gold color and square bar 10 mm size.

Even though it is not as aesthetic as others, instruments and tools use this material because of its high hardness and durability.

In industrial usage square bar bronze is great for bearings and bushings purposes.

9. Square Bar Copper

Square Bar Copper

A square bar copper has a wide range of applications, from indoor and outdoor. This element is naturally durable.

However, the color of the copper will change to bluish or greenish over time. For construction, a copper square bar price is a great option because it is cheap yet durable.

Over time, the copper square bar will resist corrosion. It also conducts electricity. It is nonmagnetic material and the surface is quite smooth.

So far, copper square bars are an excellent option for mechanical and ornamental projects.

Square Bar Size

The size of square bar will follow the length of the square, not the bar. It varies from 8 mm as the smallest bars and the biggest is 25 mm.

Square Bar Price List

Square Bar Size


12mm – STD₱327
16mm – STD₱707

Square bar price is affordable and becomes the reason why the usage has a wide range. The construction and tools need a metal square that is long-lasting and strong over time.

Those types above will help you to get durable buildings and equipment as a kind of investment as well.