Lapnisan Wood Price Philippines

Lapnisan Wood Price Philippines – If you’re looking for high-quality, durable wood in the Philippines, you may have heard of Lapnisan wood.

But why is it so expensive compared to other types of wood?

In this guide, we’ll explore the factors that contribute to the high cost of Lapnisan wood.

We’ll also take a look at what can affect its price and provide an estimate of how much you can expect to pay for this coveted wood in the Philippines.

So, if you’re curious about Lapnisan wood and want to know more about why it’s so expensive, keep reading!

Why Lapnisan Wood Is Expensive?

Why is the Lapnisan wood price getting higher? Lapnisan or agarwood is a tree native to Southeast Asia’s rainforests.

Before the mold infection, the healthy heartwood in the tree is odorless, pale, and also worthless. But in the wild, external forces like grazing animals damage the tree.

And then the damage will create the growth of a fungal infection. The growth happens on the inside of the tree and it is called phialophora parasitic.

The tree is going to defend against the attack by producing an aromatic resin that is stress-induced. The aromatic resin is known as aloes, it is moist and dark.

It is one factor that makes the Lapnisan tree price higher than any other wood. After a few years, the aloes will embed into the tree’s heartwood and create agarwood.

What Can Affect Cost of Lapnisan Wood

No one wants the original Lapnisan wood before it is infected by mold. The mold is the one that triggers the defensive reaction from a tree.

The defensive reaction will result in a dark substance with a nice aroma. How do you know if a Lapnisan wood is infected and has a higher Lapnisan wood price?

1.The dark color

Darker wood means that the tree is infected by the mold and that it starts producing a fragrant scent.

The oily resin or substance from the infected Lapnisan wood will be worth more than gold. Incense makers and perfumers want to pay millions of dollars to get the liquid gold.

2.Produce different scents

Lapnisan wood becomes the most expensive tree in the Philippines when it starts emitting different scents, like bright fruits, vanilla, accents of musk, and also soft florals.

Those scents then will be used by candlemakers, incense makers, and perfumers in the Philippines and around the world.

3.The old age

The high Lapnisan wood price is also affected by the long waiting. The tree will take 20 years to mature and then you can harvest the wood.

This tree will only grow in areas that have a cool climate and high elevation. This tree is very rare because it will only grow up to 10 to 12 feet and is hard to cultivate.

Those three factors make the Lapnisan tree price in the Philippines get higher. But those who need the scents from this tree are willing to pay more and get the oil from agarwood.

Candlemakers, incense makers, and perfumers are the ones who hunt the oil of Lapnisan wood across the country.

How Much Lapnisan Wood in Philippines

Lapnisan wood price varies, depending on which product you are trying to get.

You can buy the seed for a lower price but then you need to wait for years for the tree to grow and give you more money. Here is the price list of different

Lapnisan tree products you need to check before placing any order.

Lapnisan seeds₱167/50 seeds
Lapnisan small tree (10 inches tall)₱350/plant
Lapnisan wood₱750,000/kg

Even though the agarwood tree price is very high, many people are still willing to get the wood.

They can create amazing products with agarwood and sell those products at even higher prices.

Where To Find Lapnisan Wood in Philippines

Southeast Asia is home to many species of agarwood. Each country offers different species of Lapnisan trees.

For example, the Philippines is home to Aquilaria apiculate, Aquilaria acuminate, and Aquilaria filaria. Where can you find Lapnisan trees in this country?

The woods of the Gods or Lapnisan trees can be found in the thickest jungles of Visayas and Mindanao.

Before purchasing Lapnisan wood or agarwood, it is crucial to check the latest Lapnisan wood price.

This way, you can prepare enough budget for the induction process with Lapnisan wood.

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