Semi Gloss Latex Paint Price

The semi gloss latex paint price in the Philippines is very affordable for a better appearance for interior and exterior.

Check the use, advantage, and disadvantages here.

Uses of Semi Gloss Latex Paint

  • The room with high moisture

Usually, semi gloss latex paint is popular to use for walls with high moisture such as the kitchen and the bathroom.

The latex semi gloss paint is durable to carry moisture without giving any bad effects on the wall. Semi gloss latex paint price is such an investment for durable paint use.

  • Painting the kids’ playroom

This is the place where your kids explore the space, as well as the wall. They tend to dirt the walls by writing crayons or pen on them.

So, it is better to use Boysen semi gloss latex paint price which is affordable and easy to clean by wiping the walls.

  • Finishing

The most important use of the semi gloss latex is using it as a finishing. The paint is very useful because the gloss will shine and long last.

There are many media that you can trim with this Davies semi gloss latex paint price such as cabinetry, railings, and mantels.

  • Adding the bright effect

You can use the semi gloss latex paint to create a better look. The gloss has a brighter effect and it will add the value of the interior or exterior appearance.

It might look classic, but you can combine the color to find the right mix for the purpose you want for the look.

  • Restoration

You can use the paint for restoration purposes as well. The semi gloss latex paint price is a good option to use for restoration because it will be more efficient.

The stuff that you can restore using this paint is the built-in interior, cabinets, and door trim.

Advantages of Semi Gloss Latex Paint

  • Moisture resistance

The paint has high moisture resistance and the big advantage you can get by applying the paint on the interior and exterior.

Since the moisture will not infiltrate the wall, it makes the wall more durable for years. It is good for your kitchen and the bathroom.

  • Easy to clean

Another advantage of using this paint is easy to clean. When you wipe the wall with semi gloss latex paint, the paint will not fade away from the wall.

Even with a wet cloth to wipe it, the wall will stay the same in color and quality.

  • Light reflection

The light reflection from the wall or the furniture is good to see because it can improve the appearance.

The gloss from the latex can be a good feature that you will not get from other types of paint.

  • Cheaper finish

The semi gloss latex paint price is a cheaper option for finishing purposes. With this finish, you can maximize the appearance of the furniture with better glossy and shine before applying another type of paint.

Disadvantages of Semi Gloss Latex Paint

  • Imperfection

The imperfection on the semi gloss latex is one of the advantages you may see after applying the paint on the surface. Though it can be a good start, it cannot be a coating paint. You have to use another for coating purposes.

  • Less durable than glossy

The durability level of the paint is less than full gloss latex paint. Both Boysen semi gloss latex paint price 4 liters and Boysen semi gloss latex paint price 16 liters are less durable because there is a combination of materials. Abrasions might occur over time.

  • Scratches potential

The potential of scratches on the wall is also very high. When the surface has scratches, you cannot make it look good unless you repaint the surface. It is noticeable even though it is just a mild scratch.

Semi Gloss Latex Paint Price Philippines

The semi gloss latex paint price in the Philippines has different segments according to the brands, volumes, colors, and purposes.

Here is the list of the price you can find at the market.

Brand and TypePrice
Boysen Permacoat Latex 4L₱845
Dreamcoat Flat Latex White ₱360
Original Boysen Latex 1L₱199
Destiny Bitter Orange 16L₱3131
Davies Latex White and Gray 1L₱313
Solo Latex Paint Semi gloss 1L₱213
Full tone Boysen colors 1L₱169

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