Boysen Paint Price

Bosyen paint price start from ₱ 104 – ₱ 1785 . The price can go high or low depens several factors either the type of bosyen paint.

Boysen paint price has a wide range since there are many types available and different uses.

Here are the types that you may need and their price list.

Uses for Boysen Paint

  • Plastering

The main use of Boysen paint is plastering the wall, both exterior and interior. The finish can be gloss, semi-gloss, and flat.

You can apply the paint on the drywall, concrete, and bricks.

The Boysen paint price helps you to be more efficient while building your dream space.

  • Exterior protection

The paint is suitable for exterior uses. The paint with latex material from Boysen is good to use for a rigorous environment, such as an industrial and big city with a lot of pollutants.

For a skyscraper building with hard maintenance, Boysen color paint is a good choice to use.

  • Decorative paint

The main purpose of Boysen paint is also decorative. You can find Boysen paint price 1 liter and Boysen paint price 4 liters that specialize in metal and wood.

The paint is drying fast, and the quality is durable for more than a decade. The finishing is semi-gloss.

  • Painting bricks

Painting the bricks can be a big challenge since the surface of the brick is rough. Latex paint can help to hide the imperfection.

The Boysen latex paint color chart has a wide range, and you can beautify your space with this paint.

  • Wood painting

It is hard to paint a wooden material. You need paint that can be suitable for the wooden surface.

Boysen has this category that can do the work well. Wood painting ideally uses lacquer paint with premium quality for a better look.

Types of Boysen Paint

1. Premium acrylic water-based paint

The Boysen paint price list includes premium acrylic water-based paint. It is a great option to make some layers before the actual color.

The performance of this paint is great for concrete and wallpapers. You can recoat the surface after 2 hours and you can use water as a clean-up solvent.

2. Specialty water-based coating

This pain is odorless and there is anti-insect technology of anti-insect. After application, the pain will fight the insects that may harm you for three years. This water-coating paint is also good for the exterior.

It dries easily after thirty minutes and you can make it as a coat after an hour. It’s available as Boysen paint price 1 gallon.

3. Wallguard

This is the type from Boysen that can protect the building from harsh weather. The concentration is high, and you can enjoy the benefit of less maintenance.

This paint will create a fresh look for a long time. This Boysen paint price is expensive since it contains 100% acrylic.

4. Alkyd enamel

The brand has Boysen semi gloss latex which contains alkyd enamel. This is the paint that is suitable for metal and wood.

The finish is semi-gloss and you can use this series for primer.

The paint can hide imperfections even though the Boysen paint price for this series is super affordable.

5. Nitrocellulose lacquer

This type of paint has high-gloss quality and is Boysen paint for wood category. The durability level is very high and it is usually applied for doors, furniture, and panels.

This paint is good to apply by spraying on the surface. The Boysen paint price for this paint is higher since the quality is premium.

6. Elastomeric

Boysen also has a paint type that is suitable for high-rise buildings. It contains 100% acrylic, and the formula is perfect for public facilities such as bridges and streets.

The level of weather ability is high, and the durability can be more than a decade. 

7. Primeguard metal primer

This is the paint that is suitable for a primer on a metal surface. The adhesion level is excellent, and it acts as a shield to protect the metal.

The suitable metal types are aluminum, stainless steel, and galvanized iron. 

Boysen Paint Price List in Philippines

The Boysen paint price Philippines is different according to the place you get it and the type of paint. If you are about to get it, check the Boysen paint price list here:

Boysen PaintPrice
Color series permacoat latex₱ 856
Semi-gloss permacoat₱ 967
White latex₱ 846
Boysen cool shades₱ 1785
Boysen wood₱ 104
Roofguard series₱ 860
Healthyhome odorless₱ 955

FAQs Boysen Paint

How Long Does Boysen Paint Last?

The Boysen manufacturer claims that the paint can last at least five years.

The durability can be longer if the weather and climate are good.

Does Boysen Have Odorless Interior Paint?

Yes. Boysen offers high-quality paints for interior decoration, and they are odorless.

After you apply the paint to the interior wall and ceiling, you won’t be bothered by the odor. It is a healthy option in the market, and you can be comfortable living in the new room

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