Anzahl Paint Price

Anzahl paint price in the Philippines is affordable. Start from ₱300 – ₱900.However, despite its affordable price, this paint offers a high-quality and beautiful finish.

What is Urethane Paint?

Urethane paint is a paint type made of polyisocyanates and polyols. This type of paint is famous for its prominent quality.

What is Anzahl Paint?

Anzahl is the pioneer of urethane paint in the Philippines. This paint company has been in the business for more than 30 years.

Therefore, it is not surprising that the paint made by this company can surpass the expectation of the Philippines market.

Uses of Anzahl Paint

Anzahl paint is one of the most popular urethane paint brands in the Philippines.

Many factors make this paint brand a favorite among Filipino citizens.

Some of these factors are the affordable Anzahl paint price and the high quality of this paint.

  • The use of Anzahl Paint : Anzahl Paint is mainly used as automotive paint. Based on the Anzahl paint review, this product will give a long-lasting glossy finish to cars’ exteriors if painters apply the Anzahl paint system properly.
  • What is the Anzahl Paint System? The Anzahl paint system consists of five layers of coatings with Anzahl wash primer at the base, followed by Anzahl anti-corrosion, Anzahl Spray Filler, Anzahl basecoat color, Anzahl topcoat car show clear.
  • The Advantages of Using Anzahl Paint: Despite the affordable Anzahl paint price, Anzahl paint offers great advantages to those who use it. These advantages are a beautiful finish, corrosion protection, wide color choices, resistance to chemicals, and good adhesion capability.

Color of Anzahl Paint

The Anzahl paint color is available in many choices.

Those who plan to purchase this paint can check the Anzahl paint color chart first.

Therefore, they know which paint color is suitable for their cars. 

Anzahl groups its paint colors into several series. Different paint series may cost differently.

Therefore, the Anzahl paint price depends on the paint color.

Below are several paint Anzahl paint colors.

  • Mica Series: Flamingo white mica, flamingo red mica, flamingo black mica, and other colors. 
  • Pearl Series: Pearl luster white, pearl luster white fine, pearl luster white coarse, pearl luster gold, etc.
  • Platinum Series: Cyanine blue, bon red, jet black, graphite, etc. Those who want to get eye-catching color results can mix the platinum series with 50% of Anzahl paint white.
  • Metallic Series: Bon red metallic, lilac-blue metallic, chrome yellow metallic, ruby red metallic, etc. This color series resulted from a mix of platinum series with metallic coarse.
  • Candytone Series: Candytone fierce red, candytone brilliant yellow, candytone spring gree, etc.

Anzahl Paint Price Philippines

The Anzahl paint price in the Philippines does not only depends on the paint color but the paint bundling and quantity also affect the price of Anzahl paint.

The latest price list of this urethane paint is as follows.

Product NettoAnzahl Paint Price
Anzahl Paint Mica Series (mixed with thinner)¼ L₱395
Anzahl Paint Pearl Series (mixed with thinner)¼ L₱455
Bundle of Anzahl Paint Candytone Series (mixed with thinner) and Basecoat  ¼ L each₱755
Anzahl Paint Platinum Series (mixed with thinner)¼ L₱395
Topcoat Clear 000 with Top Coat Catalyst1 L₱600
Anzahl Automotive Topcoat 001 Carshow Clear with Top Coat Catalyst1 L₱750
Anzahl Primer Surfacer Spray Filler with Primer Catalyst1 L₱485
Anzahl Topcoat Clear Matte with Topcoat Catalyst1 L₱685
Anzahl Urethane Thinner4 L₱725
Anzahl Tinting Color 400 Black1 L₱910

How Do You Mix Anzahl Paint?

Mixing the Anzahl paint with a catalyst in the right ratio is one of the keys to getting a long-lasting beautiful finish on your vehicle’s exterior.

Below is some information about the Anzahl paint application.

  • Mixing Ratio: 1 part of copy Anzahl topcoat catalyst to 3 parts of Anzahl basecoat.
  • Reduction: 1 part of urethane thinner to 1 part of Anzahl basecoat with topcoat catalyst.
  • Application: A proper application is another key to high-quality car paint. When painting your car’s exterior using Anzahl paint, you can follow these steps.
  1. Prepare the surface of the exterior by light sanding it. Make sure that the surface is free from impurities and dust.
  2. Mix Anzahl basecoat color with topcoat catalyst with a ratio of 3:1.
  3. Reduce it by mixing the basecoat mix with thinner with a ratio of 1:1.
  4. Apply the color and wait until it is dry before applying another coating.
  5. Wet sand the surface for a better finish.

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