Wood Tiles Price in Philippines

Wood tiles price in Philippines varies based on the type and tiles wood design to install. Hence, you have to consider them before buying the best one for your house.

Wood tiles price in Philippines is one of the main considerations if you want to install wood flooring in this country.

Most people love wood tiles because they look luxurious and timeless. Besides, wood flooring exudes a warm feeling and adds a touch of natural look indoors effectively.

With so many types of flooring available in the market, it can be more difficult to choose the right one.

The following guide will help you to understand wood tiles and their price. Hence, you can select the best type based on your needs and budget availability.

Can I Use as Tile?

Wood planks belong to great alternative for tiles. They are durable for scratches, spills, and dirt.

Not only look good for long years but also wood tiles can hold moisture. They require easy cleaning and maintenance too.

Type of Wood Tiles

Variety types of wood tiles are available in the market. Each offers a different look and feel. Knowing more about it help you to decide the right type to install.

1. Bamboo Tiles

Bamboo Tiles

Bamboo tiles have an almost similar look to natural hardwood because they come from grass instead of wood.

It has a unique grain pattern and become one of the hard-wearing floorings. It is an eco-friendly option because it belongs to sustainable resources as the plants grow fast and are available everywhere.

It is more affordable compared to other wood tiles price in Philippines. However, remember not to install it in the bathroom is water resistant but not waterproof.

2. Engineered Wood Tiles

Engineered Wood Tiles

Engineered wood tiles comprise several layers glued together to form a plank. You can restore its original finish by sanding its surface when it starts to fade.

Although it doesn’t require adhesive, the installation can be a bit tricky in some house parts such as at the corner and stairs.

It belongs favorite tiles wood design since it offers an attractive look compared with some wood tiles. It is also more stable and less prone to change in a room’s temperature.

3. Laminate Tiles

Laminate Tiles

Laminate tiles consist of compressed planks with wood images and protective intersections.

Some laminate tiles come with features waterproof layer so they are suitable for the kitchen and bathroom.

Not only belongs to cheap wood tiles price in Philippines, but this tile is also easy to install.

4. Reclaimed Wood Tiles

Reclaimed Wood Tiles

Reclaimed wood tiles are reused timbers from old properties. Hence, you can refresh its look through repainting, color staining, or whitewashing.

They can be great wood-style tiles if you want to add a vintage look to your house. Since it comes from reused material, reclaimed wood tile is durable and eco-friendly.

5. Solid Wood Tiles

Solid Wood Tiles

Solid wood tiles come from a single piece of wood with a thickness range from 18 to 20 mm. It is more expensive compared with some wood tiles and requires trickier installation.

However, it is worth especially if you want to sell the house because it offers a classic look and feel.

6. Cork Wood Tiles

Cork Wood Tiles

Cork wood tiles refer to the bark of a cork oak tree. It becomes another eco-friendly and sustainable option for wooden tiles Philippines.

It undergoes grounding up, compressing, and resin bonding in the making process. Cork wood tiles are not only durable but also good insulators and shock-absorbent.

7. Tiles Look Like Wood

Tiles Look Like Wood

Tiles that look like wood are a good alternative if you want to get a quality and hardwood look. Not made from original wood, these tiles have a wood-like appearance.

For instance, ceramic wood tile has a terrific wooden look plus high durability and water-resistance quality.

Advantages Wood Tiles

Below are several advantages of using wood tiles:

  • Wood tiles are available in numerous styles and colors so you can create a unique look inside the house. They support different arrangements to suit classic and modern décor.
  • Wood tiles require easy maintenance as daily cleaning only includes sweeping and vacuuming to keep them clean.
  • Wood tiles increase home value with a stylish and timeless look.

Disadvantages Wood Tiles

Here are some disadvantages of wood tiles that you need to consider:

  • These tiles require regular finishing especially if installed in high-traffic areas. This occasional finishing needs more expense.
  • Wood flooring cannot absorb sounds so it produces noisy footsteps. You might consider carpet or rug to reduce that sound.
  • Wood tiles price in Philippines is cost-effective in the long run due to their durability but most are expensive because they can be an investment.
  • Wood flooring is prone to humidity since it can damage easily by liquids and spills.

Wood Tiles Price List

Below is the list of wood tiles price in the Philippines.

Type of Wood Tiles

Price per square meter

Bamboo Tilefrom ₱1,315
Engineered Wood Tile₱1,249 – ₱10,916
Laminate Tilefrom ₱197
Reclaimed Wood Tile₱1,644 – ₱6,577
Solid Wood Tile₱986 – ₱5,391
Cork Wood Tilefrom ₱1,315

How Much Does It Cost to Install Wood Tiles?

Installation cost depends on the reputation of the contractor and the living cost in your area.

Generally, the labor cost to install wood tiles ranges from ₱228 to ₱855 ($4 to $15) per square foot.

However, most people need to pay approximately ₱285 ($5) per square foot for only the labor who installs wood tiles.

The type of wood tiles and wood tiles price in Philippines are the primary considerations before making any purchase.

Know the advantages and disadvantages of each wood tile and identify the condition of your house.

Then, you can select the right wood tile to meet your flooring needs and installation budget.