Anchor Bolt Price List

Anchor bolts are available in many types and sizes. Different types and sizes of these bolts cost differently. The lowest anchor bolt price Philippines is around ₱1.1.

When it comes to fastening jobs, you may need anchor bolts at times.

These bolts have a special design for some particular projects, such as connecting structural elements to concrete.

They are available in several sizes and types and the anchor bolt price Philippines depends on these factors.

What is Anchor Bolt?

An anchor bolt, or fastener, is a specifically designed bolt for attaching objects, structural elements, supports, frames, or equipment to concrete.

This bolt transfers different load types, i.e., shear forces and tension forces. Fasteners are typically made of galvanized iron or stainless steel.

These cylindrical fasteners come in various types. Each of them works differently and is only suitable for particular projects.

Uses of Anchor Bolt

A wide range of industries uses anchor bolts for different purposes. The examples of the anchor bolt used are as follows.

  • The railway industry uses these bolts for constructing railways and subway lines.
  • Hospitals use anchor bolts to attach medical equipment to the walls or ceilings.
  • Anchor bolts are ideal for installing handrails and guardrails.

Anchor Bolt Types

Different fastening jobs require different anchor bolt types. Fastener types come under two categories. They are cast-in place and post-installed.

1. Cast-In Place Anchor Bolts

The cast-in place anchor bolts are the simplest and yet the strongest fastener used.

When you use these bolts, you must cast them directly into the concrete. Below are the cast-in fasteners types.

2. Drop-in Anchor Bolts

The process of applying drop-in anchor bolts happens when the concrete slab is still wet.

First, you need to insert the cork-screwed sheath and next insert the matching bolt when the concrete slab is dry.

3. Bent-Bar Anchor Bolts (J-bolts or L-Bolts)

People call Bent-Bar anchor bolts J-bolts or L-bolts due to their shape. They are ideal for installing poles, signposts, and heavy equipment.

4. Plate Bolts

Plate bolts are T-shape bolts. In using the plate bolts, you must insert them upside down into a wet concrete slab.

5. Sleeve Anchor Bolts

They are similar to drop-in anchor bolts. However, sleeve anchor bolts are longer and ideal for fastening nonstructural/structural elements to bricks.

6. Headed Anchor Bolts

On one of their ends, headed anchor bolts have square or hexagonal heads. You must embed the head into the concrete when using them.

7. Swedge Bolts

They are round bars with a thread on one end. Swedge bolts offer a better grip on the concrete.

8. Post-Installed Anchor Bolts

To install a post-installed anchor bolt, you need to bore a hole into the surface of the concrete.

After that, you must install the screw. The post-installed fasteners consist of 5 types of anchor bolts.

9. Lag Screw

The lag screw is easy to install. Its mounting system uses a metal sheath, which expands when you insert the fasteners into it.

10. Hammer Driver Pin

This anchor bolt type is ideal for mounting thin materials onto concrete.

11. Toggle Wing

If you work with hollowed walls, you must use the toggle wings. They are ideal for holding smaller weights.

12. Double Expansion Shield

This fastener uses two expansion points within a regular shielded anchor.

13. Wedge

It has a moving wedge at the base. The wedge works by tightening upward towards the nut and fastening the nut downward.

Anchor Bolt Price List

If you need to purchase anchor bolts, you must first check the anchor bolt price Philippines below.

Name of the Product

Anchor Size



Wedge Anchor BoltM6 x 75 mm5₱185
M12 x 120 mm5₱425
TGC Galvanized Toggle Wing3 x 75 mm20₱222
Galvanized Lag Screw0.25” x 3”10₱220
Sleeve Anchor Bolts0.5” x 100 mm3₱315
Hex Bolt Anchor8 mm2₱60
Hollow Wall Anchor BoltsM4 x 3210₱105
Drop-in Anchor Bolts5/16” diameter bolt thread1₱90
J-Bolt2,5” x 0.25”100₱430

From the list of anchor bolt price Philippines above, you can see that anchor bolts’ price varies greatly.

The most affordable anchor bolts cost only about ₱1.1. Meanwhile, the most expensive one cost more than ₱105.