Liquid Tight Flexible Conduit Price

Liquid tight flexible conduit price – If you’re in the market for a liquid tight flexible conduit, one of the most important factors to consider is the price.

However, with so many different types of conduits available, it can be difficult to know where to start your search.

Fortunately, this guide is here to help. We’ll take you through the different types of liquid tight flexible conduits available, and provide you with a price list to help you find the best deals.

So whether you’re looking for a conduit for your home, business, or industrial application, we’ve got you covered. Let’s get started!

What Are the Different Types of Liquid Tight Flexible Conduits?

The liquid-tight flexible conduit price comes with an outer cover that resists moisture when protecting the cable and the wire from water infiltration and corrosion.

When you install it with liquid-tight conduit fittings, the flexible conduit will be liquid-tight and will route cable and wire in areas with liquid.

The most common use of this flexible conduit is for power lines into industrial buildings and residential homes.

But you can also use it to protect outdoor communication and lighting cables. Just like the various ranges of liquid tight flexible conduit prices, there are some different types of flexible conduit.

1.Extreme-temperature metal conduit

This liquid-tight flexible metal conduit comes with a thermoplastic rubber jacket.

The jacket makes it flexible in extreme cold and hot temperatures. You can use this one to the communication cable, control, and route power cable in some applications like foundries, refrigeration equipment, and oven.

The liquid tight flexible conduit price brings some excellent qualities, like the flexibility to fit around tight spaces or curves.

Metal conduit is much stronger than plastic conduit when it comes to protecting cable and wire from impact damage and crushing. This conduit will also resist moisture.

2.Food-grade metal conduit

The next type you want to know the liquid tight flexible metal conduit price about is the food grade one.

This one resists cleaning agents with a bleach base. It also has a jacket that is resistant to bacteria growth. It is perfect to route cable and wire in food production applications.

Check out the liquid-tight flexible conduit price of this food-grade flexible conduit if you need one that can run in restaurants, meatpacking facilities, or washdown areas.

Just like the previous type, this one is also flexible to fit around tight spaces or curves.

3.Corrosion-resistant metallic conduit

This one comes with a PVC coat for the jacket that will resist corrosion caused by contaminants, greases, and oils.

This way, this corrosion-resistant metallic conduit is more suitable for routing cable and wire in corrosive environments like in the production facilities of beverages and food.

You can also use this metallic conduit in wastewater treatment plants and chemical plants. The moisture-resistant quality of this conduit protects the cable and wire from water infiltration when you use this conduit in areas that have liquids.

4.Low flame & smoke-retardant metal conduit

The last type of liquid-tight flexible conduit price you need to know is the liquid-tight flexible metal conduit that is resistant to low flame and smoke because of the flame-retardant jacket.

If the jacket catches on fire, it will only produce low amounts of smoke.

This one is perfect for routing cable and wire in confined areas that require you to use construction materials that have low flame and limited smoke spread in case fire is present.

For example, you can use this in underground subway structures and mass transit vehicles.

Liquid Tight Flexible Conduit Price List

Below is the complete list of the latest liquid tight flexible metal conduit prices Philippines to check.

Make sure that you use the right metal conduit that matches your situation.

1Liquid-tight flexible conduit2” diameter1 meter₱379
2Flexible liquid-tight conduit1½” diameter1 meter₱216
3Liquid-tight conduit flexible1¼” diameter1 meter₱152
4Flexible conduit liquid-tight1” diameter1 meter₱110
5Liquid-tight flexible conduit¾” diameter1 meter₱68
6Flexible liquid-tight conduit½” diameter1 meter₱53

The liquid tight flexible conduit price above may not the same in the offline store near your location.

You should also check the latest update of the price before purchasing your order online.

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