GI Sheet Price Philippines

GI sheet price Philippines depends on the size and GI sheet thickness so you have to know how much you need and what you buy the GI sheet for to get the best option.

GI sheet is the abbreviation that refers to a versatile material that has numerous applications.

Having a high quality, it is an affordable option for buildings, furniture, vessels, and many others.

Knowing a GI sheet price Philippines is crucial if you want to buy that material in this country.

GI sheet has several types and it is available in various sizes and prices. It can be a bit tricky to choose the best one if you never use this material previously.

Hence, it can be beneficial to equip yourself with more detailed information about GI sheets before you purchase them for particular purposes.

What is GI Sheet?

GI sheet is a construction material whose look is like a steel sheet including a zinc layer on its surface.

The function of the zinc layer is to prevent the galvanized bakal sheet from corrosion and extend its lifespan. It receives an effective and affordable anti-rush method applied in many things.

GI sheet’s surface appears as shiny and smooth. It comes in different spangles. You can find a galvanized sheet with big, small, and regular spangles.

There is also one without the spangles. Based on the shape design, this material is available in a GI plain sheet and corrugated galvanized sheet.

The difference between both categories is the appearance. The plain GI sheet has a flat surface so it is suitable as back panels for furniture and home appliances.

Meanwhile, corrugated GI sheets undergo a cold-forming process that bends their surface to form parallel linear patterns. It is more suitable for roofs.

Uses of GI Sheet

GI sheet is a versatile building material and it has a variety of applications as follows:

  • Furniture industry: It serves as back panels of wardrobe, bookshelf, file cabinet, bedside cabinet, table, and many more.
  • Automotive industry: It becomes vehicle’s inner panels, bicycle frame, outer shells of tractor or car, ship bulkhead, vehicle’s container, agricultural machinery, bottom plates, highway fence, and so on.
  • Light industry: It transforms to be back panels and shells of many household appliances (refrigerators, washing machines, microwave ovens, air conditioners, water heaters, chimneys, kitchen utensils, and many more.)
  • Construction industry: Besides a GI sheet roof, there are also roof grills, wall panels, window frames, rolling doors, balcony panels, door panels, fences, warehouses, gutters, and so on.
  • Other applications: It turns out to be outdoor billboards, bolts and nails, hoppers, buckets, and many others.

Types of GI Sheet

Numerous GI sheets are available in the market. According to production method that includes galvanizing process, it forms two main types as follows:

1. Electrogalvanized Sheet

Electrogalvanized Sheet

This type usually uses cold rolled steel for the base material. Then, it goes through an electro-deposition process when the sheet passes electrons via an electrolyte carrying zinc ions.

This process generates electrons to create zinc deposited on its surface. 

This continuous electrolytic coating process produces a thin and very similar zinc coating.

This process creates a smoother appearance of electro-galvanized sheets that also affects this type of GI sheet price Philippines.

2. Hot-dip Galvanized Sheet

Hot-dip Galvanized Sheet

This type primarily includes a nonstop anti-rush process. It uses either hot rolled or cold rolled steel through a galvanizing process to form liquid zinc soak at 450-degree temperature.

This process offers a chunky zinc layer that frosts and produces spangles in crystal-like form.

The dense zinc layer produces by this process provides a complete shield for the substrate steel.

Not only affecting GI sheets’ price in the Philippines, but this zinc coating also makes hot-dipped type offers better longevity and corrosion resistance.

GI Sheet Size and Price

Here is the GI sheet price Philippines list with various options of GI sheet standard size available in the market.

This list includes a similar size GI sheet which is 4 ft x 8 ft. The difference is in the gauge that affects its price per unit.

Size (4 ft x 8 ft)

Price per Unit

Gauge 14₱2,380
Gauge 16₱1,730
Gauge 18₱1,450
Gauge 20₱1,160
Gauge 22₱900
Gauge 24₱620

Advantages of GI Sheet

GI sheet offers many advantages for different purposes, some of them include:

1. Low Cost

Galvanizing is a cost-effective method for coating so it is not surprising if GI sheet price Philippines is more affordable than other building materials.

The price is even lower than galvalume steel and requires easy maintenance.

2. Good Corrosion Resistance

The zinc coating provides full protection and corrosion resistance even on its corners. Hence, it is slower to rust and has a lifespan of more than 30 years.

3. Smooth Appearance

GI sheet comes in a shiny, smooth, and silver-white appearance. It is okay even without paintings and decorations.

4. Various Applications

It is suitable for various applications in numerous industries.

Disadvantages of GI Sheet

Aside from its advantages, GI sheets bring several disadvantages that you should consider before buying one.

1. Water Pollution

When GI sheets start corroding, corrosive materials from the exposed metals might pollute the water supply.

If it occurs, these materials form plaques that cover the internal part pipes. Over time, the materials block the water flow and change its color and smell making it unhealthy to consume.

2. Internal Corrosion

Although the zinc coating in the GI sheet can prevent rusting, it needs a long time. Over time, the sheet starts to corrode from the inside part regardless of GI sheet thickness. This can cause a leak or rupture on the galvanized sheet or pipe.

GI sheet price Philippines is a vital consideration but this material is available in different sizes and types which affects the best option for a particular purpose.