Electrical Tape Price and Types Philippines

Cabling and wiring projects generally require you to use electrical tape and other tools. This tape is different from scotch tapes because the manufacturers design it for specific uses.

As a result, the electrical tape price in the Philippines is slightly higher than the scotch tape price.

Technicians have used electrical tape for a long time ago. However, the old electrical tape is far different from the modern version.

The old one was a specially processed cloth tape that was sticky on both sizes. Meanwhile, modern electrical tape comes in various colors, sizes, and materials.

What is Electrical Tape?

Electrical tape, also known as electrical insulating tape, is a kind of tape utilized for insulating materials that conduct electricity, such as electric wires. This tape is stretchy compared to the common tape.

Moreover, electrical tape is very useful in cabling and wiring projects because it has particular specifications to meet users’ needs.

Below are several aspects that make this tape special.

  • Electrical tape is flexible. Therefore, users can connect or insulate cables easily.
  • This tape is an excellent insulator. Consequently, users will be able to do their cabling and wiring projects safely.
  • Electrical tape is heat resistant. Therefore, it can improve the fire safety of electrical devices and facilities.

Electrical Tape Uses

The function of electrical tape is for protecting and insulate wires.

Most technicians also use electrical tape for labeling by applying a particular-colored tape at either end of the circuit.

You can find various electrical tape colors in stores. Below are the tape colors and the recommended international use of electrical tape.

  1. Black Electrical Tape → low-voltage and phase B applications
  1. White Electrical Tape → low-voltage, and neutral applications
  1. Electrical Tape Blue → neutral sheath, 230V, and low-voltage applications
  1. Red Electrical Tape → 415 V 3 phase and sheath applications
  1. Grey Electrical Tape → phase C and low-voltage applications
  1. Brown Electrical Tape → phase A and low-voltage applications
  1. Yellow Electrical Tape → 110 V site wiring and sheath
  1. Green Electrical Tape → earth ground application

Types of Electrical Tape

Based on the material, electrical tape is available in four types. 

Types of Electrical Tape image

1.Rubber Tape Electrical

Rubber electrical tape typically doesn’t have adhesive on its surface because it is self-fusing. You must stretch it maximally when applying it. Therefore, it strongly sticks to itself. Rubber tape is perfect for terminating wires or cables up to 69 kV and splicing.

2.Vinyl Electrical Tape

Vinyl electrical tape is popular among homeowners since it is great for domestic-environment uses.

You can use it for repairing minor cuts and tears, insulation application, and moisture protection.

Vinyl tape is best for indoor applications or enclosed mechanical scenarios.

Another good thing about this tape is that it is moisture-resistant and durable. Vinyl electrical tape price is also affordable.

3.Mastic Tape

The mastic tape has a spongey center between the adhesive and backing. The backing material is rubber or vinyl.

This tape sticks easily so that you can easily fit around unique-shaped materials and in small spaces. In addition, it has a versatile look.

The mastic tape is best for outdoor wiring applications. This tape is moisture-resistant and UV-resistant so it won’t tear easily.

4.Varnished Cambric Tape

Varnished cambric electrical tape is stronger and more durable than other tape types because its material is a specifically processed cotton fabric.

It is suitable for covering rough edges, bolts, and corners that will cut through less durable tape material.

This tape is your best tool for puncture and mechanical protection. Due to its durability, varnished cambric electrical tape price is more expensive than other tape prices.

Electrical Tape Price List

The price of electrical tape per roll is generally affordable for people in the Philippines. You can even get the tape at a more affordable price if you purchase it in bulk.

Below is the electrical tape price list in the Philippines

Name of ProductSize Price
Armak Electrical Tape (Black Vinyl-Small)4 m x 19 mm x 0.16 mm₱12
Armak Vinyl Electrical Tape Big Size (all colors)16 m x 19 mm x 0.16 mm₱42
Armak Vinyl Electrical Tape Medium Size8 m x 19 mm x 0.16₱102/per pack of 10 pieces
Tolsen PVC Electrical Tape (White, Red, and Black)9 m x 19 mm₱35
Armak Self-Fusing Rubber Tape Medium Size8 m x 19 mm x 0,8 mm₱105
Rubber Mastic Electrical Tape3 m x 50 mm x 1.65 mm₱820
Scotch Varnished Cambric Tape 251060 ft x ¾ inch₱4,200

How to Choose Electrical Tape

Not all electrical tape types are suitable for all wiring and cabling projects. Therefore, you must shop for it with consideration, especially when you buy it online.

You must not be attracted to a product just because of the attractive electrical tape drawing and low price.

You can do these tips below to choose the right electric tape.

  • Consider the type and color of the tape. Make sure that they are suitable for your wiring or cabling purposes.
  • Buy a small-size tape if you only need it for minor applications
  • Choose an electrical tape that offers excellent quality


Is Electrical Tape Waterproof?

No, it is not. The electrical tape is not 100% waterproof, but some electrical tape types are moisture-resistant.

Can I Use Electrical Tape to Insulate Wire?

Yes, you can.

Can Electrical Tape Catch Fire?

Yes, many electrical tape types are flammable. However, it usually will catch fire when the temperature of its environment is extremely high.

Electrical tape is a must-have tool in wiring and cabling projects. This tape is good for insulation.

Therefore, it allows technicians to perform their projects safely. In addition, colored electrical tape is excellent for labeling.

Another good thing about it is that electrical tape price is affordable.