Roll Up Door Price

Roll up door price is very affordable to use for commercial buildings, factories, or personal garages. Check the types and materials below to see their versatility.

Roll up doors are a reliable option for a business. Usually, a business needs a door that supports the high traffic activity but offers the strongest door to secure the stuff inside.

Roll up door price is affordable for a long time usage too. Check the information more here.

What Is Roll Up Door?

A rolling door is a door that has no wheels, cables, tracks, or hinges. It’s very versatile and easy to open since it attaches itself to the ceiling.

The maintenance is very minimal for a busy business. The door looks like a metal curtain. Rolling up and down is how you open and close the door.

Why Choose Rolling Door?

1. Safe

The roll up door offers high safety for the building. They are from heavy-gauge metal and prevent the inside of the building from getting pried open.

There is a lock and some doors have features such as fire resistance and anti-theft detection.

2. Durable

The main advantage of this door is its durability. The door lasts for years even though it faces a high level of force and heavy weather. The operation, rolling up and down, will not make the door easily damaged.

3. Efficient

Another reason to have this door is its high efficiency. The configuration is for high-traffic operation.

According to safety standards, roller doors are the best type of door to save more cost and have higher productivity.

Types of Roll Up Door

1. High-performance Roll Up Door

High-performance Roll Up Door

For a high-traffic area, a high performance roll up door is the best choice. It is reliable and rolling up or down is very fast.

There are some materials for these roll up doors such as vinyl, steel, rubber, and aluminum to fit a lot of usages.

Example of this door usage is mining sectors, manufacturing in pulp/paper, and agriculture.

The door withstands the toughest and dirtiest workplace without severe damage for years.

2. Heavy Duty, Impactable Roll Up Door

Heavy Duty, Impactable Roll Up Door

For very high security, a heavy-duty roll up door design is the best option. The roll up door price is expensive, yet it fulfills the requirements for heavy settings.

The feature of this door is a foam core that will not ruin the door when something forces the door.

3. Rolling Fire Door

Rolling Fire Door

To prevent the fire from spreading wild, you can use a rolling fire door. The material is fire-resistant.

There is fire detection as well, where it closes itself when the fire is starting around the area. The main material of this door is galvanized steel with fire insulation.

Since the door is very important for a place that needs high security, the door has certification for operation.

This roll up door price Philippines is expensive because of its high performance. The sectors that use this door are laboratories and manufacturers.

4. Roll Up the Security Door

Roll Up the Security Door

The door is for the place that needs security from theft. It’s very effective and at the same time, the door brings the airflow to the inside.

It’s more aesthetic because there are colors and patterns to choose from. Roll up security doors are suitable for commercial properties.

5. Roll Up Sheet Door

Roll Up Sheet Door

The design of the roll-up sheet door is compact and it’s similar to a general rolling door. It uses corrugated steel sheets and the quality is very strong.

Many retail and public facilities use to roll up sheet doors because roll up door price from sheet metal is affordable.

The advantage of this roll up door is a wide range of sizes. You can customize roll up door sizes according to the size of the frame door of the building.

It’s also very lightweight to roll up and down. So, mini storage or ticket booth relies on this door type.

6. Weather-resistant Pull-up Door

Weather-resistant Pull-up Door

This product has insulation and wind-rated abilities to face harsh weather and heavy winds. This door is good for the area which has a big storms occasionally.

Usually, the weather-resistant roll up door is for the usage of garage roll up door and manufacturers.

Roll Up Door Material

1. PVC Roll Up Door

Many buildings choose PVC as the material to roll up the door because it is barrier-free isolation.

Factories, airports, and warehouses use this material because it’s more efficient and faster. It is adaptive for many situations. There are thermal insulated and odor-free.

2. Galvanized Steel Roll Up Door

The galvanized roll up door is a rolling door for a demanding environment. This door is perfect for a harsh area with strong wind.

The steel is strong, so the performance is higher than other materials.

Even though the performance is high, this roll up door price is more economic. It suits the interior and exterior styles.

3. Aluminum Roll Up Door

Another roll up gate is aluminum which offers good insulation performance.

For demanding environments, aluminum roll up doors is comprehensive with a compact design.

The advantage of using the aluminum option is the door is very durable and offers high performance with sensors to open it.

4. Stainless Steel Rolling Door

This rolling door offers water and weather-resistant quality. For the harsh environment, the stainless steel works well to keep the building closed.

It also has high durability among other materials. There is a manual and remote type to open the roll up door.

Roll Up Door Price List

Roll Up Door Type


Aluminum 798 Series Sliding Windows/doors w/screen₱230
Stainless-316 Grill Type Roll-Up Doors (Manual/Motorized)₱5,200
Stainless Shutter Best Security Roll Up Doors₱5,000
Motorized Polycarbonate Transparent Security Roll Up Door₱6,000
Aluminum Shutter Best Security Roll Up Doors₱4,500
Galvalume Motorized Roll-Up Doors₱2,300

The roll up door price is affordable for a commercial building or personal housing. It suits the need to keep the stuff in the building safe.

The durability of the door is high with a lot of material options. It’s a compact door, better than a common door from wood or plywood.