Samurai Spray Paint Price

Curious about samurai spray paint price ? Look no further! Samurai offers a wide range of high-quality spray paints that are perfect for all your painting needs.

Whether you’re a professional painter or a DIY enthusiast, Samurai has got you covered. The price of Samurai spray paint in the Philippines can vary depending on factors such as the type of paint and the size of the can.

On average, you can expect to find Samurai spray paints starting from around ₱ 190

In this article, we will explore the different types of Samurai spray paint available, along with their pros, cons, and reviews to help you make an informed decision.

Get ready to unleash your creativity with Samurai spray paint!

Types of Samurai Spray Paint

1. Samurai Paint 2K04 Epoxy Surfacer

This type is the best choice for sanding properties.

The paint can protect the materials from corrosion and other chemical reaction that may ruin the look.

This epoxy Samurai spray paint price is quite expensive and it is on sale in a tube for 400 ml. This epoxy can be a primer paint too.

2. Samurai Paint 2K06 Epoxy Primer gray

This Samurai spray paint primer is good to prevent mold and other reactions because of humidity on the material.

There is an insulation system in this paint. You can paint metal with this spray paint, whether rusty surface or new surface.

3. Samurai Paint Fluorescent Color

To see a wider range of Samurai paint color chart, you can check out this type.

Once spraying the paint to the surface, the surface needs another coat twice.

This spray paint has vibrant color options such as pink, green, orange, yellow, and red.

4. Samurai Paint 2K Top Coat

This paint is perfect for the coat. Samurai spray paint price for this type is cheaper compared to other coating paints.

It has high weather resistance and the absorption will be against the corrosion. It gives the surface a clear finish.

5. Samurai Paint Hi-Temp

The Hi-Temp paint can resist up to 600 Celsius. Usually, this paint is used to coat some surfaces like pipes and exhaust pipes on motorcycles.

After applying it to the surface, it can completely dry in 2 hours.

6. Samurai Paint Khameleon 3D

This is a 3D paint that will give you 3-5 tones. It is the most long-lasting type of paint and will prevent the surface from getting yellow.

You can see the result from different angles after applying it.

Samurai Spray Paint Price Philippines

Samurai spray paint price in the Philippines is affordable for the best look for the items you have. Check the list here:

Samurai Spray Paint TypePrice ₱
Samurai Standard Color 400ml195
Samurai Khameleon 3D500
Samurai Glossy 20/109190
Samurai Auto216
Samurai flat black180
Samurai Brilliant red240
Samurai Clear solid285
Samurai Hi-Temp375

Pros Samurai Spray Paint

  • Weather resistance

The Samurai spray paint price is affordable for the paint which gives weather resistance benefits.

If you live in extreme heat, cold, and humidity, this spray paint will help you to have long-lasting items. It protects against the harsh weather.

  • Good hardness

Once you apply Samurai spray paint colors to the surface, you only need to repaint once, and the result will look best.

The colors are nice after it is hard for a week. It doesn’t easily scratch because the paint can absorb well without giving bubbles.

  • Chemical resistance

Chemical resistance is one of the benefits of this spray paint. The rain can bring acid material to the surface and it creates rust.

According to the Samurai spray paint review, applying the paint will prevent the surface from a chemical reaction. 

Cons Samurai Spray Paint

  • 7-day complete dry

It is one of the disadvantages of Samurai spray paint.

Seven days are quite long to completely dry and during a week, there might be scratches that need you to re-coat for a better appearance.

  • You need to spray on

Using Samurai paint colors should spray on the surface. You cannot apply the paint with a brush.

For some people, spraying the paint on the surface might be hard.

Review Samurai Spray Paint

  • Less cleaning

The best thing about this Samurai spray paint is less cleaning. Since you have to spray it, you don’t need to worry that the paint will drop on the floor.

Samurai spray paint price is also less cost for less effort of applying.

  • Best for primer

Primer paint might be hard to find for the good one, but Samurai paint is excellent for this task.

It can be a good primer, and the paint spreads to the surface well. 

  • Color options

Samurai paint has a lot of color options, so you can fit the theme for the items you will apply on. It also has vibrant color collections in fluorescent type.

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