Gi Pipe Price List

GI pipe price Philippines is affordable and the material is very convenient for plumbing and some construction projects. Read the article below to know more.

Galvanized iron pipes or GI pipes are one the iron pipes with excellent service for construction work. Providing great strength, GI pipes are everywhere in tools and automotive.

GI pipe price Philippines is very affordable because the material is easy to create.

What is GI Pipe?

Galvanized iron pipe offers a lot of things, from durability to the less-cost material for construction work.

The steel has a zinc layer to protect it from corrosion and rust. It’s everywhere in a lot of industrial and building work because it lasts long at least five decades of usage.

Uses of GI Pipe

1. Wind and solar project

Wind and solar projects are two projects that occur continuously. Stopping for a while will affect their revenue, so they need a proper pipe. GI pipe is the best choice for these projects since it has rust and corrosion resistant for this kind of workflow. This is why GI pipe is popular in a lot of power sites.

GI pipes also can prevent any possibility of emissions into the air. It helps a lot to maintain sustainability and supports eco-friendly energy.

The material itself is affordable and easy to find on the market. GI pipe withstands the severe weather in tropical and subtropical.

2. Agriculture

Agriculture is a load of work outside and all the tools are easy to have corrosion. The natural forces and chemical materials used for agriculture will damage the tools.

GI pipes price Philippines are popular to create agriculture tools since it’s tough and chemical resistant. The tools are way cheaper than other materials.

3. Plumbing

Plumbing is a process that needs a lot of GI pipes. The durability is the main reason since GI pipes can last long up to seven decades.

With severe weather, and chemical and natural reaction, the system with GI pipe won’t have a lot of disturbance for a very long time expectedly. The zinc thickness will protect the pipes.

4. Automotive

The automotive needs GI pipe because the material is lightweight yet strong. GI pipe size has aeronautic standards because it’s leak-resistant.

With the right calculation and piping system, GI pipe will have high-quality material to create car and plane components. The result is also long-lasting.

GI Pipe Price List

Type and size


Diameter 19mm

₱ 467.00

Diameter 25.4mm

₱ 635.00

Diameter 38mm

₱ 1160.00

Diameter 50.8mm

₱ 1520.00


Advantages of GI Pipe

1. Lightweight

The material is very lightweight compared to other steels. This is the reason a lot of pipes in automotive use GInpipe because it’s not easily damaged by the strong pressure, yet easy to install.

So the weight of the automotive itself isn’t heavy just because of the pipes.

2. Durable

Steels are durable but GI pipe is another level. It lasts long at least five decades. With high durability, GI pipe will create more durable stuff or item.

Chemical and natural reactions might affect it decades later. It’s a big investment for some tools.

3. Rust resistance

Rust is the main problem for a lot of tools that use iron. However, GI pipe is rust resistant. The main reason is GI pipe has a zinc layer to protect the pipe.

Zinc will prevent natural and chemical reactions which will possibly damage the tools. It’s convenient to use for a very long time.

4. Affordable

Another advantage of GI pipe sizes is the price is very affordable. You can get the material everywhere on the market. To create GI pipe itself doesn’t cost a lot of money.

With super thin thickness, GI pipe has gained strength better than other materials with the same level of price.

Choosing the tools from GI pipe is a good investment. There’s no rusting risk or broken because it has a lot of benefits from being rust-resistant, lightweight, yet affordable.

GI pipe price Philippines is supporting the needs of a lot of people, especially in plumbing and DIY projects.