Wood Cornice Price Philippines

Are you curious about wood cornice price Philippines? Look no further! Wood cornices add a touch of elegance and sophistication to any space, enhancing its overall aesthetic appeal.

The price of wood cornices can vary depending on factors such as the type of wood used and the dimensions of the cornice.

On average, you can expect to find wood cornices starting from around ₱198 to ₱849 in the Philippines.

In this article, we will explore the different types of wood cornices available and provide you with a comprehensive price list to help you make an informed decision.

Types & Dimensions of Wood Cornice

1.Georgian Cornice

Georgian Wood Cornice

Though this design is very popular in the 1700s, recently this cornice style is gaining popularity again.

This style took a combination of Greek Doric and Georgian plaster.

The size is perfect for the low-ceiling house which is only 90 mm. This wood cornice price Philippines is way affordable.


Until today, the Victorian style for cornice is popular in the UK and also the Philippines. The dimension of this cornice is about 140 mm.

This cornice has a classic style and suits the theme of a classic building, sometimes, the cornice has flower relief on it.

3.French Provincial

French Provincial

This style is common to find in Australia. The ornament is special and it looks classic. The dimension of the French Provincial cornice is about 130 mm.

The characteristic is unique with fine linens and gentle tones. This wood cornice price Philippines is quite high in this country.



Classic and elegant are the main characteristics of Hampton’s cornice. The profile is round and big, so it is a good option for a big building.

Hamptons’ dimension is about 135 mm. A whitewashed or light color should be used for this cornice to nail the original style.

5.Modern Contemporary

Modern Contemporary

This cornice is a perfect option for a new building-like house. The line is fine, and most Scandinavian rooms and houses use this model.

It looks minimalist with only 100 mm for the size. Hence, it is a favorite option by many people since this wood cornice Philippines is cheap.

6.Type 47 Timber Wood Cornice

Type 47 Timber Cornice

This cornice is quite big in dimension which is about 141 mm. Most cornice in this category uses pine or oak wood, so the durability is high.

Another name for this cornice is wooden coving and its use is very popular for interior and simple touch purposes.

7.Type 48 Timber Wood Cornice

Type 48 Timber Cornice

This timber wood cornice mostly is available from pine wood. The size is only about 85 mm, which is very small.

This type is popular for housing with a farmhouse theme. Plus, the architect will recommend using this type since this cornice moulding wood price is inexpensive.

8.Type 49 Timber Wood Cornice

Type 49 Timber Cornice

This style is the perfect option if you build a house or other buildings with a simple-look theme.

This cornice has 85 mm as the dimension, and it barely has a decoration. It is flat with a tiered design.

However, this timber wood version is the most sold because wood cornice price Philippines is affordable.

9.Type 50 Timber Wood Cornice

Type 50 Timber Cornice

Generally, the type 50 timber wood cornice has 103 mm as the dimension. In many areas, this cornice is from pine or oak.

This style represents a classic vibe, but people usually use this cornice for a minimalist house.

10.Type 51 Timber Wood Cornice

Type 51 Timber Dentil Cornice

This cornice looks small because the dimension is only 56 mm. The profile is perfect for a house with a low-ceiling style.

The wood cornice price Philippines for the type 51 timber wood cornice is less than 1000 meters per meter. 

11.Type 53 Timber Wood Cornice

Type 53 Timber Dentil Cornice

This cornice is sometimes called a dentil cornice. The dimension of this cornice is only 105 mm. In the Philippines, this cornice is from oak.

It creates an aesthetic look with a square block at the front after it is laid flat.

12.Type 137 Timber Wood Cornice

Type 137 Timber Dentil Cornice

This type of timber cornice is from pine wood. The size is big, generally, it is about 140 mm.

This timber is more decorative and becomes the best option for the house that wants to show aesthetic cornice on every side of the room.

Wood Cornice Price List Philippines

The wood cornice price Philippines will depend on the type and the length. In the Philippines’ market, they sell cornices starting from 1-3 meters.

Here is the price list in some marketplaces:

Type of CornicePrice (₱)
10ft white TERRAWOOD253
8ft white TERRAWOOD198
10ft bare TERRAWOOD233
Moulding cornice treated slate425
Moulding cornice treated taupe293
Matwood Victorian624
Matwood Colonial398

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